Sunday, November 28, 2021

November (How Sweet It Is)


 What a lovely late Autumn we have been having in Georgia! The leaves are rapidly falling now but they have been spectacular all through November...

What a pleasure to walk along under the trees and to look up and now and then and see the leaves with the sun shining upon them, truly gorgeous.  Now, I have not been able to go on as many walks as I would have liked but I have truly admired the trees along my drive to work and also those planted in the parking lot at my job.  The reds and golds of late Autumn are simply breathtaking.

It is always the fourth Thursday in November when we celebrate Thanksgiving here in America.  It was a lovely day. Richard and I watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special on TV and I loved how it was pointed out by the wonderful Charles Schultz that America is the only country that has a national holiday that is set aside simply for giving thanks.  

November is also the month of our son's birthday! Happy Birthday to C.!  He shares a birthday with Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown.  Remember me telling y'all about the great documentary about Motown, "Hitsville: The Making of Motown"?  My son watched it and he has been on a quest to read all the books he can find about Motown and of course listen to the great music. Songwriter that he is, he recognizes the true gift of songwriters! He brought a book for me to read, one that he really enjoyed.  "How Sweet It Is" by Lamont Dozier.  You might recognize the name from the songwriting team from Motown, "Holland -Dozier - Holland".  (Lamont Dozier writing with the Holland brothers, Eddie and Brian.)  Now, I have not had time to finish the book yet but it is a fantastic book! He even gives his counsel on the art of songwriting. (A nice touch, each time that he offers his advice, the words on the pages are in a bolder print.)

What song for this post? Of course, it has to be Motown! Not just one song but a medley from The Four Tops from The Ed Sullivan Show.  Be sure to listen to the very end! 
  Does anyone remember how Don Cornelius always ended "Soul Train"?
"Wishing you love, peace and...SOUL!"

Wishing the same to you all!

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Graeme Edge "Late Lament"


Graeme Edge was one of the original founders of The Moody Blues and he passed away this week at the age of 80. It was my pleasure to see the Moody Blues in concert several times in my life! (Once, we went to see them with our son when he was very young and I used my blue eye pencil to write "Moody Blues" on his little cheek, like from the hippie days of the 70's! I'm glad I did too because we met a couple from Alabama who noticed this and we got to talking with them. We kept in touch and they were able to get us tickets to see the Moody Blues when they toured in Birmingham, Alabama!)

So, you see my whole family are big fans of the Moody Blues and we are sad that we have now lost the drummer, Graeme Edge. And we were equally saddened to learn of the passing of Ray Thomas, the marvelous flute player in 2018.  

Graeme Edge was not only the drummer for The Moody Blues but also, he wrote many of the poems that are recited along with the songs. ("Cold hearted orb that rules the night, removes the colors from our sight. Red is gray and yellow white but we decide which is right and which is an illusion".) It was Mike Pinder who recited the poem "Late Lament" on the album but in concerts, Graeme Edge read his own words on stage and it is his voice that I well remember.

As you all know, I am fascinated by music and those who bring it to us! Graeme Edge's mother was a classically trained pianist who played the piano for silent films. And he also had a grandfather and great grandfather who performed in Music Halls. (If you are American like me, you might not really understand the Music Halls in England...I only know of them because of my husband and from following Chas & Dave for many years!) The Music Halls began in Victorian times in London and oh here, I have a link for you... The Great British Music Hall - Historic UK (

You know I think it is well worth reading!


My Cosmos flowers that I planted from seed didn't begin to bloom until mid October and they are still blooming! Wish me luck, we are expected to have a killing frost on Sunday night.  If I put a giant garbage can over them and wrap a towel around the bottom of the garbage can, will that save them? How about if I put my tomato wire cages over them and then put a plastic sheet over that? Not sure...I hope I can just keep them going a bit longer, they are blooming like crazy!  I don't want the cold hearted orb that rules the nights to take away these colors from my sight! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Atlanta Braves- World Series CHAMPIONS!


The Atlanta Braves won the 6th game of the World Series beating the Houston Astros 7-0.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!

Even if you care nothing at all about sports, you must love a good story of a team going from last to first place, of a group of men who believe in themselves and in each other.  It is a good story.

If you didn't read my last post, then please go back and read that link to the piece written by Joc Pederson!

At the closing credits of the game last night, one of the announcers said that they overcame all the obstacles that came their way...and isn't that something that we can all take to heart?

Ozzie Albies stole a base during one of the games and because of the offer from Taco Bell, "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" can go tomorrow in the USA (Nov. 4th) and get a free taco! Not only that, it looks like they will also give away a baseball card too.  It is the baseball card that I hope I can get!

Ah, Atlanta Braves baseball.  For all the times of attending games with my Dad as a child, of attending games with my son as he was growing up, of explaining the game to my English husband (who now knows it better than I do!) and to the memory of watching games with my Dad over the phone, I thank you.

I planted Cosmos from seed but they waited until October to bloom and they are still blooming.  Reach for the sun!