Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Last Time I Was in England...Soup!


The last time I was in England was in 2019.  The first three photos here are from Eastbourne. The rest are from London.

The last photo is from the Borough Market and if you are in London, it is well worth a visit!  And that reminds me of something I want you to watch on TV!

"The Food That Built America" is a series on the History Channel.

If you can, look at it and see if you can see the episode of "Soup of the Century".  It is fascinating!  Now you ask yourself, what would I possibly want to learn about soup and how can it be that fascinating?

Since I am Georgia Girl With An English Heart, I am someone who has a foot in two countries, so to speak, and therefore, I am curious about how American and English foods are different, for example: SOUP!  In America, it is Campbell's Soups that reign supreme. In the UK, it is Heinz! Now, why might that be? Watch this show and you will find out.  Which do I prefer?  Now, you all must know I try to be as impartial as I possibly can be.  I grew up eating Campbell's soups and I find them perfectly acceptable. However, once I had tasted Heinz Tomato made me wonder why this wonderful soup was not available in the USA! 

Now even though I have never been to Scotland, I was able to buy Baxter's soup in Eastbourne. There should be a TV series made about the history of this soup now! I had a bit of a sore throat and bought a can of their soup, was it "Scotch Broth"?  I think that was it and it was delicious! (I want to visit Scotland, not just for the soup but hey, it is really good!) 

If any of you are wondering if I have been under the weather and wanting soup and warm blankets, you would be correct! Hoping to be on the mend now, thanks very much. 

Also, did anyone else hear that it is now considered proper to end a sentence with a preposition? Whoever came up with this, I am thankful that they know where they are coming from! 

 This last video is by Evan & James singing "Bad Moon Rising"!

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Beatles and A Bluebird!


Wonderful news today! Sam Mendes, the British director will make four separate films about the Beatles, one for each band member. Each movie representing the point of view of John, Paul, George and Ringo. Isn't that something? Expected to be released in 2027, the films have the full support of the two surviving Beatles and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison.  I do hope that we will hear many Beatles songs during the films! And at a theatre! 


 (I was working on this post about Beatles covers when my son texted me the news about the Beatles films to come out in 2027!)

Oh yes, my friends, I have spent so much time listening to people from all over the world singing and playing Beatles songs.

It amazes me that so many of them making these videos are very young and have no memory of the Beatles as those of us who are of a certain age!  They are singing in English and you can tell that English is not their first language.  It made me think of doing a post called "I Speak BEATLES"!   I just looked at my blog and I did a post in February of 2014 where I mentioned the 50th anniversary of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Of course, it is now the 60th anniversary this month!  Want to see my post from 10 years ago? Here it is:  Georgia Girl With An English Heart: Winter Olympics 2014, Sochi AND Beatles 50th Anniversary


 There, I hope you are able to hear some of the songs!

 Hopefully, after these films are released, more and more will fall in love with their musical genius because honestly, all we need is LOVE!


Hope all of you are doing well. 

February. There, I said it.  That's enough about that, don't you think?

Take care, everyone. March (and warmer weather) is around the corner! Here is the bluebird that visits our suet feeder, we are always so happy to see him.