Thursday, April 30, 2020

All Over The World (ELO)

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I do! ("All Over The World" by ELO!)  My favorite...the older women dancing and one of them is even in a wheelchair! Isn't that great? If this doesn't make you want to dance around the room, nothing will! (Of course, this was filmed YEARS ago when no one was practicing social distancing which I hope you are all doing at this time!)

I hope this photo will remind you of another ELO song, "Mr. Blue Sky"!  This is the lake that was re-filled at Panola Mountain State Park! Remember when I told you that they drained it to build a new dam? YAY! It's back now!

I wanted to share this note on the front door of a church in our area.
In Georgia, our governor is lifting the state wide shelter in place order as of tomorrow, May 1st.  In protest today, funeral directors drove their hearses past the Governor's mansion. I found this incredibly moving. Will everyone remember to keep six feet apart? Remember to wash their hands? And wear a mask if in public?  I sincerely hope so.

All Over The World...tell me if you like the video and if it makes you smile!  Take care everyone!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Don't Dream It's Over

Listen! Can you hear all the music? What? You can't?
Well, stick with me, folks, I will supply you! Stay positive, it's important. (Any negative songs? GET THEM OUTTA HERE.) And don't mess with Mr. In Between.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

We Can Work It Out

"We Can Work It Out" was on the other side of the Beatles single, "Day Tripper.".  One usually would say "B"side but this record was released as joint "A" sides. This was the first time in Britain that a record was ever promoted in this way. Quite right, I say.  Happy to say that the song is considered to be a true collaboration between Lennon and McCartney. (So many of their songs, I will ask my son, "Now, which one wrote this song?" He will tell me, and I will say, "Oh yes, that makes sense.".) And by the way, "Day Tripper" 1965, as an American kid, I did not have a clue what a day tripper was...when I was in England 20 years later, it amused me to learn what it meant!

I have a video here of Keane performing "We Can Work It Out" and I hope you love this as much as I do.  I think it's a good song for these times just now.  The group is from East Sussex in England.  We have friends who live in Bexhill, so we have visited there. Maybe I might see the lead singer, Tom Chaplin walking along the seafront one day? Hey, it could happen!  (And I won't go all weird and fawn all over him. Well, I will try not to anyway!)

(OH! And after the video finishes, be sure to listen to the video of Keane performing "Somewhere Only We Know" from the Live8 Concert from 2005. Tom Chaplin has such a GREAT voice and Tim Rice-Oxley on the keyboard, why he almost FLIES away as he is playing with such excitement!)

Think about it though, how will we be changed after all this is over? Will we ever want to shake hands again, give someone a hug? Hmm....I have never liked being in large crowds anyway, so for me...Looks like I will be the same crazy lady in the attic, typing, typing, typing...  Stay safe everyone and if you have to be crazy like me, then listen to music that you enjoy and take pleasure in the small things in life, like daisies that just come up in your yard, without doing one thing to help them bloom and grow.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

You'll Never Walk Alone - Capt. Tom Moore

Inspiring and hopeful! That's the news for me!  The song, "You'll Never Walk Alone" is at the very top of the charts in Britain this week of April, 2020.

Captain Tom Moore in Yorkshire, England is a World War II veteran. He wanted to raise money for the NHS.   His plan was to raise 1000 pounds by walking 100 laps in his garden before his 100th birthday. Capt. Moore started this walk on April 13th.  Happily, he has far exceeded that amount! The fundraiser has exceeded 23 million pounds! How could that amount be raised in such a short time?  It is from the downloads of the wonderful song, "You'll Never Walk Alone".   Recorded with Michael Ball and a background of NHS singers (the NHS Voices for Care Choir)  the single just edged out the duet of "We'll Meet Again" by Dame Vera Lynn and Katherine Jenkins on the charts. (It is a close second, I believe!)

Capt. Tom Moore will turn 100 on April 30th.  What will be the final total of money raised from this record by that date? I will have to let you know!  

