Friday, April 5, 2024

Glossolalia (Not Just Gibberish)

Guess what, our son has just written a piece about music on a site called "Audio Phix!  Yes!  Now, I'm I being terrible if I ask you to look at it and read it? Pretty please, will you?

Here is the link-  Revisiting Cocteau Twins' 'Heaven or Las Vegas' (

"Glossolalia", you should know that word now if you read the article!

(I think of it as from the Bible, meaning "talking in tongues". Perhaps you do too?)

It would make me so happy if you clicked on that link! (It would also please Christopher very much also!)  Oh yes and share it with your friends! 

The following song is "Half Gifts" by the Cocteau Twins.  It is a live performance and very often, I love to share a video of something that has been performed in front of a live audience. I love her angelic voice and the beautiful instruments.

Can you think of a song that uses unusual sounds that somehow makes the song even better than just using words? You know what I am thinking of....

  "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"!  If you are not singing yet, what is stopping you? (Lots to say about the history of this song, perhaps that will be C's next article!)

Let me know if you were able to read Christopher's online article!

You guys are the BEST!  I thank you sincerely.

Maybe you can't buy
but you can listen to 
and that's almost the

Thursday, April 4, 2024



We had a tornado in the early hours of the morning yesterday here in Rockdale County, Georgia where we live!  Thankfully, there were no injuries or deaths but lots of property damage.  Here is a video for you....

Conyers tornado damage: 'Priceless' family photos rescued |

UPDATE:  After I posted this, I saw on the news that there were two injuries. I hope they are not too severe, and those two people will recover quickly. I am surprised there were not more injuries.

We have friends who live in this neighborhood.  Once again, we are thankful that they got through this storm with only limbs down in their yard. 

This county had one of the worst tornadoes in Georgia history.  It was back in 1973 and trust me, no weather radar or warnings in those days. Here is a link to that-  Rockdale marks 40 years since worst tornado in history | News |

You can bet that I pay strict attention to any weather warnings!

Take care, everyone!  Do any of you watch the TV coverage of the Masters Golf Tournament from Augusta and admire the azaleas and dogwood trees? Guess what, they are like that all over Georgia!  (My photos aren't that great, but they are so pretty.)

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Song Memory/Happy Anniversary Wishes


"In The Pines"!  Oh goodness, how this brings back memories for me.

I hope you are able to see the video that I have here for you of Dolly Parton singing this song along with her family.  "In The Pines" is one of the many songs that my Granddaddy used to sing.   The funny thing, he was a really good singer but when he had to sing around other people, he would become a bit shy and would sing very quietly, so that you could hardly hear him.  My grandmother would also become much quieter and would often put her hand over her mouth when she laughed. It surprised me to watch this video and see how Dolly's parents were like this too! Watching this was like going back in time. Isn't it funny how just one little song can bring back memories?  Has this happened to you, by hearing just one song?

Look, here I am getting in the way of Richard's photos again!

That is the diamorpha in the first photo (the red stuff) and that is coral honeysuckle in the second photo!  I was so pleased to identify the coral honeysuckle, I have never seen it before.  Both of these are native to this area.  It is a great interest of mine to walk and to search for wildflowers.


Before March is over, I wanted to say "Happy Anniversary" to my son and daughter-in-law!  Remember they got married last year in March?  If you didn't see the post about it, you can see it just here!

I titled it "Here Comes The Son".  Can you believe it, it says that this is my most viewed post!

There is a photo for you!  Did I take this or did Richard?  Let's say that I did! LOL!

I am certain that I took this one!  Don't they look so very happy? Besides loving Sarah's wedding dress, I love this photo because it shows off the color of Christopher's tie. 

If you are asked to make dough balls, make some heart shaped! You know I can!  (And I have to make mine gluten free too and they are still good!)  Oh, and Dolly Parton has come out with cake mixes now! Sigh, if only she would make some of them gluten free!

Take care, my friends!

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

A Hopeful Spring

 Happy spring to you all!  The cherry trees are in full bloom just now, their frilly white blooms are very welcoming to this Red Cardinal. We have three cherry trees in our front yard, this is one of them. We have lots of cardinals in our yard, this is one of them! LOL!

