Thursday, December 23, 2021

Christmas 2021- Buffalo Plaid and Gnomes!


Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, my friends!

Anybody else notice that for Christmas this year it seems that buffalo plaid and gnomes are simply everywhere! I told you in my last post that we bought a new Christmas tree this year but then, I needed a tree skirt to go around it.  After looking at the prices of tree skirts, the buffalo plaid blanket that my son gave me last year for Christmas suddenly became my new tree skirt!  Buffalo plaid, it is not only used in decor but is on pajamas, shirts, jackets...why, it's everywhere! Yet, why it is called buffalo plaid and where did it come from? You know there must be a story behind it!

If you remember, I have written a post about "plaid" and "tartan." In America, we say "plaid" but in the UK, it is called "tartan".  Of course, you should know that the tartan is from Scotland.  Therefore, when those from Scotland came to America, they brought their tartan cloths with them, made into blankets.  The Gaelic word for blanket is "pladjer" and the Native Americans, turned that into "plaid".

Okay then, the man we should thank for the Buffalo Plaid is a Scottish man named Jock McClusky, who was a descendant of "Rob Roy" MacGregor.  (Click on that link to learn more about him.)   Jock McClusky settled in Montana in the late 1800's and he was unusual at that time due to his fair dealings with the Native Americans.  He was most respected by many different tribes.  Jock McClusky would barter with them for buffalo pelts, offering things in exchange but the most coveted by the Native Americans were the blankets, especially with the red and black pattern.  (The Native Americans most appreciated the deep red, considering it to give the owner special powers.  And Jock McClusky, didn't tell them any different!)  There, doesn't that just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling for Christmas! The story of how the native people were treated here in America is very often a very sad thing but I think the story of the buffalo plaid is a good one and so now, when you see this familiar red and black pattern, you will smile and think, oh, that's nice to see, especially at this time of year.

"Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown.... that is a book that I read years ago and I highly recommend it.  OH, and one more..."Indian Givers: How Native Americans Transformed The World" by Jack Weatherford.  If you read one or both of these books, you will thank me!

Gnomes? Why are they so popular this year? I have no idea! Trends always amuse me!  I have read that gnomes are supposed to bring you luck and let's face it, after 2020 and 2021, we can use all the good luck we can get, right?  


Last year, I heard this hymn "The Shepherd's Carol" for the first time.  It was from Nine Lessons and Carols from King's College, Cambridge.  I loved it so much.  I have it here for you.

The Shepherd's Carol by Bob Chillcott
We stood on the hills, Lady,
Our day's work done, watching the frosted meadows
that winter had won.
The evening was calm, Lady,
The air so still.
Silence more lovely than music
folded the hill.
There was a star, Lady
shone in the night.
Larger than Venus it was
And bright, so bright
Oh, a voice from the sky, Lady
It seemed to us then
Telling of God being born 
in the world of men.
And so we have come, Lady,
our day's work done.
Our Love, our hopes, ourselves
We give to your son.

                    Merry Christmas to you all.  Peace and Joy! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

White or Bright?


Our Christmas tree! Do you like it with white lights or with colored lights? I only have to push a button and it will go from one to the other! (I can push another button and they will flash from white to colored but I don't like flashing lights on a Christmas tree, so that's not going to happen!) My ornaments on this tree are mostly snowflakes and stars and some little crocheted circles that I made myself along with some things that my son made as a child. (Can you spot "Joseph's Coat of Many Colors" along with "Jacob's ladder"?)  Now, the crocheted circles are ones that I made this year. I was going to try to make little round ornaments, but I really didn't have much time, so I thought I would just crochet just enough and leave the back "open" so to speak. (After all, you only see the front!) Here's the thing though, when I turned my little white crocheted circles around, they looked very much like TOILET BOWLS! HA!) It made me laugh!  

Here is the circle ornament on the tree...

And here is me an old lady turning it around for you...

Now, I am sure you must be saying, "Why don't you just keep going and close it up and then it wouldn't be like a toilet bowl?" Well, I suppose I could but then, it wouldn't be funny, would it? I think I like looking at it, all sweet and round from the front and then, I turn it around and it looks like a gleaming white toilet!  I am easily amused!

