Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arabia Mountain-Sparkleberry And Pink Sky

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much my husband and I love Arabia Mountain.   We just went back this week and hoped we would still see something blooming, something that would surprise us with its beauty.  We were not disappointed.

There were very large bushes at the base of the mountain that were blooming with tiny white bell-shaped flowers, and we saw them all along the mountain and even at the very top.  They have the most wonderful name, it is a Sparkleberry. (Vaccinium Arboreum).  They are in the blueberry family and will actually have fruits this summer but apparently, they are not very tasty to humans but the birds like them very much indeed!

The other flowering plant that we saw was the Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia Humiflora) and they had the most beautiful yellow flowers.  Since I remember every spot that I saw the cactus, it was easy to go to those places on the mountain and admire yet another yellow flower!   (The yellow daisies in the autumn, the yellow jasmine in the early spring and now the yellow cactus flowers !)


Just as the sun was going down and we were walking back down the mountain, a mockingbird landed on this dead tree and began to sing its heart out.  In the distance, I could hear a bird, an Eastern towhee and it was saying "Rich-ard, rich-ard"... that is what it sounds like to me anyway. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Beauty Of Trees

Gimmick:  A unique or quirky special feature that makes something "stand out" from its contemporaries.  However, the special feature is typically thought to be OF LITTLE VALUE OR USE.

Join us aloft for a tranquil night in the canopy as you lay in your "tree-boat," viewing stars glimmering like diamonds in the sky. A treetop bivouac camp will be established in our secluded climbing tree for an overnight experience. Participants should bring dinner, breakfast and a sleeping bag. Register in advance. $125 plus $5 parking.

Richard and I went on a hike on the Rockdale River Trail this week.  (I did a post about it before on Feb. 24th.)
There is a magnificent old oak tree that we saw there that had a ring of Port-a-Potties all around it.  We thought this was odd, but now we know, it is the tree that they use for the "Zzz's in the Trees" program. (See the description above from the Panola Park website.)
 You are expected to sleep in a hammock and "wake up with the birds and see the sun rise majestically through the leaves".  I'm sorry, isn't that a lot like camping?

We had a woman come up to us and inform us about this tree and when I told her that I had seen it on TV and thought that the idea of sleeping in a hammock in a tree was a bit "gimmicky", the woman was very put out.  When I took the trouble to look up the definition of "gimmick", I see that I said exactly what I meant.  Perhaps, "gimmicky" isn't a word, but it should be.

With beauty like this, do we really need a gimmick?

I must tell you about a wonderful GIVEAWAY! Meike's Mum has written a guest post and she will have some of her lovely handmade knitted socks as a giveaway!  Go to that link above (it will take you straight to her blog, it is the post for April 27th.) and see if you don't agree that Meike's Mum needs to sell her socks on Etsy, they need to be enjoyed by the world! They are so beautiful!
UPDATE: I won these socks!!! Also, if you go to Meike's blog, there should be a link to the Etsy shop where her Mum now offers her handknitted socks for sale.  I can tell you that they are beautiful and oh so comfortable!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Hydro Hotel In Eastbourne, England

 Lovely Joan with a lovely laburnum tree in the background with her lovely grandson! This was very near where we parked the car to go to the Hydro Hotel for tea.

Here we are and that is the back of my elegant mother-in-law with her wonderful straight posture striding into the Hydro Hotel.  I know this might be a bit dark, but can you tell how nice it is?

My son and I walked on the grounds and walked as far as we could so we could take photos of the sea and the chalky white cliffs.  Such a beautiful view!

         Now, I ask you...isn't this a table of good-looking people? Handsome in-laws, son and husband!
 Oops, these are out of order...but we loved this sign in the car park (parking lot is what we say in America!)  And the photo below is at the entrance to the hotel...the sea is not too far away!

This building was next door to the Hydro Hotel and my son took this photo since to us, as Americans, we were thrilled with it!  The windows, the detail of the brick around the windows, we loved it.  Could it be Victorian? 
 Can't you just picture the Queen from Alice In Wonderland  saying "Off with her head"?

