Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Arabia Mountain, My Blog and A Video

My husband and I have been able to visit Arabia Mountain area TWICE more this week.  That means we have climbed it six times in the past eleven days!   We are doing this simply because we enjoy it so much and we know it is good exercise.

Today as we climbed up, a woman was speaking with a group of young men at the base of the mountain and as we walked past, I heard her say that she had been reading a blog on Arabia Mountain.   As we walked further past, I heard her voice carry up the mountain to my ears and this is what I heard, "...and she talked about climbing Arabia Mountain THREE times!".   This just made me stop in my tracks and I turned around to look at her.  The young men must have wondered why I was staring at them.  Do you think that I would say, "Hey, that's my blog you're talking about!"?  No, I'm a little too shy for that...I just kept on walking, marvelling that anyone reads my blog!

 Hopefully, you will be able to see the video that my husband took today on the top of the mountain.    We were all alone and it was heavenly!  But now, you will be with us... Enjoy! 



  1. Thanks to you both for the video. I love all the little pools. Being keen on insects and other invertebrates I'd love to have a dabble and see what was in there.

  2. Kay, thank you for posting the video, and thanks to Richard for making it! If it had been me, I would not have hesitated for a second to walk up (or down) to the lady talking about the blog, telling her that it was mine; you must be quite proud of it, and rightly so!

  3. Scriptor & Librarian,
    Glad you could see the video. Now, it says it is "unavailable". Why is that so, I wonder?
    Sciptor- Those pools are amazing, I don't want to leave them!
    You make me laugh. Probably anyone else would have spoken to her, but not me!

  4. Kay, I'm just amazed at all your energy. Good for you and thanks for taking us along on your walks or climbs. LOL

  5. aw, nice those vernal pools (love that name) were all dried up when we were there a month ago! very lovely indeed.

  6. Kay,
    Too bad I don't have energy for housework like I do for climbing my mountains! HA! So glad that you could come with us. :-)

    Emily T,
    The vernal pools were much fuller recently after that last rain we had... it doesn't take long for them to dry up in our Georgia heat! But I guess you know that!

  7. Well they will know it was you now! How neat, did you feel a bit like a movie star in diguise?

    Thanks for sharing your quote on my blog, I like it.


  8. Elizabeth,
    So glad you liked that verse! I wish I could tell you that I know lots of the Bible by heart, but that would be a lie!
    Ha, a movie star in disguise. That's funny, but it did make me feel...well, just amazed really, thinking that people read my blog!

  9. Oh, you should have introduced yourself! She might even have been a blogger you already read - it's such fun meeting other bloggers, like being in a big jolly club of shared interests!

    Pomona x

  10. Pomona,
    I could write a book about things I should have done and said! It's awful to be shy.
    Yes, blogging is a blessing to me. Finding like-minded people has been a revelation.

  11. Thanks for dropping by my blog. How great to realise that strangers were talking about your blog. What we write really does get out there into cyberspace, and now I am another person too who has learned something about Arabia Mountain :)

  12. Jenny,
    Yes, I am the goofy one who asked you about Lewis Carroll being in Eastbourne when I could have easily looked up the info on the internet. Not my style, I'm afraid, I get quite excited over an idea or a thought, and quickly type things off to folks WITHOUT THINKING!
    Look for more posts on Arabia! We love it. Can you tell? :-)

  13. Video not available but I think I would have to have said "I think that might be my blog you are talking about" because I would be interested in their reaction.

  14. Barbara,
    It seems that the first two commenters were able to view it but none after, am I able to go back and put it on there again, and it will be there? Not sure how that would work, but I could try it and see!
    I should have said something. Oh well!