Okay then, tell me if you like the white lights or the colored lights?

 Richard prefers the colored and I like the white. When I am home first, I turn on the colored lights for him.  When he is home first, the turns the white lights on for me! Honestly, I like them both but the white is just very calming to me with all the white crocheted pieces on the tree....

Stay tuned, my next post will JUST as fascinating, I promise! LOL!!!

These three little trees are real ones on our front steps. They look really good when it is very dark.  Hey! Kinda like me! HA HA!

And just to let you know that I am still noticing things in nature...on my way home from work today, I looked up in the sky and saw a black vulture flying over and his (her?) wings were perfectly in front of the moon. A black vulture has wings with white tips and that bright white was the same white as the moon... See, I enjoy color but a very bright white is beautiful too.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

December "Purple Snowflakes"


December! It's time for me to show you the song that they have this year for the December films on TCM.  The song that they have used is "Purple Snowflakes".  You will never guess who wrote it! You don't have to guess, you know I will tell you!  It is by Marvin Gaye! There, isn't that a funny thing for me to learn after I have been going on and on about Motown? It was not only sung by Marvin Gaye but he wrote the song as well!

Here is the video from TCM. (TCM- Turner Classic Movies.)

Of course, the lyric that comes to my mind is from the wonderful song "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas" sung by Burl Ives..."I don't know if there'll be snow but have a cup of cheer".  We sometimes have snow here in Georgia but honestly, I would just as soon see it in photos or hear about it in a song!

Anyway, "Purple Snowflakes" is such a lovely song, don't you think so too?  Marvin Gaye is one of those that we lost at a young age, just 44 years old.  Still, I am grateful for all the songs that he left with us.

Hope you are all doing well during this month of December!

Our backyard in Feb. 2014!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

November (How Sweet It Is)


 What a lovely late Autumn we have been having in Georgia! The leaves are rapidly falling now but they have been spectacular all through November...

What a pleasure to walk along under the trees and to look up and now and then and see the leaves with the sun shining upon them, truly gorgeous.  Now, I have not been able to go on as many walks as I would have liked but I have truly admired the trees along my drive to work and also those planted in the parking lot at my job.  The reds and golds of late Autumn are simply breathtaking.

It is always the fourth Thursday in November when we celebrate Thanksgiving here in America.  It was a lovely day. Richard and I watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special on TV and I loved how it was pointed out by the wonderful Charles Schultz that America is the only country that has a national holiday that is set aside simply for giving thanks.  

November is also the month of our son's birthday! Happy Birthday to C.!  He shares a birthday with Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown.  Remember me telling y'all about the great documentary about Motown, "Hitsville: The Making of Motown"?  My son watched it and he has been on a quest to read all the books he can find about Motown and of course listen to the great music. Songwriter that he is, he recognizes the true gift of songwriters! He brought a book for me to read, one that he really enjoyed.  "How Sweet It Is" by Lamont Dozier.  You might recognize the name from the songwriting team from Motown, "Holland -Dozier - Holland".  (Lamont Dozier writing with the Holland brothers, Eddie and Brian.)  Now, I have not had time to finish the book yet but it is a fantastic book! He even gives his counsel on the art of songwriting. (A nice touch, each time that he offers his advice, the words on the pages are in a bolder print.)

What song for this post? Of course, it has to be Motown! Not just one song but a medley from The Four Tops from The Ed Sullivan Show.  Be sure to listen to the very end! 
  Does anyone remember how Don Cornelius always ended "Soul Train"?
"Wishing you love, peace and...SOUL!"

Wishing the same to you all!

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Graeme Edge "Late Lament"


Graeme Edge was one of the original founders of The Moody Blues and he passed away this week at the age of 80. It was my pleasure to see the Moody Blues in concert several times in my life! (Once, we went to see them with our son when he was very young and I used my blue eye pencil to write "Moody Blues" on his little cheek, like from the hippie days of the 70's! I'm glad I did too because we met a couple from Alabama who noticed this and we got to talking with them. We kept in touch and they were able to get us tickets to see the Moody Blues when they toured in Birmingham, Alabama!)

