Sunday, June 27, 2021

Far From The Shores of England


Hello, everyone! I am waving here to you from a photo from Eastbourne in England! Of course, it is from years ago...2015, to be exact.   We are not able to visit the UK at this time, sad to say. So, I hope you don't mind me sharing a few photos with you. 

We also visited Lewes (it is pronounced "Lewis") and there is a castle there! Of course, we wanted to see it even if it was a very cloudy day. (That's Richard you see!) Near to the castle, we also saw the Southover Grange Gardens.  Even in October the gardens were still lovely. Who is that mysterious woman loitering around that doorway? Ha, that is me! I bought that purple raincoat that week because I needed it! (You know I still have it. I keep clothes for as long as I can! LOL.)

We remember being very pleased to see these bright orange flowers blooming in Lewes.  They are Mexican sunflowers! The very same kind that we grow in pots here in Georgia for our butterflies!  I know I am showing you photos of England but here...look at this photo from our yard from one of our summers...
                                                        See? Same flower!

Sometimes when we are in England, we even get to see London! Richard snapped this photo from the taxi. I hope you recognize it! It is now called "Elizabeth Tower" and even though I know it is really the bells that are "Big Ben", I still think of it by that name, don't you? I adore the Houses of Parliament. When I first saw them in 1981, they just took my breath away, just stunning. (And they were very dirty then, they are golden and sparkling now.) "My London Lights", I hope to see them again soon!
St. Paul's Cathedral.

Wish I could be walking on this beach.  I can just smell the salty air and hear the cry of the gulls...

A song for you?  You know I will always have one! Take care, my friends, both in America and the UK and to my blogging friends around the whole world! 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

I Just Can't Help Believing (Brasstown Bald)


This is not a photo of an old lady hailing a taxi, this is me with my tag showing that I have paid admission for Brasstown Bald. (Highest point in Georgia at elevation of 4,784 feet.) My husband and I hiked to the top on a nice paved trail that is only 1/6 of a mile but it is quite steep! We BELIEVE that we can still do it! (There is a shuttle that runs from the parking lot if you can't make the short hike.) Can you see that tower at the top of the mountain? That's where we're headed!

The trail can be quite busy but the day we were there, it was very quiet, just leaves rustling and birds singing...


Look, we've almost made it!

Once you climb that short distance to the flag, there are steps up to different levels. It is really like being on a ship at sea, but instead of water, it is trees as far as the eye can see...

There is the tower that I showed you! You can't climb up that,  I would if permitted to do so.

Not only are the mountains gorgeous but the clouds on the day that we were there were very nice too.

We were up there with the birds, I am telling you! (See how it looks like a ship?)  That's me with my hiking bag trying to ruin the shot! (We're not certain what kind of bird this is, we will have to do more research.)

Look! We can see our car from the top! There are only 3 vehicles in the parking lot. Told you it was quiet! (Our car is the one near the white van.)  Richard is very good with a zoom, don't you think?

Interesting for us, the leaves on the trees were a light green, as in early Spring. In our area, the leaves have been out for some time and full and dark green now.  It is that much of a difference between the Atlanta area and the North Georgia mountains!

Brasstown Bald is near the town of Hiawassee. It is on Lake Chatuge and there is a botanical garden there called Hamilton Gardens. You know we had go there!

We just saw the last of the rhododendrons in bloom. There are 1200 rhododendrons in the gardens! (Their peak is from the last two weeks of April through mid May.)  Even though we missed the mass of the blooms, we were very well pleased to see the lovely TREES along the trails there.  A truly lovely spot.

The Lakeside Trail was very nice in the trace of a misty morning.

If you can remember the beginning of my post, the tag that I have around my wrist says "Let's Go FIND Outdoors".  Let's do that, people!

Found a great video for you.  B J Thomas with Vince Gill.

Hope you like this as much as I do! (I keep humming this to myself.)