Saturday, February 27, 2016

Adele In Disguise

Hello, everybody!  Sorry I have not been around to see all of your blogs lately.  I could tell you that it is because I am having a very exciting time these days, but alas, that is not the case! All of today was spent in tidying up and sorting out and I am always amazed at how long these things take for me.  Somehow, I managed to injure my hand, it will be okay but it hurts just now typing this!  Okay then, let me be quick and tell you...did anyone else see the video of Adele with Graham Norton?  She disguised herself with a fake nose and chin and went to a...oh heck, what would you call it....a competition of Adele impersonators?  Anyway,  I have the video of it for you...if you like you can go to the 3:35 mark to listen to Adele sing and when the others finally recognize that it is Adele herself, why, they are simply gobsmacked!  (And yes, computer, do NOT underline that word, I can assure you that IS the correct word to use! In fact, one of them uses it in the video!)

Now, here is my question....I wonder why they didn't recognize her?  I would have known it was her, fake nose or not! If nothing else, they should have recognized her voice.  They certainly knew it was Adele when she began singing!  I think she is a fantastic singer and artist.  Of course, millions of others think so too but it is rare these days for me to agree with the majority when it comes to music.

Oh! And when you watch the video...I love it when Adele is watching the man singing like Adele (the female impersonator), you can just tell that Adele is really enjoying it just from the look on her face.  And when all of them realize that is it Adele...pure joy!  And it made me giggle when one of them mentions that Adele's album will be out soon and you can hear Adele say, "Took her time".  So funny!  I enjoyed this very much and I hope that you will too.

What photo should go with this post? An English rose, of course!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Colour My World


Red winged blackbirds and cardinals are welcome sights on a grey day.  Those flashes of red are so very welcome. Thinking of how grateful I felt for the color, it seemed fitting that today, I  heard an old song on the radio at work, "Colour My World" by Chicago.
(I looked it up and interesting to me, it is spelled that way, what I think of as the English way.  I wonder why.  Does anyone know?)
I remember that song from the early 70's  with great fondness.  My sister could play it on the piano and once, when there was a piano at our high school, I unexpectedly sat down and played the simple melody on the keyboard myself.  I really don't know how I was able to do so and I could not do it now but I always liked it and perhaps I watched her enough that I was able to play it. It's lovely, very pleasing to the ear.  (I also looked up the details of this song and read a very long discussion about the major seventh chord.  If anyone else wants to read it, you may find it here.  And funny to me, the other songs that they mention that use the major seventh chord are songs that I also like very much!)

Well, gee, Kay, enough already, let us hear the song!  Okay, here it is!  Hope you like it too!



Monday, February 22, 2016

Bridal Shower In Black And White

On Saturday, I attended a bridal shower for my niece, Katy.  We were asked to wear black or white or a combination of both.  I thought I might wrap my present for her in white and crochet a few black and white flowers as a decoration.  Hmm...what do you think?  I liked it but I am never sure how others see these kind of things.  You would never guess how long I fiddled with making just these two flowers!

                                   Katy with her mother, my sister-in-law, Ellen.

The hostess for this bridal shower has a lovely home and she has a great eye for beauty.  It was a pleasure to see.

 I really liked the thumbprint cheese crackers with the black cherry preserves  in the middle! (Hey, I only had one! Honest!)  And you see the platter with the round sandwiches at the left? Those are pimento cheese sandwiches and Katy had especially requested to have those at her shower!  When I went back later to this same table, I laughed and said, "Well, you can tell we must all be SOUTHERN!", because that platter had only ONE little sandwich left on there!  WHAT? You don't know a pimento cheese sandwich?  (And thinking about it, we pronounce it, "Puh-ment-uh" cheese.) Why, it is just the best thing ever!  (You may click on that link to NPR below if you want a recipe.)

 The hostess had beautiful camellia bushes and she had filled her home with many of these gorgeous blooms.  This bouquet was in her kitchen and I loved it.  It looks like a painting to me.

Ah, here is Katy surrounded by some of her presents, many of them wrapped in black and white, all so beautifully decorated.  I was given the task of writing all her presents down and I can only hope that she will be able to read my handwriting!  Lovely shower, Katy and thanks to your gracious hostess for her warm hospitality!

