Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cary Grant/Father Goose

There are so many things that I want to write about on this blog.  The list of topics might not interest everyone (or maybe hardly anyone) but they interest me, and that is why I want to write about them.
Today, I heard someone whistling and the few notes that I heard reminded me of a song, and of course, that made me have a look to see if it was on You Tube.   The song is called Pass Me By and it is from the movie  Father Goose and if you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for?  I'm afraid that the only  segment I could find  is over 13 minutes long.   The song is just a few minutes at the beginning, but you should really see the whole movie.  Cary Grant is good in any movie but I really enjoy him in this one.   It is such a funny movie!  Trevor Howard and Leslie Caron...what wonderful casting.  You can tell that Cary Grant really likes children. I read that he kept in touch with the young girls for many years after this film was completed.  Now, I see that his only child has written a book about her Dad...

I've always loved Cary Grant.   As a child, I always wondered about his accent, not knowing that he was born in England, and his way of speaking is a unique mixture of English/American English combined.   Should you ever see them, you really should read the books about Hollywood by David Niven: The Moon Is A Balloon and Bring On The Empty Horses.  David Niven writes about Cary Grant and many other actors.  These books are not your typical tell-all kind of movie trivia type books, I think they are very well written and extremely funny.

There, extremely's nice to think of something that makes me laugh.  That is something that we could all use these days.  And all of this was brought on by just hearing a few random whistled notes!


  1. Lovely how a few whistled notes can spark off a whole world of musings, research, song and book and movie!
    That book about Cary Grant sounds interesting. I really like biographies.

  2. Librarian,
    Biographies! I love them. And those books by David Niven are so well written, I'm glad I read them in high school and so was exposed to good writing at that age.
    Father Goose is a great comedy that is very underrated. It made me happy to be reminded of it!

  3. It is so rare to hear anyone whistling nowadays. I wonder if it has simply declined in popularity or is it a sign of some general depression?