So, you see my whole family are big fans of the Moody Blues and we are sad that we have now lost the drummer, Graeme Edge. And we were equally saddened to learn of the passing of Ray Thomas, the marvelous flute player in 2018.  

Graeme Edge was not only the drummer for The Moody Blues but also, he wrote many of the poems that are recited along with the songs. ("Cold hearted orb that rules the night, removes the colors from our sight. Red is gray and yellow white but we decide which is right and which is an illusion".) It was Mike Pinder who recited the poem "Late Lament" on the album but in concerts, Graeme Edge read his own words on stage and it is his voice that I well remember.

As you all know, I am fascinated by music and those who bring it to us! Graeme Edge's mother was a classically trained pianist who played the piano for silent films. And he also had a grandfather and great grandfather who performed in Music Halls. (If you are American like me, you might not really understand the Music Halls in England...I only know of them because of my husband and from following Chas & Dave for many years!) The Music Halls began in Victorian times in London and oh here, I have a link for you... The Great British Music Hall - Historic UK (

You know I think it is well worth reading!


My Cosmos flowers that I planted from seed didn't begin to bloom until mid October and they are still blooming! Wish me luck, we are expected to have a killing frost on Sunday night.  If I put a giant garbage can over them and wrap a towel around the bottom of the garbage can, will that save them? How about if I put my tomato wire cages over them and then put a plastic sheet over that? Not sure...I hope I can just keep them going a bit longer, they are blooming like crazy!  I don't want the cold hearted orb that rules the nights to take away these colors from my sight! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Atlanta Braves- World Series CHAMPIONS!


The Atlanta Braves won the 6th game of the World Series beating the Houston Astros 7-0.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!

Even if you care nothing at all about sports, you must love a good story of a team going from last to first place, of a group of men who believe in themselves and in each other.  It is a good story.

If you didn't read my last post, then please go back and read that link to the piece written by Joc Pederson!

At the closing credits of the game last night, one of the announcers said that they overcame all the obstacles that came their way...and isn't that something that we can all take to heart?

Ozzie Albies stole a base during one of the games and because of the offer from Taco Bell, "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" can go tomorrow in the USA (Nov. 4th) and get a free taco! Not only that, it looks like they will also give away a baseball card too.  It is the baseball card that I hope I can get!

Ah, Atlanta Braves baseball.  For all the times of attending games with my Dad as a child, of attending games with my son as he was growing up, of explaining the game to my English husband (who now knows it better than I do!) and to the memory of watching games with my Dad over the phone, I thank you.

I planted Cosmos from seed but they waited until October to bloom and they are still blooming.  Reach for the sun!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Atlanta Braves In the World Series!



 That means time for the World Series in America! And wonder of wonders, the ATLANTA BRAVES won the National League which means they are now playing the Houston Astros who won in the American League.  The Braves beat the Astros last night in the first game of the series and they are about to begin the second game tonight just as I am typing this post. Whoever wins the best out of seven games will be the winner.  (So, stay with me, folks in the rest of the world who know nothing about is the National League vs. the American League and it is called the WORLD Series although there are no other countries involved from the world, that is just what it is! HA!)  Oh you must excuse me, it is quite the exciting thing for the Braves to be in the World Series and we are all quite giddy with excitement!  Even if you don't like sports, you like a nice story about underdogs coming from behind, don't you? Sure you do! There was a most wonderful piece written by one of the Braves, Joc Pederson and I have a link for you and I do hope that you will read it!

Atlanta by Joc Pederson | The Players' Tribune (

There, click on that above!  Yes, there is harsh language but I still like it!  Joc Pederson began to wear a strand of pearls over his uniform and there was much speculation as to why he did this. (What was the meaning behind it, etc, etc.)  After reading his article, it makes me wonder, if he did it just for the sheer fun of it! Also, after the Braves beat the highly respected and hallowed Los Angeles Dodgers (who won the World Series last year), the closing pitcher said in an interview after the game that he believed they won because they just all loved each other and it came across in the way they played.  They came out with a Braves shirt that I really shows the giant "A" on a shirt (which stands for Atlanta, of course) but the shirt says this:  "Just A Little Love".  

