Monday, October 17, 2011

Stone Mountain April

 Nothing like record breaking heat to make you think of a cool Spring day.  (It was 85 degrees today! ) Anyone fancy another climb up my favorite mountain?   These were taken on April 15th and it was another cool overcast day and it was lovely!  The flowers were blooming and the trees were that exquisite shade of light green...

Having trouble getting these photos in the order that I like, but I hope that this nice climb can be imagined and enjoyed!

 My husband took most of these photos and that one above is one of my favorites...when we walked out of the woods from the Cherokee Trail and stepped onto that path, it just took our breath away, it really was that beautiful.
 Stone Mountain viewed from the lake.  Can you believe we were just on top of it?


 Look, my better half took a photo of my better half!

 Americans can drive anywhere, you know.

You know the nerdy people who take photos of signs like these...that would be me.  I love this quote, this is on a plaque inside the building on the very top of Stone Mountain. There are also  signs explaining all the plants and animals on Stone Mountain.  The tiny water pools even have tiny shrimp in the spring!   By the way, Stone Mountain is 1,686 feet above sea level.  It's like being on top of the world!  Hope you enjoyed the view...  Arabia Mountain still to come in another post,  not as spectacular as Stone Mountain, but charming in its own way.


  1. There is a building on top of Stone Mountain? I didn't know - and I am glad it is so unobtrusive as not to spoil the beautiful view! As for people who DRIVE up there - sorry, that is just sad... The only excuse they would have was an old lady or gentleman who loved to climb that mountain when they were younger and wanted to get up there one last time, but were not able to hike up anymore.
    Good quote on that sign! And the picture showing the flowers along the path is of such delicate beauty, wonderful!

  2. Librarian,
    One side of the building is for the cable cars. There is also a small gift shop (with prices that are not small), restrooms, and a place for drinks and snacks. Also, those signs are a good reminder to let people know NOT to damage the plants that they see. They ARE delicate and oh so beautiful!
    That truck was an employee of the park and we always knew the white line meant that a vehicle could go up there, but in all the years we have gone that is the FIRST TIME we have seen one! You know that really steep part with the rails? Just before that, there is a shelter, and I have read that when people were older and could no longer climb the steepest part, they would climb to the sheltered area and still be able to enjoy the view. I really like that.

  3. What interesting geology (if that's the right word). It is so big and so smooth. So lovely! XOL

  4. I love the quotation (I too am one of those folk who take photos of signs!). May I use your photo of the sign on my website some time? I would of course acknowledge its origin and do a link to your post.

    I agree with Librarian about people who drive up mountains but regrettably it's not just Americans. Some idiot drove up Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales) the other day.

  5. Dear Happy Homemaker UK,
    You have such beautiful photos on your blog! I am in awe of them! Stone Mountain is a monadnock which means a stone hill or mountain which rises abruptly from a level plain. It can also be called inselberg which in German means "Island Mountain"! (I just found that out be looking it up, and I love that name for it.)
    The monadnock name is Native American, and means the same thing, so I respect that name also! But of course, we just say Stone MOUNTAIN!

  6. Sciptor,
    Of course, you may use the photo! It pleases me greatly that you like it as much as I do.
    That white truck...we were surprised to see it, it was right beside where we were all hiking up the mountain. No other vehicles are allowed there, it was a Stone Mountain employee, so perhaps it was something that had to be taken up by truck and there was no other way. Trust me, there is hardly anything off limits to vehicles in America. I hope to see Snowdon one day!

  7. Hi! Kay, enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for your kind comments. Did you know that you can set your comments to include a link straight back to your blog.

  8. Barbara,
    Oh dear. I could fill a book with things that I don't know. I will try to figure out how to do it. THANKS!

  9. I so enjoyed following you along on this climb. What beautiful country! I especially liked the photo of the geese and their babies.
    I too take photos of signs, sometimes so I can remember the spot I visited or some info I might use. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I will be back to visit yours again.

  10. Cheryl,
    And thank you for taking me to view the wildlife in Maine! My husband just looked at your post and he enjoyed it too.
    Those Canadian geese and goslings seemed to be posing for us!
    I just noticed you have signed up to be one of my followers, thank you!

  11. I do so hate being anonymous....but am I the only one who knows the significance of the date of this climb? No, not tax day, either. I suppose it takes a really OLD friend to know what day this is. So, Kay G., is that enough to give away my identity? Alas, I have not climbed Stone Mtn since my youth! I am inspired to do it again soon.

  12. Hello Anonymous!
    You know you could always leave your name or initials at the end of what you type. :-)
    Could this be the person who was named after a popular Atlanta newspaper columnist?
    Do I win anything for guessing correctly?

  13. Just to formally say thank you for permission to use the photo.:-D

  14. Scriptor,
    You are more than welcome.

  15. Win anything for guessing correctly? Dunno about about a heartfelt, "Thanks!" for inspiring me to climb Stone Mountain yesterday? I even saw Larry who told me an off-color joke. Somehow, though, the mountain got a little steeper than it was the last time I climbed it a quarter century ago. TDub

  16. Hey Anonymous/TDub!
    I have inspired at least one person, that makes me happy. We used to climb Stone Mountain, and we would just march straight up. I'm certain that it is steeper now, must be all the people climbing it, nothing to do with age, I'M SURE!