Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Time Enough for Tomatoes and Butterflies


Black strawberry tomatoes! "A cross between Bosque Blue with Strawberry Tiger, it is one of the most striking cherry tomatoes you can grow"- that is how it is described in the seed catalogs.  We bought these seeds this year for the first time and how happy it made me see them grow! I am not an artist but I wanted to put these on canvas! Honestly, the way that I exclaimed over them, you would think I had discovered gold in my garden!  How did they taste? Once again, I go to the seed catalog for you..." The flavor is very good. Sweet and perfectly balanced."  And also, "Fantastic, sugar sweet flavor with a hint of grape and plum". Well, I don't know about that but they taste wonderful and look so pretty beside slices of cucumber on a hot summer day! Once again, it was just viewing them on the vines that made me so happy! "A bowlful resembles a luminous and luxurious bunch of gems" is how Baker Creek seeds describes them. See? I'm not lying! 

 As I was looking at photos of our flowers from a few years ago, I came across this picture. Richard liked the Mexican sunflower reflected in the face of this old clock on our wall.  Reflections of a summer past! We didn't have any Mexican sunflowers seeds planted this year...our butterflies have had to make do with the lantana, cosmos and butterfly bush. Next year, Mexican sunflowers will hopefully be planted early enough so that we will have these tall beauties!  They are like butterfly magnets.

  I hope that time is treating you well, my friends!