Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yellow Flowers Mark The Way

Let's climb Arabia Mountain today!
We went on a climb/walk up Arabia Mountain this past weekend. There were stone cairns to mark the way, but the yellow daisies which bloom at the mountain were charmingly lining the pathway up the mountain. These little flowers also bloom at Stone Mountain, and they are even called Stone Mountain Yellow Daisies or Confederate Daisies, but that is according to the dictionary, I have only ever heard them called Yellow Daisies. This is the astonishing thing: they only grow within a 60 mile radius of Stone Mountain. I wonder if that figure is correct today and perhaps that radius might now be smaller.

The wonderful thing is that these flowers are at their peak at the first of September. So we were happily surprised by the abundance of these lovely flowers on our walk .  They may not have been at their best, but oh, it was a pleasure to see them. Arabia Mountain has just in the past few years been completely transformed by new walking and bike trails around the mountain. There is another mountain close by, Panola Mountain, and both of these were heavily quarried for the lovely granite. Stone Mountain is just north of these mountains, about seven or eight miles away. Arabia Mountain is part of what is a National Heritage Area and will eventually link up to the thousands of acres at the Monastery.   (I have written an earlier post about the Monastery here in Rockdale County.)
The elevation of Arabia Mountain is 948 feet above sea level.  Not as high as  Stone Mountain (which is 1,686 feet) but enough to get you away from the madding crowd. We only saw a few people and other than that, we were completely alone.   Lovely.

These last few photos are of the boardwalk that skirts around the base of the mountain and then the trail continues across the road and goes on for miles and miles.   The yellow daisies were so beautiful.  I hope someday that yellow flowers will mark your way.


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  2. What a lovely last sentence - thank you.

    My favoutire is the ninth photo of the lone figure (you?) on the figure. It seems to sum up your comment about being up there away from the crowds.

    Wanting to see the yellow daisies close up I Googled for their scientific name - it took me a while to find it but the result was worthwhile. Helianthus porteri brought up some lovely close ups including one with a marvellous moth on it.

  3. Such beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them! I'd love to walk there, too. And yellow is my favourite colour anyway :-)

  4. It was wonderful to hear about those daisies - what a beautiful walk!

    Pomona x

  5. Scriptor,
    It took me a while also to find any info on this yellow flower. Talk about not getting any respect! There is a craft fair at Stone Mountain during the time this exquisite flower is in bloom and is called The Yellow Daisy Festival, so instead of thinking of beauty, one is reminded of huge crowds in front of booths.
    Glad you could find some good info about it other than the festival (which is mostly what I found.) Oh, and moths are as interesting as butterflies. I must do a post on them!
    Yes, that is me on top of Arabia Mountain. All alone except for the best photographer EVER, my husband, Richard!

  6. Librarian,
    Come on over! We could walk for miles!
    Richard and I enjoyed a little yellow butterfly as we had tea outside on Tuesday. Look for that in another post as you and Scriptor have inspired me again!

  7. Pomona,
    Stone Mountain has more spectacular views but we thought that this was nice too. Not expecting the daisies made them all that much more enjoyable!

  8. Pomona,
    Stone Mountain has more spectacular views but we thought that this was nice too. Not expecting the daisies made them all that much more enjoyable!

  9. Hi Kay,

    Love the photos and the boardwalk is so accessible for many. I like that.

    I love your neck of the woods (literally).

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  10. Hello Sharon!
    The boardwalk was very nice. I just wish that they could re-direct that road, it can be quite busy and noisy at times. (And we were there on a Sunday!) Mmmm, trying to get them to change a well traveled road in Georgia which crosses a beautiful park, sounds like a wise plan to me!

  11. Yes kay dear, WE must speak for the tongueless (though Shakespeare did write that there are tongues in trees).

    Yes, a sowbug under the little English Robin. Good eyes.



  12. Hi, Kay! I'm so glad you found my blog and led me back to yours. It's wonderful seeing some images of Georgia from places we haven't visited yet. Most of the time, we are here in Savannah. Sometimes we go to Atlanta, and then we've explored the coastline and when we go into the mountains, we go to the Smokies. But eventually we'll make it to other parts of Georgia.

    And, yes, those purple berries in my post were from the beautyberry bush. They are so intense, aren't they?

    Glad I found you! :) Silke

  13. I've been trying to catch up on your previous posts Kay. The photos are stunning. I particularly liked the 'heart shape', When we go away 'when' I say here. My husband always seems to find heart shape stones, I have a few here in my lounge which I treasure. The scenery is magnificient and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the photos. Great written posts too.
    Thank you for sharing and indeed your comments on SIBOL!
    Love Suex

  14. Sue,
    Thank you so very much for taking the time to look at my little blog! Richard took most of these photos, but I am the one who took the heart one! I also love the heart shape stones that I have found in Eastbourne (that is where my inlaws live.) If you liked these photos, wait til you see the ones from Beachy Head!

  15. It's beautiful, so much sunshine and colour in October! Thanks for dropping over to the Wendy House and leaving a comment, its always nice to find new blogs by people all over the world. We don't have any real Mountains in England! Wales (Snowdonia) and Scotland provide fabulous mountains. English Hills are wonderful in their own understated way :-)

  16. Thank you so much for your comment! Come back and visit me again! I plan on doing a post about our walks to Beachy Head. The views are spectacular.