Sunday, May 29, 2022

Memories of May


"Am I too big a bird to bathe in this little bird bath?"

"Guess not!"

Wish I could show you a video of this bird bathing, it is a Brown Thrasher and that brown color is just beautiful! Each and every state has a "state bird" and for Georgia it is the Brown Thrasher. Can you see that it is rather large? And also that it has a gorgeous long tail? You should see it all fanned out! It is in the same family as the Mockingbird and it also "mimics" other birds.  If you hear a bird repeating a phrase THREE times, that would be a mockingbird.  If the bird repeats TWO times, that would be the Brown Thrasher! (Now listen, it might be very important for you all to know this one day, so don't forget it! HA HA.)

We also have another brown feathered bird visitor. It is the Carolina wren!

Quite a difference in size! Now that little tail is constantly moving up and down, that should be a very good way to identify it.  The song from this little bird is amazing. I read somewhere that one of the Native American names for it translated into "Little bird with a big voice." Now, I have no idea if that is true but if so, it fits perfectly.

If we want to go even smaller, let me show you a great shot that Richard got of the male Ruby throat hummingbird! You know it's male because of the ruby throat, which you can only see if the bird is turned just right.

Here's the female!

We do love our birds!  Of course, we have other visitors that are also very welcome.

Anoles, get a grip!

What marvelous creatures they are!

(Milk jug that Richard uses outside for watering is used by this anole for posing.)

Anoles are a bit different in their "sticking power", so to speak. Want the science behind it?  Read all about it just here!

The pretty purple flowers that I received for Mother's Day lasted a long time! 

So, May is almost over now. The May flowers are always very welcome.

Hope you are all well! Let's get on the Chattanooga Choo Choo! (Richard played this on the guitar at a party this month. I don't have Richard on video but I found another lad from Croydon...Ralph McTell!)

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Joy From Flowers and Music


Blooming flowers! I never tire of them. Honestly, every time I see a flower, it is as if I have never seen one before...

Walking Iris or Apostle Plant. (Neomarica gracilis).  

The walking iris is on our front porch and we have several in pots.

The blooms only last for one day but what a great day that is!

We also very much enjoy the blooms on different trees and shrubs that we see on our walks.  

Fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus).

This is a native tree, also called "Grancy greybeard"!  Such a lovely thing! We saw this planted on the grounds at the Monastery and also in the woods at Panola Mountain State Park. (And also growing in woods beside the roads here and in other yards!) Wish I had one!

Mourning doves at our very expensive bird bath.  It's quite amusing to see a bird this size take a bath in such a tiny amount of water but they seem to enjoy it. (Keep it clean and the birds will come. I promise!)

Does this rabbit look big to you? Or is it just me? We have a wildlife haven at our home, I tell you!

If you remember my last post, I wrote about air conditioning and how grateful I am for it in Georgia.  So, it's a bit funny that we just had a very comfortable April and it has even been fairly cool the first two weeks of May!  The mornings in particular have been truly lovely.  What about you in your part of the world?  Do tell!

In a recent post I also spoke of seeing the International Space Station. Well, TONIGHT you should be able to see a total eclipse of the moon!  I say YOU should because I won't be able to stay up to see it, so please let me know if you do! LOL!

I don't see too many films these days but I do believe that I would like to see the new film about Elvis that will be coming out in June.
I've read that Priscilla and Lisa Marie have seen it and both of them love it.
That's good enough for me!  You have most likely seen the trailer so I am going to try to find you one of my favorite videos of Elvis....

This was from the special on TV in 1968.  I remember it well. Just like my spring flowers, it still brings me joy!