Thursday, April 27, 2023

House Moving - "Love Shack!"


On my last post I wondered how they could have moved the houses to the historic square at Stone Mountain.  I found a video for you! As I was watching this video, I thought to myself...."I don't remember any of the houses called by that name" and after seeing the building come to life before my eyes...."Hmm...that doesn't look like any of the buildings we saw...."  I did more research and can you believe it?

The house shown in the video is the T.R.R. Cobb house.  After being moved to Stone Mountain in 1985, it was moved BACK to Athens, Georgia in 2005!  (It looks like the other homes at the historic square were moved to Stone Mountain in the 1960's, like I told you in my post.)

House moving, indeed!  The T.R.R. Cobb house is now set up as a museum in that city.  It seems that a trip to Athens will be in my future!

Thinking about it, it seems I do remember seeing that "pink" house at Stone Mountain but it seemed very sad and run down.  I'm glad it has now been fully restored. 


What song to go with this post?  Of course, it must be with a musical group connected with Athens, Georgia! 

 "Love Shack" from the B52's!  And since I have that English heart going on, the clip for this is from London.  

(You are thinking...."Kay, you did NOT put the song "Love Shack" on here when you were telling us about houses, did you? HA, I did!)

Here's that bedroom that I told you I loved so much and a photo of me inside the garden gazebo!

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Stone Mountain Visit- Daydream


Stone Mountain is about a thirty minute drive from us.  I have written about it before! We like to climb it when we can but on this day when we went recently, we wanted to take the cable cars to the top....

When we got there, Richard got a quick snap of the cable cars meeting each other on the journey. We had just missed that blue one going up!  Can you see the red one? That is the one on the way down and the one that we will get on to take us to the top! (That is what we thought would happen anyway.)

The attendant informed us that the cable cars were not operating due to high winds! We had just missed the last one going up! You can't make these things up, people!  Not to worry, there are lots of things to see and do at Stone Mountain.

It has been years since Richard and I have seen the homes and buildings on the historic square in Stone Mountain Park, so Richard along with his "ball and chain" decided to do just that! 

All the buildings in this historic square are from different places in Georgia built between 1793 and 1875.  They were somehow brought here in the 1960's. (I do wonder how this accomplished. I suppose there was less traffic in Georgia at that time!)


That is hand stitched in the frame, "The Lord is my Shepherd".

The music room in this house is just dreamy.  The family was so wealthy that the father employed a music teacher for his children!

This room might seem very simple but there was a real serenity about it.

I love that blue color on the walls!

Dinner is served!

I was very happy to recognize this!  It is a flour/corn meal chest.

My grandmother had one. Do you see how those two middle bits of wood are indented?  That would hold the long wooden bowl where the bread dough was prepared.  See, I don't need anybody to explain antiques to me, I am one! 

There were two small dwellings that were brought to this spot from Newton County, Georgia which is just the next county over from where we live.  These buildings were cabins for slaves from the 1860's.  The sign in front told us that this
 tiny building would house up to 17 people.  It is most unusual for any of these dwellings to have survived.  (And one cannot help but notice the difference in the table setting here in this home as compared to the big house dining room.)

I do wish we could have seen the barn and the garden area but the barn was closed due to a roof collapse! (Richard is so good at photography that you can't see the hole in the roof!)

 Okay, I want this bedroom! Love those colors!

We didn't spend all our time inside the houses! Here we are at the Grist Mill which was ALSO moved here to Stone Mountain!  Thank goodness it was, I'm sure it would have gotten torn down. Which would more than likely have been the fate of the cabins for the slaves.  We really do need to preserve history.

Hey!  I planted some Cosmos seeds, they are called "Daydream".

So that is why I kept humming this song!
A song pops into my head all the time.

Friday, April 7, 2023

Here Comes The Son (Sun)- A Joyful Wedding!


Our dear son got married! 

Yes, it was on March 25th near Chattanooga, Tennessee.  All weddings are happy but this one was so very joyous - you will just have to take my word for it! Still, if pictures tell a thousand words....

Even if this is a bit blurry, can't you just FEEL the happiness?  They were glowing, honestly! 

 Before the ceremony, I snapped a photo of my husband and son together. I got it quickly so I could get the pride on his Dad's face and the joyful anticipation on my son's face. I think you can see both. (And that is appropriate since Christopher is our pride and joy!) May I just say how handsome they both look? Christopher, that color tie with the grey suit is just perfect to me! I love it! And Richard is the picture of elegance!

Proud mother of the groom!

Sarah, the lovely bride accompanied by her father down the aisle/walkway and then they took a sharp left and walked down the grass! Since it had rained HARD overnight this was not as easy as you might think. Well done, Sarah and Dad!  Of course, the bride was breathtakingly beautiful!  And that DRESS!! Oh, my friends, it was just gorgeous, truly it was!  I am the worst at describing fashion! It was all lacy and lovely and was perfect on her, that is all I can say. The song that was playing as they walked was written by our son, just for this occasion for his bride! Oh yes, it was a recording of Christopher singing the song and playing his guitar! "You Are" is the name of the song.  (It finished a bit early for her walk, and then we heard the beginning of the song "Here Comes the Sun".  For me, those two songs together were just perfect and joyful!)

The ceremony was very sweet and the looks between the bride and groom...this brought me to tears- I can tell you that. (Okay, I admit, I cried a lot!) The best man and groomsmen were all close friends of the groom and the bride's maids were Sarah's two sisters and close friends.  They were all such lovely people - it was fantastic to feel the joyous well wishes bestowed upon them by their attendants- and all the love felt from both sides of their families and friends also!  

Instead of a wedding cake, the couple had doughnuts!  In this photo, you can see Christopher cutting the "ceremonial doughnut" as he called it, which they then fed to each other.  A nice touch, he is cutting it with the same knife that Richard and I used on our wedding cake, almost 40 years ago! (Richard and I married on June 4, 1983.)  There, isn't that a sweet touch?  We also gave him the printed napkin from our wedding with the date engraved on it along with "Kay and Richard".  Christopher carefully folded that napkin and placed it in his jacket pocket.  If a bride wears something for luck, why shouldn't a groom?

My sister and brother-in -law gave Sarah a sixpence to wear in her shoe! Now, that is not something that most Americans do but it goes along with the rhyme that we know in America but that very last bit didn't make it across the pond for obvious reasons, we don't have the same coins!  

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe!"

I really don't know if Sarah bothered with those other things or not, but she had that sixpence! 

Richard took some great photos, but I love this one! The JOY on Sarah's face was there for all to see. (And Christopher with his tears of joy!)

I don't have many photos of the dancing at the reception (it was quite dark) but you know the dance between the groom and the groom's mother? Christopher chose a song that was special for us..."Surfer Girl" by the Beach Boys!  When he was a baby, I sang that to him as a lullaby changing the words a bit and saying "Christopher, instead of Surfer Girl" and talking about sleeping rather than surfing! Once again, a nice touch that brought me much joy!

If anyone of you would like to leave your well wishes here for Christopher and Sarah, please do so!  Blessings are always well received! And we don't have to tell our new daughter-in-law how very goofy I am, do we?  That can be our little secret.... 

Best wishes to our dear son and our darling daughter-in-law! LOVE and joy always to the perfect pair!   xxx

If you click on the YouTube link above, you should hear "You Are"!

"Here Comes The Sun" performed by Joe Brown.  George Harrison was the best man for Joe Brown when he got married! Such a joyous song! 

Those darn professional photographers kept getting in Richard's way! LOL!!!  Richard got them laughing!