Saturday, October 29, 2011

Joy In The Moment

Everyone should have something that they love to do, something that when they are "in the moment",  they have no idea that time is going by so quickly. Me, I like to make things! I might not be an expert at anything, and my tastes are very simple. No huge bows or frilly things for me...not sure why, just understated type of things are more my style. For a baby shower, I found instructions on how to make a diaper cake. Does everyone know what a diaper cake is? You take a pack of diapers and roll them and shape them into a shape of a cake, you then roll either a blanket or some other baby related item around each layer of diapers and then insert little baby gifts into the "cake". It's useful and beautiful- two of my favorite things! (Oh, and I crocheted that orange edging on the yellow blanket on that lowest level of the diaper was bright but the mother-to-be liked it.)

See, I really like to crochet and have done so for years.  This year, I found Sue at Sunshine International Blankets of Love and she asks for folks to send her squares which she makes into blankets and takes to elderly care homes.   The website is
and just this weekend, TWO magazines have featured articles about Sue and her "Sibolettes"!  I have only made a small number of squares but she has used them in her blankets.  That is the amazing thing, she treats my little stash of squares with as much respect as when she receives a whole box full of them.  This makes me so happy I can't believe it!

Everyone should have a nutty Aunt who makes them t-shirts!  The year that I made this one, I also made a tiny little Lego cake which went down a treat!  (See, it's not perfect, but it was fun to make it and my nephew seemed to like it.)

When I ever make anything in the kitchen that turns out even looking halfway decent, I always try to take a photo of it. More than anything, it has been to remind me that it is possible for me to cook or bake!

 This little plastic HAPPY BIRTHDAY has been used on my cakes for oh dear, maybe 15 years or so... is that sad or what!  (Honestly, it could even be older than that.)

If I see any nice art or photographs of fruit or flowers, I cut them out and just kind of gently wedge them into my kitchen cabinets...I would much rather look at this rather than plain wood.  You spend so much time in the kitchen, might as well look at something you like.  You see, I am an artist trapped inside a working woman's body!

For years, I have made sugar cookies for Christmas.  Do you see the bird shaped cookie? I got that cookie cutter for free with a woman's magazine, it was English, of course!  Don't you just want to dive into those cookies?

What do you do that you are "in the moment" and time just flies by and you are amazed that you have spent so much enjoyable time that time itself seems suspended as if you are in a science fiction movie?
It's a wonderful place to be and I wish this for all who read this today!  Enjoy your life and do what gives you joy.


  1. Kay, I love looking at all your creative endeavors. And that's what they are - creativity in motion! That diaper cake is precious! And those sugar cookies. Wow. Bet they are tasty. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. It put a smile on my face!

  2. Kay,
    Thank you! I am better at making things than I am at figuring things out (like how to transfer photos and once there, how to turn them the right side up!) :-)

  3. I lose track of time when I'm writing or out in the sunshine photographing butterflies and creepy-crawlies. Nowadays reading blogs comes into that category as well. I'm not sure how 'productive' that is but I so enjoy visiting my few special bloglings.

    Your diaper cake is brilliant and when I lived on my own the insides of all my cupboards used to hold magazine cut-outs and anything else that would brighten them up.

  4. Like Scriptor, I lose myself in writing and reading, and sometimes in my Sims2 computer game.
    The diaper cake is a good idea! My kitchen cabinets are, I have to admit, just plain, with the exception of one tiny yellow plastic butterfly attached to the front of one. I just have a thing for clear, empty surfaces :-)

  5. You are modest, you have made some great stuff. I could never manage to make a diaper cake, it is the first I heard of it but a cute idea for giving to a new mother.

    I decorated the knobs on my kitchen cabinets, put things I liked on them and sprayed them. But you could change larger pictures more easily.

  6. Sciptor,
    You should see the inside of my cabinet! When we bring back English goodies, I carefully cut out the labels, so when I open the doors this is what I see: Galaxy, Mars (We Believe from the World Cup), Bounty, Ripple, Echo, Cadbury's get the idea!
    I saw a moth yesterday on Arabia Mountain, when it was still, it looked exactly like a stone. You would have liked it, I'm sure.

  7. Librarian,
    My cabinets were plain for many years and for the most part, still are. Somehow, just a few photos make me more joyful in the kitchen, and that is why I included them in this post. My next cabinet over has small photos of apples and grapes, and that is the extent of my cover of the cabinets! (I have told you that I love the still life paintings of fruit...I love beautiful photographs too!)

  8. Jenny,
    Thank you!
    I have made four diaper cakes now and have totally lost myself in the creation of each one.
    Most of the gifts on that one above are in the back, so as not to interfere with the simple look that I was going for! Honestly, you would think it was life or death the time I take over them! Oh, and read the comments above to Scriptor & Librarian about my cabinets. I only placed them there thinking they wouldn't be there long, but I love seeing them, I've never taken them down! :-)

  9. Hi Kay!

    For me, time flies so quicky whenever i'm designing something. Whether it be graphic or product design. (I'm an industrial designer btw, though I'll only be graduating in March 2012) I plan on sharing my creations in my blog as well, but that will take a lot of photo uploads. hahaha! (though they are available in my website "" , sorry if that sounded like a promotion)

    Anyway, I am really impressed with the diaper cakes and like Jenny, it is my first time haring about it. :)

  10. Hey Denise!
    Thank you for your comment! You know your t-shirt that you said you didn't like the design but it is one of your biggest sellers? It looks very much like something one of the characters from the TV show "The Big Bang Theory" would wear. Just wondered if you knew that show and how popular it is...
    So happy you liked the diaper cake! That was one of my most enjoyable creations, wish I could have thought of the idea behind it! (As an added bonus, now I have that adorable pink elephant at the top of one of my posts!)

  11. Hi Kay!

    I have heard about the Big Bang Theory but I prefer watching How I met Your Mother. :) I specially like Cobie Smulders when she's being Robin Sparkles. :)

  12. I haven't watched How I Met Your Mother, but I will just to see the character Robin Sparkles!

  13. What a fun and artistic thing to do with the diapers/nappies in my country.

  14. Barbara, I first read about this from a nice lady from Australia (I think her name is Meghan) on how to make a diaper cake. Being from Australia, she says "Nappy" cake too!