 HA!  See the crazy woman pretending she is talking with someone?  That is me!  I just had to sit there and have my husband snap my photo since I loved this room so very much!

There, we have had our tea (you may go back to another post and see the giant eclair that my son had here!) and now I am thrilled with this giant tree just outside.  It looks very much like the tree from Stone Mountain...I wonder if this might be an ash tree too.  Could anyone take a guess?  Whatever it is, I love this tree too.
I hope you enjoyed this post!  If you are ever in Eastbourne, go to the Hydro Hotel and tell them Georgia Girl With An English Heart sent you!  They will just smile politely and nod, since they have no idea who I am, but tell them anyway, so you can see how nice they all are!  Cheers!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Closer To The Bone

My left hand has two bandages after a "procedure" today.  "You'll call it a procedure, but it's really surgery".  Can anybody tell me what movie that is from? I might have the quote slightly wrong, but please don't sue me!  And forgive me, I have not been able to read and comment on all your wonderful blogs that I enjoy so much.  I hope you will understand.

 We celebrated Daddy's birthday this weekend but it is really today.  We won't be able to talk during the Atlanta Braves tonight because they are on the West Coast and the game doesn't start until after 10PM, which is too late for me. For my Dad and for you too, I have found a song by Kris Kristofferson  Listen closely to the words and see if you don't agree that it would be perfect for someone like my Dad. "Closer To The Bone" is the name of the song, and I just wish I could have written these words. ( I like the music too, I just can't write music!)  It takes about 49 seconds before the music starts but please, be patient and listen to the song. I really like it.  Hope you do too.  Daddy, if you read this...just click on that arrow above and the video will begin.  Enjoy!

Can't leave this without some photos from my birthday at Stone Mountain.  Enjoy the clouds and the flowers, you know I did!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Birthdays

 Everybody has a birthday. When is yours? Mine is in April and so is my Daddy's!  One of my nephews has one in April and the baby shower that I just went to recently? That baby girl was just born April 20th!  They have named her Esme Reese, which is such a beautiful name.  Happy Birthday to the newest April baby!

Richard always gets the amarylis to bloom almost exactly on my birthday, we have had several of these for many years and they are spectacular.  Lucky for me, they are usually right on the day!

 This is my Dad from just a few years ago, and he planted these sunflowers in his vegetable garden, just to see how they would do, and I thought they looked pretty darn good!  I found these sunflower stickers and they looked so much like his, that I had to make this display around his photo and this is on my refrigerator door. Nice smile to see every day!
 These were my birthday cards from last April, but I have this photo on here for you so you can see the nice photo that I took at Beachy Eastbourne, England.  That is my husband, our son, and my in-laws. I think they look like models! Notice the Great Ormond Street coaster?  That is the  children's hospital in London where Richard spent so much time when he was a youngster.  The photo on the edge is of our handsome son when he was 16.   I made those crocheted eggs for Easter decoration. (Just have to have bits of color here and there!)
 Richard has his 21st birthday mug on the mantel and there in the middle is the 25th wedding anniversary clock from Henry and Sarah.  See, I did get it over here without breaking it! Thank you!

Can you recognize my Daddy in the photo above?  He was only 18 years old and was in his army uniform, just before he was sent to Germany.  One of the few photos I have him without a smile. Hey, he didn't know me yet!

 Happy Birthday,  Sam  and on Easter Sunday!  These are my sister's orchids.  She is so wonderfully talented at all she does,  I hope to be like her one day! Oh, and she is as gifted at photography as Richard.  (But hey, I took this shot!)

 The bluebird and the meadowlark photos were taken at my Dad's on Saturday.  The meadowlark has such a beautiful song and that bluebird! People put out boxes for bluebirds (that box next to the meadowlark is where the bluebirds have built a nest) and they need to be on the edge of a field.  We don't see any bluebirds where we live, it is too wooded.  Same thing for the meadowlark, likes meadows!

The Canadian geese with the precious babies were taken at Stone Mountain Lake.  You have seen the lake from the top of the mountain. Now you have seen the mountain from the lake!  Scriptor Senex, this should look like the postcard that you have on your display board!