Now, speaking of pitchers...Charlie Morton, the pitcher for the Atlanta Braves in the game last night was hit by a ball in the 2nd inning but he stayed in the game and struck out batters but was taken out in the 3rd inning after it was determined that he had broken his leg! Talk about a tough pitcher! (If you read the article by Joc Pederson, I think he would agree with me!)

"When I follow at my pleasure"...that is a phrase that comes to my mind about sports and in baseball in particular...if you remember, I loved watching the Braves play on TV and I would "watch" them with my Dad, as we would talk on the phone. How he would have loved this year!  I have not been able to follow them as closely as I would like. Their games can go on quite late and I have to be up early for work!  So, one of my first questions in the morning..." Did the Braves win?"  I drive my husband crazy, I am sure!  (One can always record a game and watch the highlights, so therefore, "I follow at my pleasure.")

I do wonder if that phrase came to my mind because our son went to an outdoor viewing location that was showing the Braves game on a giant screen.  It was way out in the country and my husband asked him if he also noticed the stars.  His answer? "Yes, and they were lovely." 

"Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth."  Ptolemy

Let's hear it for that kind of matter where you find it! In the stars, in sports, wherever!

Oh! And if you are wondering if I can find any connection to England from watching the Braves, the answer is "yes!". The pitcher I was telling you about who said they all loved each other? That was Tyler Matzek and he looks very much like one of the actors from "EastEnders"!  (The one who plays Ben Mitchell!)  

A moon photo from last October!  Not the stars but the moon is nice too!


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Rain Coming...I'll Follow The Sun

 Hello everyone!

We had some very rainy weather last week.  For several days, when I was able to get my old computer up and running, there was a phrase that popped up in the corner that said "Rain Coming".  Now my first thought was "That sounds ominous" but my very next thought and it came so quickly into my head was the song "I'll Follow the Sun" by the Beatles.  Did you know that Paul McCartney wrote that song before the Beatles even existed when he was only 16 years old?

(He also wrote "When I'm 64" as a teenager also and the Beatles used to play it between sets when they were on stage in their early days!)

Now back to "I'll Follow the Sun"...Paul McCartney wrote that song after he had recovered from - wait for it...the FLU!  Now, in these times of Covid, I think that is something that we should know and tell everyone.  You don't have to look on the bright side but I honestly think that it is more helpful to yourself and to others.

Thank you, Sir Paul!

And speaking of looking on the bright side, the Yellow Daisies have been amazingly beautiful this year!  I just wish you could see how plentiful they are and the fragrance! I've said it before but if I could only bottle it! So, you see, we might have had a lot of rain this year but if it brings flowers like this, it is well worth it.  Take care and remember, follow the sun but appreciate the rain and be grateful for everything.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

September Beauty/ I Will/ Song From A Secret Garden


September! Time for beautyberries and yellow daisies, both native to this area.  Both so incredibly beautiful that they can stop you in your tracks!

Happy to share with you a cover song of  the Beatles song "I Will" is by a very talented young man named Alexander Rybak.
Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Believe it or not, that is a violin that he is playing in that song!

Don't believe me? I found another video of him playing his violin..."Song From A Secret Garden".

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Otis Redding Day in Georgia- Sept. 9, 2021!


Songwriter, singer, great guy...that is what should come to your mind when you think of Otis Redding.  He left us much too soon at the age of 26. Tomorrow would have been his 80th birthday.  To honor him, the state of Georgia has declared Sept. 9th to be "Otis Redding Day".  Remember, Otis Redding wrote the song that the marvelous Aretha Franklin made so famous, "Respect".  

"Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" was recorded just three days before his tragic death in a plane crash in 1967.  (He not only sang this great song but he wrote it as well with his good friend and guitarist, Steve Cropper.)