What photo with this post? An English garden, of course! (From my inlaws from Eastbourne.) I know I should show you this lovely garden without our washing on the line but I was so darn proud of hanging our shirts up on the line...and see the pole that pushes the line up higher to catch the wind? Clever Brits!

Also, thinking of Oscar Hammerstein, who wrote the words to the song, "You'll Never Walk Alone".  (Music by Richard Rodgers, from their musical "Carousel".)  The above plaque is from Southwark Cathedral in London. I can't help but think of these two men and their song- a perfect blend of music and words being such a great representation of hope.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

What If

"What If"...those two words can be wistful or hopeful. Let's go with hopeful!  Please listen to this song, "What If"! I hope you like it as much as I do.  (At the 1:29 mark, you will see Roger Federer...I love him!)

If you know that I love music, you must also know that I love sports! That must be from my Dad, I can just hear him saying, "Turn on the TV, there must be a ballgame on somewhere!" And there almost always was! Not now, of course during the lock down, although if you see a ballgame of any kind on television, it will be a repeat from even years past.  

Baseball for example, it seems strange not to see the Atlanta Braves on TV.  They are showing the games from last season though. It's nice to listen to them when I am doing something else. It is a comfort to me, especially at this time.

I have enjoyed listening to artists performing from their living rooms. One of them is Alistair Griffin, he was a protege of Robin Gibb, from the Bee Gees. (I hope you all love the Bee Gees! Sadly, Barry Gibb is the only remaining Bee Gee but we still have their music. That will never die.) Now, I hope you will watch the video that I have for you. Sigh...I do miss seeing sports figures in slow motion with music in the background. I told you I like sports!
Of course, there will be no Wimbledon this year, but I see that they will show some matches from years past...what do you bet they will show Andy Murray winning Wimbledon from 2013?  I also hope they show some of  the matches between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg. (The one from 1980! Wow!)  

My friends, if you have made it through this far- I have to tell you that my birthday is tomorrow! Yes, it is! How old is Georgia Girl With An English Heart? Old enough not to tell you my age! HA! (Georgia GIRL, I know...get a lawyer and sue me! Hee hee!)

I hope that those of you who are staying home are keeping busy and remembering to exercise even if you are not going out! You might be tempted to overindulge in sweets but you really need to eat healthy foods. It is important! And for those who are still working in essential jobs, remember about the social distancing and the washing of the hands. (And those who are at home, you might still have to go out too, so YOU do the same!)  I still think it is best to wear masks, you all know that I do! Stay safe, everyone!  I would mother the world, if I could.

Hope it won't be long until we are back on track again!

Just counted the word "love" four times in this post and "hope" is mentioned seven times.  Perhaps I should go back and change the wording? No way.  Love and hope always!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

He's Alive! (Jesus of Nazareth)

"He's Alive" by Dolly Parton.  Just in case you don't know, Dolly Parton is not only a singer but she is a SONGWRITER and a very good one at that. Now, she also sings songs that she did not write and one of those is "He's Alive" which was written by George S. Clinton. (Who did the music for the Austin Powers films, among others.)  Please, don't laugh at that...songwriters can write about anything and everything and I for one am grateful for that fact.

The video of Dolly Parton singing this song, I really like...the song is  supposed to be from the viewpoint of Peter.  I found another video with the song set to scenes from the marvelous production of "Jesus of Nazareth" from 1977, with Jesus being played by Robert Powell and Mary Magadalene, by Anne Bancroft.  James Farentino played Simon Peter.  And John the Baptist was Michael York.
It was an excellent film, very moving,  I thought. If you have never seen it, I suggest that you do!

Richard and I went on a walk yesterday.  We saw wildflowers blooming and since they bloom at this time of year, many people call them "Easter Lilies".  (They are atamasco lilies, the Jamestown colonists wrote of them. They got that word "atamasco" from the Native Americans, the word meaning the bulb under grass-like leaves.")

Happy Easter to you all!

And the fringe tree on top of Arabia Mountain...amongst what looks like thorns, I like this too.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

We'll Meet Again (When They Sound The Last All Clear)

     Fringetree in bloom just now.  It is a native tree. Isn't it lovely?

