Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I would humbly suggest that not too many things in this world are perfect.  The weather in Georgia, at the moment, would come very close to it.  My pan of fried sweet potatoes for our dinner tonight which came from my Daddy's garden, also close to perfect. The bag of tortilla chips that my husband bought recently which has the magical words "gluten-free" stamped upon the bag not once, but twice, is very near perfect to my taste. (They are "ON THE BORDER"  brand for those needing a gluten free diet, and my husband loves them.)  For something that is perfect, I actually have something that might just fit the bill...

These mason jars are my Daddy's.  After I opened this aqua colored one, I went online and it really looks as if this one is from 1910 or 1915!   How many people have used this one jar?  How many hands have touched it?  What made them stamp that word "Perfect" upon these early jars?  I can't find an explanation for it.  Apparently, the blue color is from iron imperfections in the glass but I think it is lovely.  There is also a small bubble in the side, and that is another indication that it is an early piece. 

  My Dad knows that this is an old jar but he USES it still.  I love beautiful things but I love useful things too!  These jars will be returned to my Dad when they are both empty and hopefully, will be refilled with wonderful food from his garden.  Now, that is what I call PERFECT. 


  1. Perfection indeed! That was a lovely post, thank you! I dare say the roast goose my mum is going to make next Tuesday for dinner (it is a public holiday in Germany) will come close to perfect, too :-)

  2. Librarian,
    Thank you! Will you have some of her sauerkraut with the goose? Sounds perfect to me! Enjoy the holiday with your family.

  3. Kay, no, sauerkraut is not traditionally eaten with goose. We'll have Knödel instead, and I guess there will be green and red cabbage. My favourite part about the whole meal is the stuffing anyway - it consists of chestnuts, apple, raisins, herbs and spices. Wonderful!

  4. They really are perfect. So wonderful to actually use old things. Our cutlery - that we use every day - was my grandmothers and has outlasted many more recent sets that we've had on and off over the years.

  5. And I'd say this posting is perfect! I love the color of the jar, and I love the way you truly appreciate things.

  6. Librarian,
    I just wish I could get to Germany by next Tuesday! That stuffing, oh my, that sounds SO GOOD.

    You should see the wonderful cutlery and dishes that my mother-in-law has! Does everyone have a special set of cutlery for fish? That amazed me!

    Thank you! I can only hope that I can show the love I have for the people I love and the simple things in life!

  7. Enjoyed the pics of the mountain. I was there in Feb or March about 3 yrs ago and there were tiny tiny plants growing where the vernal pools are. Nature has so much to teach us all year long. The leaves have been beautiful this fall in Georgia.

  8. Anonymous,
    Thank you so much for commenting! Arabia Mountain is so beautiful! And I want to take binoculars for the view and a magnifying glass for the plant life! Indeed, the leaves have been spectacular. Thank you again for your comment! You have made me so happy!