All respect to a fellow Georgian, Otis Redding.  Otis Redding Foundation- I have a link just here!  There, go and read more about this great man.


Saturday, August 28, 2021

Summer Lightning

 We had a thunderstorm here in our area last night.  The very first thunderclap was so loud, it really startled me.  Of course, it doesn't take much for me to jump! (There, you don't really have to know all my nervous habits but I tell you anyway! LOL!)  There is a wonderful song by Ralph McTell called "Summer Lightning".  My husband can play this on the guitar himself and it sounds so good! I love the music and the lyrics.  One day I might be able to get Richard on a video playing it for you but I found one that is almost as good as a Richard performance.  Hope you like it too....

Goodness me, I had to search a while to find this video for you!


 I love to look at clouds in the sky.  Don't you?  Take care, everyone! Look for beauty always!

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Hanging In There! 10 Years Today!

 Can you believe it? Ten years ago today, I started writing this blog!

Yes, you can look back at my Aug. 21, 2011 post and if you do, you will see that I managed to delete that first post and then, had to just jot a few things down that I had written. So, I have a second post on that same day saying "STILL Aug. 21st!".   That was a foreshadowing of what was to come, I am always just a jumble of mistakes waiting to happen.  Still, one has to keep a sense of humor about these things, don't you think?

You don't have to laugh at life but I find that it is truly a help. It is for me anyway. And thinking of that, I am looking forward to a film that will be coming out soon..."Being The Ricardos" which is a movie about Lucille Ball and her husband, Desi Arnaz.  Did you watch "I Love Lucy" as you were growing up? I certainly did! Of course, the shows that I watched were not really from the 1960's but from the decade before.  I've read that the show has been syndicated in dozens of languages and is shown around the world. Isn't that something? Recently, we had the remains of a hurricane which was downgraded to a tropical storm but it still brought lots of rain. The storm was named "Fred".  I do wonder if anyone else looked at all that rain and said, "FRED, FRED, FRED, FRED, FRED!"  (From the "I Love Lucy" episode where little Ricky was learning the drums and was driving everyone crazy by beating the drum exactly five times and Ethel called out her husband's name in exact time with the beating of the drum!)  There...anybody else think of that? No, only me? What a nutcase I am!  The shows were quite brilliant and Lucille Ball had such perfect timing and all the actors worked as such a perfect ensemble, it was a pleasure to watch.  I do hope that they do a good job with the film about them! (Also, Nicole Kidman will be Lucille Ball in the film and I just know she will do a great job.  I can honestly say that I have loved in her in every film that I have seen of hers! And she really has made a great many!)

Two films, "Five Came Back" and "Beauty for the Asking" were from 1939 and both featured Lucille Ball. (1939, what a year for movies! If you are a film buff, you know what I mean!)  I watched both of these movies for the first time this year and I was very much impressed by the young Lucille Ball. Beautiful and so very good!

"Beauty for the Asking" is about Jean Russell (played by Lucille Ball) who invents a facial cream and...oh, I don't want to tell you anything else, just try to find it and watch it! Her character was not only beautiful but intelligent and kind.  I really enjoyed this!

"Five Came Back" is a film that is about a plane that crashes in a jungle and the repaired plane can only carry five passengers out. Once again, I thought Lucille Ball was wonderful in her role in this film too! (SPOILER: Lucille is one of those who make it out! Sorry, you knew she would, right?)

Both of these films were made by RKO Studios (and Lucille Ball had made many other movies at the same studio) and later, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz bought the studio! 

Okay, I think I found the episode where Little Ricky was learning to play the drums!

And hey!  I know I don't post that much on my blog anymore but I keep hanging in there!  So, 10 years today!  Thanks for hanging with me!

A song for you?  You know I have one!  (And please tell me that you can instantly tell that is Lou Rauls singing in the background!)

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Praise My Soul The King of Heaven/Take Your Shoes Off, Moses

 Hey! Remember me? I am Georgia Girl With An English Heart! (Yes, I am really Georgia Old Woman but hey, sue me! LOL!!)