I hope that you all know that when the Queen gave her speech this past Sunday, she referenced the great song by Vera Lynn when she said, "We will meet again."!  (Remember I told you I mailed a birthday card to Dame Vera Lynn in March? She turned 103!)
Dame Vera Lynn and Katherine Jenkins will release a recording of "We'll Meet Again" with the monies going to the National Health Service in Britain.  Isn't that wonderful?  And not only that but in Britain, they are asking for people to SING the song, out on their doorsteps or balconies on May 8th at 9PM.  (British time, of course.)   And for the folks in Britain, the song will be on BBC1, and so, you will just have to sing along with the telly! (Yes, Brits really do say "telly" and not "TV"!)
May 8, 2020 is the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. (VE  Day.)  

I have not one but TWO videos of the song for you!  One is with Dame Vera Lynn with Katherine Jenkins and the other one is with the great Johnny Cash singing it. I hope you like both of these videos. 
Now, I know you are dying to ask me if I will be singing along with Britain at the same time. (This would be at 4PM on May 8th, Eastern time.)  Of course, I will! I might be the only American on my street, but I will do it anyway! 
The song, "We'll Meet Again" was written by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles.  They also wrote, "There'll Always Be An England".  I just learned that Hughie Charles retired to EASTBOURNE in England in the early 1980's! Why, I might have walked right beside him along the seafront there on my visits and never knew it! You all know how much I admire songwriters, I hope...

Just look at this list of some of the songs that he wrote:

"Blue Skies Are Round The Corner"
"I Shall Be Waiting"
"I Shall Always Remember You Smiling"
"There's A Land of Begin Again"
"When They Sound The Last All Clear"
"Sing A Song of Tomorrow-Today"
"Till All Our Prayers Are Answered"

So, you see, not only does the song "We'll Meet Again" apply to our lives today but these song titles also seem to strike a chord.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Warmest Wishes (Wear A Mask, Please!)

It appears that we are now being told that wearing masks would be a good thing to do.  (NOT taking away any of the medical grade masks from the hospitals where they are desperately needed but masks that are made with pieces of cotton cloths.)

In my last post, I had some videos of face masks. On this post, I have examples of making masks from bandanas. (No sewing required.) I tried this myself and not only is it easy to do but it seems very effective.

I just heard Queen Elizabeth on BBC giving an address to the nation.  Don't know about anyone else but it moved me to tears. If you look up the definition of the word "sincere" it says this: " free from pretense or deceit, proceeding from genuine feelings".   The Queen didn't sign off the address with "Sincerely Yours" but she could have! 

Now, not to compare myself with royalty but I feel the same as I write this post. I am sincere in strongly suggesting that we all wear masks. Please, don't take my word that we need to do this. I have a link where this is explained in great detail.  It is at masks4all and you can find it just here.  Once again, and I cannot say this enough...I am not suggesting that you stockpile medical masks, the N95 ones that should be used by doctors, nurses and hospital workers! (If you have any of those, then take them and donate them to your local hospital!)  Don't want to make a mask yourself? I am sure that if you look hard enough you will find that are lots of folks that are making them to either give away or to sell.

As I write this to you, I know of people who have been tested and are awaiting results. The sheriff in our county has just tested positive. I can only guess what people are feeling who have been around him in the past few weeks. Of course, for those who HAVE tested positive, it would not only be a fearful thing for them but also, they have that fear of who they might have infected!  (In the USA, one can't be tested unless you show symptoms. I think this is different in other countries.) The governor of Georgia just told us this past week that he didn't know that one could have it unless you were showing symptoms! (Did he not listen to the word "asymptomatic"?  Did he tune that out or just not know the meaning of the word? Please, don't get me started on people in politics!)
Here is a photo of our governor with other news (to him.)

Image may contain: 1 person, text

(The most extraordinary her speech, Queen Elizabeth didn't mention the name of the infectious disease not one time, so I have not named it in this post either.)

"My warmest wishes to you all".  (THAT is how the Queen ended her speech!)