And hey! Look at this! There is new calf at my Dad's!  It tickled me that this black and white face greeted me just after the black and white shower!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

"Risen" and "The Young Messiah"

"Risen" is the new movie that will be released tomorrow, Feb. 19th.  This really looks like it is well made and one that I think I would like to see.  There are some familiar faces in this movie for me since I watch so many British TV shows and movies! Let me know if any of you see it but don't spoil it for me and tell me too much since I might not have time to see it right away.  Don't worry though, I know how it ends!   
Just remembering the TV movie of "Jesus of Nazareth" from the 70's, I think it was.  Anybody remember it?  I thought that was an incredible work of great film making.  Jesus was played by Robert Powell and John The Baptist was Michael York, both excellent British actors. (Mary Magdalene was played by Anne Bancroft and she was also wonderful.) 

Oh, and I just saw that there will be another movie that will come out this year called "The Young Messiah" and it will be about Jesus as a child.  (Seems like they could have brought the movie out FIRST about Jesus as a child and THEN released the one of the Resurrection! But hey, that is Hollywood for you.)  I don't know that much about the film but I do know that Sean Bean will be one of the stars.  And if you don't know Sean Bean...well, you should!  He is another one of those British actors that I like! 

Hope you are all doing well these days.  As for me, my energy level is rather low during February but hey, March will be here soon!  Take care, my friends.


Monday, February 15, 2016

The Story Behind "The Martian" And "The Revenant"

Andrew Weir wrote the novel, "The Martian" which was made into the movie starring Matt Damon. Do you know the story behind the book being published? 

Andrew Weir wrote his novel,  "The Martian" and took great pains to be scientifically accurate in his story. (Note: I happened to look it up, and the first food grown in space was ...potatoes!)  Unable to find a publisher, he had it as a free serial on his website.  Many of his readers asked that he put it on Amazon Kindle.  He did so, offering it for 99 cents (the lowest price that is allowed.) It then made the Kindle bestsellers list!  After that, he was contacted by a literary agent and sold the rights to Crown Publishing Group.   Good thing he didn't give up on his book!

Another movie that is out now is "The Revenant" starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  (And I must point out that two of the other main actors in this movie are English....Tom Hardy and Will Poulter.)  The story involves Hugh Glass (played by DiCaprio) and John Fitzgerald and Jim Bridger (portrayed by Hardy and Poulter.)   In 1823 in the wild western frontier of America, Hugh Glass was attacked by a bear and was grievously wounded.  Fitzgerald and Bridger were to remain with Glass and to give him a proper burial.  The men dug a shallow grave and put Glass into it and left him for dead.  Hugh Glass survived and tracked the men down.  (Can't give away too many details of the book or movie!)
Now, the book behind this movie?  I also find this very interesting...The book "The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge" is by Michael Punke, first published in 2002. You won't see him promoting his book on any TV talk show or on any book tour.  Do you know why? Michael Punke is not only  a writer, but he is also a policy analyst, policy consultant, attorney and currently the Deputy United States Trade Representative and US Ambassador to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland!
Because of his federal position, Mr. Punke is not allowed to promote the book in any way, and this is why you do not see him or hear from him!  Doesn't mean he is not making money from his book, it just means he can't talk about it! He wrote the novel when he was working as an attorney, he would be in the office by 5am and would work for three hours on his book before his work-day began. He got the idea for the book when he read a few sentences from a history book while he was on an airplane and was intrigued of the story of Hugh Glass and his quest to find those who had deserted him. 

Now, have you read these books or seen the movies?  Richard and I saw the movie, "The Martian" this past weekend and we enjoyed it.   I have not seen "The Revenant" yet and I might see it, but only if I can see it on the small screen...some of the violence might be a bit much for me at the movies. I am such a wimp! I am glad I didn't have to survive alone on Mars or in the Wild West of America!

Potatoes in England!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover

Hello everyone!  Happy news! My Dad is much better!  Recently, I did a post for Joy & Henry and in the comment from their son, Henry told me that his Dad always looks for photos of my Dad's I have some here for you! 

A few years back, I asked my Dad to pose in one of his favorite hang outs, the local hardware store! He teased the owner, Paul, that there wasn't one single place in which to write his check, so Paul rigged a clipboard to the side of the counter just for my Dad! He calls it his office! (So funny!)

Also, from years back...Daddy is posing here on his April birthday with two of his grandsons, my nephews, Ian and Sam. (Look at my Dad's arms, that comes from years of hard work!)

Dad loves his cell phone!  I took this photo of him on his front porch on the same day as the one above on his birthday.  See the beautiful rose bush beside his porch? It is such a gorgeous color beside his blue house, you can also see it in the photo below.

