Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Summer's Memory

The Sunflower Festival in Rutledge, Georgia is always held the weekend of the Fourth of July.  It is just a few miles from my Dad's house and the tractor/classic car parade goes past his house fairly early in the morning.  It is always very, very hot but this year, it clouded over just as we got to the Festival, and those wonderful clouds made it so much more bearable. Three photos of my Dad here, in the first one he is telling a joke to the ladies selling the homemade jams and the next one  is AFTER he has told the joke.  In the third one,  he is  posing for me with some of the sunflowers.   My Dad grows sunflowers himself, and sometimes, people will stop and ask if they can buy some sunflowers from him.  Here is his reply, "No, but you can have some.  But wait, let me get something to cut them down with...they're tough and you might cut yourself". That's my Dad!


  1. Your Dad sounds like a great guy. The festival sounds like a fun way to spend the fourth.


  2. I'd love to see the car parade and glad it was cooler this year.

  3. The more I hear about your dad, the more I like him! Love the picture of the lemons in the wooden box!

  4. Elizabeth,
    Thank you for you comment! This is the 10th year for the Sunflower Festival and you can't tell this from my photos, but it attracts thousands of people. They now have booths under the SHADE of the trees so you may look at crafts and canned goods without melting.
    Everyone thinks his or her Dad is the best, mine really is! (Just wish I could convey that better in my writing.) Thanks again, just noticed you're down as a follower. Cheers!

  5. Scriptor,
    I don't care a thing about cars or tractors, and even I found it fun to see them all. Oh, that day was SO hot, so much so that I could only get one sister and one sister-in-law to go with us (my Dad & me). Everyone else wanted to stay in the pool but you see those lovely thunderclouds rolled in and it started raining just as we left. Perfect timing.
    Hopefully, the next photos I show will be at Stone Mountain, if I see any interesting cars, I will remember to take some photos!

  6. Librarian,
    I think we must look at the world in the same way. If we were ever to be side by side, we would knock elbows, taking photos of the same thing! I loved those lemons in that box! They were selling fresh squeezed lemonade.
    My Daddy is a great guy and a great cook too!
    Hopefully he has seen your sauerkraut recipe by now, and that you said it was for me. He will laugh and say,"Kay, you are the only one I know who gets excited over sauerkraut", in that gentle teasing humor that I love!

  7. So, so lovely. What a kind, nice man. And the apple didn't fall far from his particular tree! When I saw the sheriff car, I did wonder what it was doing in a picture of summer memories. It didn't even occur to me that it was a classic.

  8. Wonderful sunflowers! Thank you for entering my giveaway - just to let you know, you are coming up as a no-reply blogger - you need to put your email address in your profile so that you can be contacted if you win giveaways, etc.

    Pomona x

  9. Your dad sounds like such a gem! I love sunflowers and vintage cars - certainly my kind of festival :)

  10. Welcome to the Blogging World! It's great to meet you. I do love sunflowers. Funny that I don't see them at all in Hawaii.

  11. Nan, Thank you. I wish I could be more like him!
    And the car reminded me of the one from The Andy Griffith Show!

    Pomona, Thanks for telling me! There's so much I still don't know. (Applies to much of my life). :-) Thanks again, I did what you said for followers/members. I think I got it right!

    Happy Homemaker UK. Thank you for commenting! You have a beautiful blog. Love your photos of Sheffield Park.

    Aloha Kay! Thanks for your comment! The sunflowers are always beautiful but this year because we have been suffering from a drought, the flowers were not as tall and there were simply not as many. Still, even a shorter, sparser field of sunflowers is better than no field at all! ( sparser a word?)
    Sunflowers are actually native to America, but I notice they get a bit more respect when I am in England. I wonder why that is? (I see them more in bouquets there, and who can forget them in the calendars for The Calendar Girls?)

  12. Kay, what a cheerful blog you have!! I love it and I love the pictures here. Nice shots of your Dad and I bet those jams and jellies were very tasty. Did you guys buy some? What kind? Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. It means a lot!

  13. Such HAPPY pictures! I like that festival because it doesn't look to big, or rowdy~
    ps thanks for visiting my blog

  14. Hello to the Third Kay!
    Thank you! My sister DID buy some jelly, but I can't remember what kind. It all looked so good!
    They were selling all kinds of crafts and canned goods, but we had to hurry there right at the end, the thunder was really rumbling...

  15. Julie,
    I so much enjoy your comments on Meike's blog! Thank you for commenting on mine!
    Usually, you will see tons of people in the photos, but it was towards the end of the afternoon, and it really looked as if it was about to POUR with rain, so that kept people away, except the most optimistic ones!

  16. Lovely to meet you Kay - I am delighted you are here! I shall now read what you're up to! Thank you so very much for all your wonderful comments too!

    Sarah x

  17. This is a wonderful post, Kay! I loved all the photos and your sweet tribute to your dad. :-) I think the little bit you have shared about captures him perfectly for us all. Thanks so much for sharing your dad and the festival with us, dear!


  18. Hey Shirley!
    It took forever for me to figure out how to get all these photos on this blog. For some reason,it's hard for me to write about the people and places that I love the most. C'est la vie!
    But you know I love my Dad!

  19. Been to many places in the States but not to Georgia unless one counts Atlanta airport. Love the sunflowers.

  20. Barbara,
    Oh dear, I know that Catholics no longer believe in purgatory but I think that might be what the Atlanta airport is modeled on.
    Thanks for your comment!