Stone Mountain was my birthday present to myself last year and this year too.  (A visit there, I mean, I don't collect mountains!)  I think it is a perfect place to ring in another year on Earth!
And that reminds me, even if it isn't your is Earth Day today, so Happy Earth Day!  That is something we should all celebrate. (Unless you are an alien reading this, and if you are, I hope you are a nice, intelligent one and maybe will guide us to a better appreciation of all that we have.)  One lives in hope.

One of my presents to my Dad was a couple of CD's.  My Dad is a big fan of Johnny Cash. He has always reminded me of my Dad.  Johnny Cash was a great singer and songwriter.   Johnny Cash didn't write this song, it is by one of his good friends, Kris Kristofferson.   (Thanks to Andi for the comment below!) 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Rainy Night In Georgia

It is nice to have beautiful blue skies but we really do need rain in Georgia.  Perhaps by putting this song on my blog it will make the clouds move in and give us some much needed rain. Pretty please?  Fingers crossed!  My Daddy's potatoes need it!
 The song "Rainy Night In Georgia"  was written by Tony Joe White in 1962  and I have found this song on Youtube where he is playing a wicked guitar and singing his own song.   Brook Benton recorded it in 1970 and it was a hit record and then was covered by many artists, including Ray Charles and David Ruffin.  

The voice of Brook Benton is so well suited to this song, listen and see if you don't agree.  That deep voice!
At the same time, I love the way that Tony Joe White sings it also.  Songwriters are just in a league all of their own to me, I really admire anyone who can put music and words together in such a memorable way.

Scriptor Senex and Audrey...I wonder what made me think of this song for my post?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quiet Confidence

This is a quote that I was thinking of earlier today but couldn't remember it, so I looked it up.
It is by Admiral Jervis, who was one of the British Naval officers during the Napoleonic Wars.  In a letter to the House of Lords, he wrote these words:

I do not say, my Lords, that the French will not come.  I say only they will not come by sea.

There is something in those quiet, confident words that I find quite remarkable. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stone Mountain - April 10, 2012

Richard and I took a day off and since it was a beautiful blue sky kind of day, we went to Stone Mountain.   It was lovely, just a quiet Tuesday and very few people around.    Peaceful bliss.

From here, you would never know how many cars are bustling around busy, busy highways around Atlanta.  You can only see the high buildings.

This is 87 steps from the bottom to the top of this railing.  Very careful mountain-goat steps, I call them!

This area is usually packed with people that have come up on the cable cars...this day, hardly anyone.

No matter what, Richard always wants to bring that backpack with a cup of coffee. And you know he's got some chocolate too!

The turkey vultures were circling lazily overhead but I think Richard got a shot of some hawks flying over the lake.
 I asked the skywriter to write  "I heart u " in the sky, but Richard JUST missed it.  Sorry!
 Remember the bright red diamorpha on Arabia Mountain? This is the same red diamorpha but with the white flowers blooming on it, most of this had bloomed out, but this was at the very base of Stone Mountain, in a shady spot.
 Love this photo that I took of Richard.  We were under the most beautiful pale green leaves and he thinks he left this on the wrong setting, but I love all the green around him, lit up by the budding green leaves, just like a true gardener should be!  (And I wish that people wouldn't carve their names into trees, that was a very big tree behind him.)
 This is the photo of the tree that I had on an earlier post, but Richard always takes a more artistic photo than I do!  And Scriptor Senex, I think you are right, I think it might be an ash tree!
 The sun really lit up this trail through the wood here, but the mountain laurel was so white and beautiful!

You see, I promised you a blue sky day, didn't I?
 That really big tree from earlier?  That is the tree on the right with the big hole in the base, I could fit inside the space of that tree!

Oh my, Richard got me looking at the very tip top of this tree.  It's a wonder, I didn't fall over backward.  It is a very tall tree.  Many of these at Stone Mountain are some of the biggest that I have ever seen in the whole state of Georgia.  They are all beautiful to see at any season of the year.  Hope you enjoyed this walk in April!