To prove to you that I have a foot in both worlds, so to speak, I have two examples of songs for you.  I truly like them both.  Hope you will too...

"Praise My Soul, The King of Heaven" is a beautiful hymn with lyrics by Henry Frances Lyte. (1793-1847). Born in Scotland but brought up in Ireland, he became an Anglican vicar in Devon, England.  Also a poet, he wrote the lyrics for the famous hymn,  "Abide With Me".  I have read that just before he died, he exclaimed, "Peace, Joy!".   I am thinking that those two words would make a fine hymn, don't you?

Gospel music! Combined with Blue Grass, it just can't get any better for me! (There is a guitar solo that my guitar playing son says is very, very good!)

"Take Your Shoes Off Moses". 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

End of July in 2020...

 Hello, friends!

July 2021 will soon be over.  Not much time lately to get out so I thought I would show you some photos from this time last year...

 We were at  Alexander Lake at Panola Mountain State Park and there was still a mist over the lake.

The sun was rising quickly and you might not recognize this bird in the bright light but it is a  Great Blue Heron. It is a beauty. 
The Great Egret.  Richard took this photo from some distance away, so it looks smaller than it really is.  If you read about this bird, it says that it lives along the Georgia coast.  How lucky that it also lives on some Georgia lakes too!
You have seen photos of the sun streaming upon the trail at Panola Mountain State Park...but you don't mind seeing it again, do you?

The Purple Passionflower is a native flower here in Georgia.  We were so happy to see this blooming right beside the trail as we walked. It is the host plant for the Zebra butterfly and the Gulf Fritillary butterfly.   Hey! Speaking of the Gulf Fritillary....

Gulf Fritillary!  You can recognize it very easily by that fake "eye" on the wing! See it?  Also, the other side of the wings look almost silvery in bright light, like a mirror.  
Sad to say, we will not have those bright orange flowers this year- the Mexican sunflowers.  We just had too much rain and I was not able to get them to grow like they normally do. I will miss them.
They would grow over 6 feet tall. How I loved going out and taking a photo from below with sky behind them! AND seeing all the butterflies enjoying them!

Monday, July 12, 2021

"Nothing Could Be Finer"


Hey there, July! Nothing could be finer!
Thought you might like to see some nature in my own yard!
The yellow flowers are wildflowers and are called "whorled sunflowers".  As far as we know that is what they are, they just came up and Richard encourages wild things around him...after all, he married me! HA!  

Hey! I just learned something that I want to share with you. And this might come in handy if you should be in a quiz with your friends sometime! Which world sporting event trophy was stolen in 1966 and later recovered by a dog named "Pickles"? The year 1966 should give you a very good clue as that was the year that England won the World Cup!  So, of course the answer is "The World Cup.  The owner of the dog, David Corbett was given 5000 pounds and with this money, he bought a house in Surrey. (Let me just pause here and think of buying a house in Surrey, England for 5000 pounds.)  The dog, Pickles died in 1967, just one year after the great attention he received. Does everybody in England know of this? I only just learned of it.  Hey, I am American, I can't know EVERYTHING about great British history! HA!

Of course, I wanted England to win yesterday in the Euro final but it was not meant to be.  Looking forward to the World Cup next year!

"Nothing Could Be Finer"!  Of course, you know that song, don't you? It was written by Gus Khan (lyrics) and Walter Donaldson (music).  Please say you remember me telling you about that great film about Gus Khan where he was portrayed by Danny Thomas? And Doris Day played the wife? The film was "I'll See You In My Dreams".)   Now, the song was written in 1922 AND it made its debut on Broadway and was first performed by William Frawley! Yes, William Frawley who was "Fred" from "I Love Lucy"!  I read that he sang it on "I Love Lucy" also and do you know, I even remember it! (Oh yes, I do believe I know every single episode of "I Love Lucy"!)  Oh I do have more I want to say about Lucille Ball but that will have to wait for another post, another time... I need my beauty sleep!  

"It Had To Be You"... Go to just after the 2 minute mark for the song. Lyrics by Gus Khan! Genius lyrics, "with all your faults, I love you still". Gotta love that!