I couldn't find a photo of Daddy on his tractor...but I did find a tractor photo for you!  This was taken one year at the tractor ride that they did before the Sunflower Festival, which was held just down the road from my Dad's.  I miss that festival! Hope they bring it back one day!

Well, doggone, how did this cowboy and his dog get on this post?  That is our son, Christopher! (With Max, I think, belonging to my brother and sister-in-law.)

Ah, here is another "doggy"shot for you!  It is Dad with his dog, "Bandy". and Daddy is wearing the cap I crocheted for him last year.   So happy that Daddy is doing better!

Oh, leaving you a photo of my Dad's canned potatoes... and he grew all these potatoes himself! The jars go about 10 deep on that shelf.  The cabinet has to be be specially made to hold the weight.  These potatoes just taste so good.

My Dad was born in 1927, the same year that the song "I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover" was written. I love this song, it reminds me of him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy Birthday!

This month, Dave turned 60! He is an old friend of Richard's, they went to school together. Oops, did I say "old"?  No, Dave, I should say a LONGTIME friend!  That is Dave pictured above with Richard when we visited England a few years ago. Note: Never ask a tall man with long arms to shake someone's hand when he is standing right next to that person.. Another example of my bad photography, my friends!. Still, it is good to see their smiling faces so just look at that!  Happy Birthday, Dave!  Number 60, but with my magical ways, I have made you younger with this photo!

Richard's Aunt Doreen turned 86 this month.  That is Doreen on the right with Richard's mother, Joan.  As children, Joan and Doreen were evacuated from London to avoid the bombing of World War II.  It really makes you think of what it must have been like for them, and for thousands of other children, who had to leave their homes and families and be sent away for their own safety. Heartbreaking thought but the British are tough...that "Keep Calm and Carry On' isn't just a poster, you know.

Remember the baby hats I made?  Both babies were born in January!  (Want to know their names?  They are Averi and Kennedi...neither family knows the other one!)   And this week, I have been busy trying to make something else for another baby girl!  (Along with checking on my Dad, who is still having health problems. Please, continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.)

By the way, anybody remember my post about the "Happy Birthday" song, about it being under copyright and that is why you hardly ever hear it in movies?  It looks as if that might expire soon...something to do with a lawsuit, hey, I don;t know, you can look it up! (I read it on the BBC.)
So...if you hear "Happy Birthday" in a film sometime next year, you can say, "Well, Kay told me that!

I will meet my friend, Crystal for lunch tomorrow for her February birthday!  Anybody remember me telling you that Crystal met Hugh Jackman?  Others might like his great acting but me, I will love him forever because he took the time to talk to my friend, Crystal when he was in Conyers filming a movie.   (Makes no difference to me how famous you are, just how nice you are!)

Gee...there is always so much I want to tell you but by the end of my get the idea.  Hope you are all doing well and staying warm...except for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere of our Earth, you guys stay cool!

That is Crystal on the right along with yours truly! (Mary and MA on the left)   LOVE MY FRIENDS!

OH! And I can't believe that I forgot to mention that my cousin, Chris turned 40 this month! Many happy returns, Chris! Remember it is never too late to make music, never give up, never surrender!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Broncos Win Super Bowl (Music by Brits)

The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl 50 by a score of 24-10. A lot of people might be disappointed because so many like the young quarterback from the Carolina Panthers, but hey, he is young, and I predict that we will see him win the Super Bowl another year in the future!  My sister lives in Colorado, so of course, I had to root for Denver.  (Sorry, Audrey in Charlotte, North Carolina...don't be mad with me! Just think how happy Louise will be in Colorado!)

Now, the thing I would like to mention...I couldn't help but notice that a good bit of the music that I heard during this broadcast was from England!  Yes, I know, I must drive you all crazy telling you these things that come to my attention, but's true!  Coldplay was the headliner during the half time and they were really good.  I made a list of every English artist that I heard.

 Here is my list:

Jeff Lynne's ELO  (When I Was A Boy)  - Remember I mentioned this song? It was in honor of my son for his birthday.  Very pleased to see it used in a commercial!
Rolling Stones
David Bowie
(English Band singing Friends during Marmot for Life?) *see note below!
The Shadows  "Apache"  (Richard said an Englishman wrote it, but the Shadows had a big hit with it.
Queen (again)
Queen (and again, but this time with David Bowie)  "Under Pressure"

Okay, Richard didn't really want to watch this game with me.  (Oh, I know, what can he be thinking? It was a very good game!!)  Anyway, I asked him to try to find the singer or band that sang the song "Friends"...they sounded very English at times, but sometimes, not quite...I don't know how to explain it.  So...after MUCH searching, (thanks Richard) we found it!
 *That song is not English but it is from "The Flight of the Conchords", and they are from New Zealand.  

