Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Let's Give Them Pumpkin To Talk About


September has flown by so quickly that October is upon us and pumpkins are everywhere!  Why just today at the local grocery store, we saw bags and bags of Halloween chocolate and treats. One bag had 405 pieces inside! (Four hundred and FIVE, in case you think I typed that number incorrectly!)  Oh goodness, I am remembering going to "Trick or Treat" with my siblings. We walked around in our neighborhood in our homemade costumes carrying paper grocery bags. Sometimes we would encounter older couples who didn't have any candy and they would apologize and say "Please, don't play a trick on us!".  Oh my, that made me feel so bad. ("No, no... we would never do that, it's just an expression!" I remember saying that to them!) At the end of the evening, it was so much fun to pour out all the "treats" and look at what we had been given!

I haven't gotten my "tiger stripe" little pumpkin yet, but I will!
This is a photo of a past pumpkin! I love it!

When our son was in the first grade, I read out to him something from the newspaper about a couple from the state of New York who had grown the largest pumpkin on record for that year. When I told him the weight and dimensions, he wondered how big would that make the pumpkin? We got some (very large) pieces of paper together and sketched the size upon it.  Thinking that was the end of it, I kept reading my newspaper and then, started on housework.  Noticing that Christopher was very quiet, I went to check on him.... he had gotten those pieces of paper that we had taped together of the huge pumpkin and had colored all of it in orange! Wow, that was so much work! I told him to take it to school on Monday and to show his teacher.  He did so and she had him put it up in the hallway on a bulletin board. (It overlapped the bulletin board!)  The class then wrote to the couple who had grown the pumpkin, and they wrote a very sweet letter back to the class! 

 There, that is my pumpkin story! 

September photos for you....

Our cereus cactus bloomed! We have had this cactus since 1994! It is a night bloomer, so we have to really watch it, or we sometimes miss it!

We have roses AND a swimming pool in our backyard....

Okay, it is a swimming pool for birds but still, we get a lot of enjoyment watching our little feathered friends! Our yellow daisies are blooming in our backyard also and we do love them! (If you remember, I had them in pots and they have just re-seeded themselves and we have now enjoyed them for years,) They are natives, and belong to the sunflower family. (Helianthus porteri).

Here they are at Arabia Mountain!  They are like this every year!

How are you y'all doing?  Please let me know....

"I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends". 


Thursday, September 7, 2023

Can You Feel That? (Happy Birthday, Richard!)


Sometimes, I wake up from a dream and there will be a few words that are somehow lodged into my brain... "Straight up with no irony" is a phrase that I woke up to recently. The day before I had liked a TV advertisement so much that I paused the TV so that Richard could see it when he came back inside from his gardening.  

Here, let me show it to you....

There, were you able to see it?  It is called "A Beautiful Silence", It was filmed in Yosemite National Park and while it uses actors, the young actor is actually deaf, his name is Keivonn Woodard.  

 "Share the special feeling that nature brings forth".

And I might not ever make it to Yosemite myself, so I am grateful to see it in this commercial.  (I am reading "Son of the Wilderness: The Life of John Muir" by Linnie Marsh Wolfe.)

Toccoa Falls, Georgia 

The expression "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" is a good one. Look how great our son is with plants! Just like his Dad. (The two photos above are from 2020 just before the lockdown.)

Hey! Today is Richard's birthday!  I must have a song for you with this post.  It is most likely a song that Richard sings every day....
"Ain't No Pleasing You"!  LOL!

Take care, everyone!