Another photo of the cherry trees here. This used to be the property of Maxell Tapes which was a Japanese company.  Maxell has been out of business for years, but we still have these cherry trees! This is now a park and has a walking/biking trail. 

Hope all of you are doing well.  I have been quite busy lately, nothing at all that is exciting but busy, nevertheless. Hey! Remember that the new Ghostbusters film comes out this week!  I do hope I will be able to see it! It looks really good.

I have almost finished a book and it is so good, I think I might have read a great deal of it aloud to Richard.  Now, I can't quite tell you about this book just yet, but I PROMISE you, it is amazing!  Look out for me to tell you about it!  (And Meike in Germany, I promise that the cover of the book is great too!)

Spring is busting out all over!  Look at the fiddleheads on this Autumn fern!  Isn't it amazing how this brown circle will unfurl into a beautiful green leafy fern? It will! Gee, if it can do that, surely, I can keep myself going! Gives you hope, does it not?

Take care!

Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Last Time I Was in England...Soup!


The last time I was in England was in 2019.  The first three photos here are from Eastbourne. The rest are from London.

The last photo is from the Borough Market and if you are in London, it is well worth a visit!  And that reminds me of something I want you to watch on TV!

"The Food That Built America" is a series on the History Channel.

If you can, look at it and see if you can see the episode of "Soup of the Century".  It is fascinating!  Now you ask yourself, what would I possibly want to learn about soup and how can it be that fascinating?

Since I am Georgia Girl With An English Heart, I am someone who has a foot in two countries, so to speak, and therefore, I am curious about how American and English foods are different, for example: SOUP!  In America, it is Campbell's Soups that reign supreme. In the UK, it is Heinz! Now, why might that be? Watch this show and you will find out.  Which do I prefer?  Now, you all must know I try to be as impartial as I possibly can be.  I grew up eating Campbell's soups and I find them perfectly acceptable. However, once I had tasted Heinz Tomato made me wonder why this wonderful soup was not available in the USA! 

Now even though I have never been to Scotland, I was able to buy Baxter's soup in Eastbourne. There should be a TV series made about the history of this soup now! I had a bit of a sore throat and bought a can of their soup, was it "Scotch Broth"?  I think that was it and it was delicious! (I want to visit Scotland, not just for the soup but hey, it is really good!) 

If any of you are wondering if I have been under the weather and wanting soup and warm blankets, you would be correct! Hoping to be on the mend now, thanks very much. 

Also, did anyone else hear that it is now considered proper to end a sentence with a preposition? Whoever came up with this, I am thankful that they know where they are coming from! 

 This last video is by Evan & James singing "Bad Moon Rising"!

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Beatles and A Bluebird!


Wonderful news today! Sam Mendes, the British director will make four separate films about the Beatles, one for each band member. Each movie representing the point of view of John, Paul, George and Ringo. Isn't that something? Expected to be released in 2027, the films have the full support of the two surviving Beatles and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison.  I do hope that we will hear many Beatles songs during the films! And at a theatre! 


 (I was working on this post about Beatles covers when my son texted me the news about the Beatles films to come out in 2027!)

Oh yes, my friends, I have spent so much time listening to people from all over the world singing and playing Beatles songs.

It amazes me that so many of them making these videos are very young and have no memory of the Beatles as those of us who are of a certain age!  They are singing in English and you can tell that English is not their first language.  It made me think of doing a post called "I Speak BEATLES"!   I just looked at my blog and I did a post in February of 2014 where I mentioned the 50th anniversary of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Of course, it is now the 60th anniversary this month!  Want to see my post from 10 years ago? Here it is:  Georgia Girl With An English Heart: Winter Olympics 2014, Sochi AND Beatles 50th Anniversary


 There, I hope you are able to hear some of the songs!

 Hopefully, after these films are released, more and more will fall in love with their musical genius because honestly, all we need is LOVE!


Hope all of you are doing well. 

February. There, I said it.  That's enough about that, don't you think?