This is the video of the TV ad but if you type in "Flight of the Conchords and friends" into a search engine, you can see them singing the entire song on YouTube and it is funny!


Also, the ad using "Somebody To Love" by sounds like Queen on the truck, but the sheep sound like an American trying to sound British, but hey, that is just me noticing these things again! (I am not making fun of Americans trying to sound British, I know whereof I speak!)
I made Richard some brownies this morning and I put them on an English plate!  AND my Daddy called me during the Super Bowl and he is doing much better.  Super Day!

Friday, February 5, 2016

I Give You Joy....and Henry!

Hello, my friends! Do you love the title of this post?  I like a play on words, don't you?
Joy and Henry are our friends in England who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in July of 2015.   And when you have been married that long in England, you get a card from the Queen!
(Providing someone has sent along the correct paperwork, that is! And luckily for J & H, someone did so!)  
We visited them in October and they posed for the photo above with their card.  The following photos are from framed photos in their living room, but I liked them so much, I wanted to share with you!

Just look at that cake with the 65 on top!  Isn't it lovely and don't they look so happy on their anniversary?

 Here is a photo of a very happy memory for Joy and is the wedding photo of their daughter, Anne.  Joy and Henry also have a son, Henry, he is pictured at the far left. (If anyone remembers from my previous posts, Henry is one of Richard's oldest friends.)
Now... I will show you a photo that might surprise you....

This is John, the groom pictured above when he was one of the Queen's Guards!  Okay, I am not certain of the correct term to use here, but hey, give me a break, I am American, you know! HA!
I was tickled to find out that I know someone whose son-in-law had this as a job! (And they are really military men, make no mistake about it.)

We had a beautiful tea with Joy and Henry (and their son, Henry too!) and then, Henry, Sr. drove us to The De La Warr Pavillion in Bexhill and we enjoyed a most pleasant day overlooking the sea..  And this was on October 21st!

Now, I hope Joy and Henry will see this post and remember this beautiful sunny day that we visited with them.  And as a special treat, I have a clip from "Paddington Bear" and I think you will see why I chose this for this post!  I give you Joy... and Henry!   Thank you Joy and Henry, we loved your gracious hospitality while we were there and we hope to see you again soon!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Arabia Mountain With Ice

Ah, winter in Georgia...this past weekend was warm and beautiful.  The weekend before was beautiful also but it was cold with ice and some snow.  Want to see some icy photos of Arabia Mountain? Sure you do!
That is a solid sheet of ice on the vernal pools at the top of Arabia Mountain. This is really beautiful to see the ice sparkling in the sun. The photo might not show this like my eyes saw it, but trust me, it was a gorgeous sight.
Okay, we have walked halfway down the mountain now and we are looking towards the top...look at the blue sky! We have had our share of grey days so this was a welcome sight.
  My Dad has had some serious health problems recently.  I spent all day Wednesday with him in the emergency room at the hospital.  He was admitted to the hospital that day and was released and sent home yesterday.  Please say a prayer for him, my friends.  If you have read my blog for any time, you will know that my Dad is the best!  He was so funny with the nurses in the hospital, he had them laughing all the time.  By Saturday, he felt well enough to play a game with my nephew and myself.  It was a game of "Sevens".  Do you know how to play it? I learned it from my in-laws in England and I have IMPORTED it to this country! (Hey, I don't know, you all probably know it already and it  might have been INVENTED here for all I know, but the fact is, I learned it in England and I have told people here about it, and they had never heard of it!)  If you want to know how to play it, you may read about it just here.  It is an easy game that doesn't take too much time, so it was perfect to play in a small hospital room.  (And my Dad won the first two games that we played and he was so tickled to win!)   I will appreciate your best wishes and prayers for my Dad.  I thank you in advance for them! 
I found a video that Jeff Nix took at Panola Mountain of the ice melting and you can see, it almost looks like something from a science fiction movie... like black oil oozing under the ice, but of course, it is just another example of perception, it is simply water moving over rock under the ice.
Take care, my friends. and remember, there is joy and beauty in all seasons.
 If you go to about 3:10 in this video, you will see the views of Arabia Mountain and Stone Mountain from the top of Panola Mountain! (And Jeff calls it Davidson/Arabia Mountain...but almost everyone here just calls it Arabia.)