Thursday, March 28, 2024

Song Memory/Happy Anniversary Wishes


"In The Pines"!  Oh goodness, how this brings back memories for me.

I hope you are able to see the video that I have here for you of Dolly Parton singing this song along with her family.  "In The Pines" is one of the many songs that my Granddaddy used to sing.   The funny thing, he was a really good singer but when he had to sing around other people, he would become a bit shy and would sing very quietly, so that you could hardly hear him.  My grandmother would also become much quieter and would often put her hand over her mouth when she laughed. It surprised me to watch this video and see how Dolly's parents were like this too! Watching this was like going back in time. Isn't it funny how just one little song can bring back memories?  Has this happened to you, by hearing just one song?

Look, here I am getting in the way of Richard's photos again!

That is the diamorpha in the first photo (the red stuff) and that is coral honeysuckle in the second photo!  I was so pleased to identify the coral honeysuckle, I have never seen it before.  Both of these are native to this area.  It is a great interest of mine to walk and to search for wildflowers.


Before March is over, I wanted to say "Happy Anniversary" to my son and daughter-in-law!  Remember they got married last year in March?  If you didn't see the post about it, you can see it just here!

I titled it "Here Comes The Son".  Can you believe it, it says that this is my most viewed post!

There is a photo for you!  Did I take this or did Richard?  Let's say that I did! LOL!

I am certain that I took this one!  Don't they look so very happy? Besides loving Sarah's wedding dress, I love this photo because it shows off the color of Christopher's tie. 

If you are asked to make dough balls, make some heart shaped! You know I can!  (And I have to make mine gluten free too and they are still good!)  Oh, and Dolly Parton has come out with cake mixes now! Sigh, if only she would make some of them gluten free!

Take care, my friends!

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

A Hopeful Spring

 Happy spring to you all!  The cherry trees are in full bloom just now, their frilly white blooms are very welcoming to this Red Cardinal. We have three cherry trees in our front yard, this is one of them. We have lots of cardinals in our yard, this is one of them! LOL!

Another photo of the cherry trees here. This used to be the property of Maxell Tapes which was a Japanese company.  Maxell has been out of business for years, but we still have these cherry trees! This is now a park and has a walking/biking trail. 

Hope all of you are doing well.  I have been quite busy lately, nothing at all that is exciting but busy, nevertheless. Hey! Remember that the new Ghostbusters film comes out this week!  I do hope I will be able to see it! It looks really good.

I have almost finished a book and it is so good, I think I might have read a great deal of it aloud to Richard.  Now, I can't quite tell you about this book just yet, but I PROMISE you, it is amazing!  Look out for me to tell you about it!  (And Meike in Germany, I promise that the cover of the book is great too!)

Spring is busting out all over!  Look at the fiddleheads on this Autumn fern!  Isn't it amazing how this brown circle will unfurl into a beautiful green leafy fern? It will! Gee, if it can do that, surely, I can keep myself going! Gives you hope, does it not?

Take care!