Take care, everyone. March (and warmer weather) is around the corner! Here is the bluebird that visits our suet feeder, we are always so happy to see him. 


Monday, January 29, 2024

What Makes the Muskrat Guard His Musk? (COURAGE)


You know that song lyric, don't you? It is from "The Wizard of Oz" and is sung (or spoken) by the Cowardly Lion.  Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion were searching for a home, a brain, a heart and the "noive" which is as close as I can type to that marvelous actor's accent! (The nerve or courage.) Now, if you think about it...we all have a home (hopefully), a heart, and a brain but it is the courage that we sometimes might have to find in life.  That brings me to the wonderful word- ENCOURAGEMENT, which means "the action of someone giving support, confidence or hope.  It seems quite simple, doesn't it? And yet, it can make all the difference in world!

From writing this blog over the years, I can promise you that had I not received such kindly encouragement, I would have stopped after my first post! My blogging friend in Germany talked me into starting my blog with wonderful encouragement. (Thanks, Librarian!) And it was John in England who gave me the great encouragement to continue it.  Now, John has passed away and I am very much saddened by this. You wouldn't believe how much he taught me about nature- trees, flowers, butterflies, beetles and mushrooms! I was also lucky enough to be included in the circle of lucky people who received his lovely post-cards, with the perfect stamp to go along with the photo on the card, along with his carefully chosen words. Today, I have several of his cards lined up on my mantel- one is of the famous gate at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool. Have you ever seen a photo of it? It shows these words "You'll Never Walk Alone", it is from the song that the fans sing.

There, I hope you can see that image above!  And of course, that brings me to the song that you must hear also!  (I have written about this before. Many think this is from the Bible, but the words are really by Oscar Hammerstein, one of my favorite lyricists!)

John's brother, Graham has written a post about his brother. You can read it just here.  Graham, I wish I could do a better job at honoring your brother! He has been not just a friend to me but also to my husband and son. We will miss him and his encouraging words.

Just one more song- it is by "America". The song has just this one line that always has stuck in my head- "Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't already have". Even though that is a double negative, in songwriting terms, it makes perfect sense. (You all know my love and great respect for songwriters!)  The rest of the song, I'm not very sure of its meaning, but then, that is music for you, don't be so concerned about understanding every little thing, just enjoy it and if something encourages you or makes you smile or feel better about life, take it into your heart. You know you have one! And if someone needs courage, help to supply it.

 The beech trees hold on to their leaves all winter.  In the sun, they are a lovely shade of bronze and when the wind blows them, they make a lovely sound.  For years, I admired this tree and when I mentioned on my blog that I wondered what they were, John told me- beech trees. I will think of him whenever I see one. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Happy 2024/ Evan & James


Hello to all my friends out there! Happy 2024! Hope Santa was good to you all! 

Do I have anything musical to tell you? You know I do! Guess what I learned this Christmas? The man who wrote "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" was an Englishman! Yes, his name was Tommie Connor! I wish I had known that when I changed the lyrics to that song and sung it to my English in-laws! We had seen Hailey's Comet at Beachy Head and that is what MY song was about. Don't you change lyrics to tunes that you know for other people's entertainment/annoyance? You know I do!! LOL!

The other musical news that I have you is that I found a couple of young men who do fantastic covers of Beatles songs! Oh, they are very good singers and guitarists and to hear those wonderful harmonies just does my heart good.  Evan & James (

Christopher Evan and Andrew James!  I hope you were able to hear this video.  It is "I Should Have Known Better".   Remember John Lennon's playing his marvelous harmonica on this record? This young man plays that bit on his guitar! Listen to it and you will recognize that part, I'm sure. Hope you like them too!

So lovely!

Oh, deer!

We are often surprised by white tailed deer when we walk at the Monastery. Looks like we startled one ourselves! 

  The monastery is a place of great serenity.  I once suggested to a dear neighbor to visit it, someone who had heard of it but never seen it.  When he did visit it, he told me later, "I felt my spirits lift as soon as entered the gates, my worries just fell away from me. I felt real peace".  I am wishing that kind of peace to all of you this year.

Here's to 2024 and to all that sail in her! God bless you all!