Sorry, my friends, I cannot find a good enough version of "Nothing Could Be Finer" for you! Go and see that film "I'll See You In My Dreams"! The actress who sings "Nothing Could Be Finer" does a great job!

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Far From The Shores of England


Hello, everyone! I am waving here to you from a photo from Eastbourne in England! Of course, it is from years ago...2015, to be exact.   We are not able to visit the UK at this time, sad to say. So, I hope you don't mind me sharing a few photos with you. 

We also visited Lewes (it is pronounced "Lewis") and there is a castle there! Of course, we wanted to see it even if it was a very cloudy day. (That's Richard you see!) Near to the castle, we also saw the Southover Grange Gardens.  Even in October the gardens were still lovely. Who is that mysterious woman loitering around that doorway? Ha, that is me! I bought that purple raincoat that week because I needed it! (You know I still have it. I keep clothes for as long as I can! LOL.)

We remember being very pleased to see these bright orange flowers blooming in Lewes.  They are Mexican sunflowers! The very same kind that we grow in pots here in Georgia for our butterflies!  I know I am showing you photos of England but here...look at this photo from our yard from one of our summers...
                                                        See? Same flower!

Sometimes when we are in England, we even get to see London! Richard snapped this photo from the taxi. I hope you recognize it! It is now called "Elizabeth Tower" and even though I know it is really the bells that are "Big Ben", I still think of it by that name, don't you? I adore the Houses of Parliament. When I first saw them in 1981, they just took my breath away, just stunning. (And they were very dirty then, they are golden and sparkling now.) "My London Lights", I hope to see them again soon!
St. Paul's Cathedral.

Wish I could be walking on this beach.  I can just smell the salty air and hear the cry of the gulls...

A song for you?  You know I will always have one! Take care, my friends, both in America and the UK and to my blogging friends around the whole world! 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

I Just Can't Help Believing (Brasstown Bald)


This is not a photo of an old lady hailing a taxi, this is me with my tag showing that I have paid admission for Brasstown Bald. (Highest point in Georgia at elevation of 4,784 feet.) My husband and I hiked to the top on a nice paved trail that is only 1/6 of a mile but it is quite steep! We BELIEVE that we can still do it! (There is a shuttle that runs from the parking lot if you can't make the short hike.) Can you see that tower at the top of the mountain? That's where we're headed!

The trail can be quite busy but the day we were there, it was very quiet, just leaves rustling and birds singing...


Look, we've almost made it!

Once you climb that short distance to the flag, there are steps up to different levels. It is really like being on a ship at sea, but instead of water, it is trees as far as the eye can see...

There is the tower that I showed you! You can't climb up that,  I would if permitted to do so.

Not only are the mountains gorgeous but the clouds on the day that we were there were very nice too.

We were up there with the birds, I am telling you! (See how it looks like a ship?)  That's me with my hiking bag trying to ruin the shot! (We're not certain what kind of bird this is, we will have to do more research.)

Look! We can see our car from the top! There are only 3 vehicles in the parking lot. Told you it was quiet! (Our car is the one near the white van.)  Richard is very good with a zoom, don't you think?

Interesting for us, the leaves on the trees were a light green, as in early Spring. In our area, the leaves have been out for some time and full and dark green now.  It is that much of a difference between the Atlanta area and the North Georgia mountains!

Brasstown Bald is near the town of Hiawassee. It is on Lake Chatuge and there is a botanical garden there called Hamilton Gardens. You know we had go there!

We just saw the last of the rhododendrons in bloom. There are 1200 rhododendrons in the gardens! (Their peak is from the last two weeks of April through mid May.)  Even though we missed the mass of the blooms, we were very well pleased to see the lovely TREES along the trails there.  A truly lovely spot.

The Lakeside Trail was very nice in the trace of a misty morning.

If you can remember the beginning of my post, the tag that I have around my wrist says "Let's Go FIND Outdoors".  Let's do that, people!

Found a great video for you.  B J Thomas with Vince Gill.

Hope you like this as much as I do! (I keep humming this to myself.)