Thursday, January 28, 2021

Full Moon (Who Knows Where The Time Goes)

 Hello! How are y'all doing these days! Goodness me, I always want to type a post but at the end of the day, I am just tuckered OUT!

January is just marching on by...time for the first full moon in 2021.

  It is called the "wolf" moon, according to the old Farmer's Almanac. Apparently, wolves would howl outside villages in early times in America. (Not sure if it was called this by Native Americans or by the early Colonists.) Now, this is just what I have read, it could be called this all over the world for all I know! (Insert rueful smile, here.)
I have only seen and heard wolves in films, myself! (It seems that I remember reading that in the 1982 film "The Thing" that the animal used in the movie was half dog/half wolf.  If you haven't seen that movie, you really should! It's very well done and you must be a big Kurt Russell fan! You know I am!)

Last month, I took a walk before sunset and I was able to see the sun set and then to see the moon rise. Those are the photos you see above!
Time for a song now...

So, any of you gotten the vaccine yet?  I am not in the age category know, since I am such a young woman in my early 30's.
(It is true I am not in the age category but I will keep it to myself how CLOSE I am to it.)
Keep encouraging each other, it is important these days. I believe more important than ever.
Take care! 

"Who Knows Where The Time Goes"

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Good News! (It Involves Music)

 If you are not able to get outside to exercise, I hope you will come back to my blog and look at my last post and then, just march around the room to "Do You Love Me? Then, try to do all the dances mentioned in the song! Go on, you know that you can dance!

Stars in my eyes?  They're even in my blueberries!

This is my first post of January. What have I been doing? Mainly, trying to avoid the virus! Do you remember the film "Matrix"? I think of that when I twist and turn myself in so many directions trying to avoid getting close to people. And you better believe I am wearing a mask too!

I do have something to tell you all about and I hope you will be happy about this too! Remember my post where I shared the link to SoundCloud, where our son had some songs on there? Look...let me see if I can do it again...

Christopher's songs on SoundCloud

There, if you click on that link above, you can hear them and he now has added "Heart of Gold"!  Okay, here is what I want to tell you...

one of the songs that he did is "My Back Pages" which is a song by The Byrds.  Christopher sent his SoundCloud recording to Roger McGuinn, the lead singer of The Byrds and Roger shared it on his Twitter account! YES! 

Isn't that wonderful? I think so! Sorry, but I am in need of good news these days! I have told Christopher that I want to make him a t-shirt with the words "My Vocals Are Spot On".  On the back of the shirt, it can say, "Roger McGuinn Says So!"  And if anyone has a 12 string guitar just lying around...

Take care everyone! Stay healthy! 

Nice job the vocals were spot on, but I did miss the 12-string.
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Chris Guest
Though I lacked a 12-string electric i was quite pleased with how this turned out, especially the vocal arrangement. @RogerMcGuinn hope you enjoy!