Sunday, October 16, 2011

Climb Every Mountain

What do you do to relax?  Me, I like to climb mountains!  It's called climbing, but it isn't really, it is  just walking but I am glad that I am still able to do it.  My husband is doing much better these days and we are trying to exercise as much as possible so we climbed Arabia Mountain today. I hope to be able to show you that walk soon but these photos are from our climb up Stone Mountain and these were taken in early March of this year on a breezy, cool day. 

This is our son walking up ahead of us and one must be very careful since these rocks can become very slick.  These are mostly pines that have grown there and they make some lovely shadows on the pathway, but the needles themselves can be slippery.

Whoo, boy, okay just when we get to this point, I always like to go right here, just behind that big pine tree and take some photos of the view.  To tell the truth,  I am struggling to catch my breath! But wait, look ahead there, can you see the steepest part is yet to come?

My husband went ahead of me and took this photo of me climbing and holding on the railing.  That handrail was installed a few years ago, and it makes me wonder if there were one too many falls there and that is why they did it.  Years ago, I didn't need it, but I am grateful for it now!

 Okay, here we are at the top. No, that isn't us.  You never know who you will see on top of the Stone Mountain. This was a man who obviously works as Santa Claus during the Christmas season with his actual Mrs., I presume.  On a very clear day, you can see for miles and miles and it is wonderful to be overlooking all that surrounds you.

 Oh my, someone had to chew gum, but at least someone else stomped it into the ground into a shape of a heart.  I am always seeing heart shapes so I will try not to show too many but it seems they are everywhere I look...  This does show the composition of the mountain which is granite.  It was quarried a good bit, I'm afraid, but not as much as the next mountain that will be in another post, Arabia Mountain.

This is the carving on the front of Stone Mountain.  I know it is an amazing thing, it is incredibly large and took years for them to complete it, but honestly, I wish they had left it in its natural state.  It just seems wrong to me to carve into something so magificently beautiful.  The big attraction at night at Stone Mountain is a laser show which is played upon that carving with amplified music.  My husband took this photo, he really liked the blue sky above the mountain with the little white cloud and cedar.

There, how about this photo of this nice young man on top of the mountain with the Atlanta skyline just behind him?  This has been described as looking as if you are on the moon.  Perhaps so but the air is better!  There is almost always a breeze blowing and sometimes it can be quite strong.   One can also get to the top by taking a skylift or cable car, as my husband calls it.  He reminds me that it played a large part in the filming of the movie "Fled" with Samuel Jackson and one of the Baldwin brothers.  Not one I've seen myself but perhaps I will just to see what parts in the background that I can recognize.  One can always tell which group of people have climbed up the mountain ... the windswept, sweaty ones are the climbers and the ones who look as if they are about to pose in a photography studio are the cable car riders!

There are other trails that we enjoy there.  The Cherokee Trail is about 5 miles long and it goes around the mountain underneath some beautiful hardwood trees and it even goes up one side of the mountain and crosses over the one mile walk up trail.  When the leaves turn in the Autumn, this trail is the one not to be missed.  Hopefully, we will be able to go back to Stone Mountain in a few weeks and maybe enjoy some of the Fall colors then.  Until then, you know I had to do it... 


  1. Oh, you sad person putting that video in!

    Seriously, it looks a magnificent place and I agree with you about the carving - a great feat but perhaps Nature can do these things better.

    It's a while since I could climb a mountain and I'm grateful you let us accomapny you. I'm looking forweard to Arabia Mountain.

  2. Stunning views, and I agree with you about the carving, too. Also, I wouldn't care for the laser show with amplified music. If I want loud music and colourful lights, I stay in the city. Out there at the mountain, the peace and quiet surely is the main attraction.

  3. Scriptor,
    I am so happy that you liked this. During my husband's hospital stay, I kept reminding him to get better so that we could climb Stone Mountain in the Autumn. It was nice to have that as a goal.
    Yes, I know it was corny to put that song in...but it was only 40 seconds long! Oh, and it was from the production that had Connie Fisher in it, the one who won "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria". Is that what it was called? We got those shows here, but YEARS after.
    I loved the one with all the "Josephs". When they were voted off at the end, and they ran up those stairs and sang the song, that was the best! (I liked Rob the builder the best.)

  4. Librarian,
    The laser show is very popular but you can guess, it's not my cup of tea either.
    The wonderful thing about Stone Mountain is that because we are familar with all the trails, we know where to go for peace and quiet even on very busy weekends. You would think that people would want that too, but many times we have to get away from the loud bass of a booming radio, or sometimes, we will veer off on that Cherokee Trail I mentioned, just to get away from the crowd!
    Stone Mountain is about 30 minutes from us but it is like being in another world!

  5. Cheryl at her blog, Life is What You Make It always manages to find the most incredible hearts. Here's her blog:

    I avoid mountains and hill unless I can drive to it. I've tripped twice on tree roots and sprained my ankles. I am not made for climbing. My son, however, took classes in it and loves to climb mountains which always scares me.

    I am in awe of you actually liking to do that. I really admire your determination and your views are spectacular.

  6. Kay,
    Thanks for your comment! I will look for Cheryl's blog and her hearts.
    I hope to get better photos on here of Stone Mountain. We are surprised that more people don't attempt it but then, we love to walk, and a lot of folks we know don't do that either. That photo with the handrail? I once fell on the way down, even holding the rail, on a very foggy, slippery rock day, but luckily, it didn't hurt (much!).

  7. Hello Kay! I see hearts everywhere too....I guess there must be quite a few of us with this amazing ability (smile)....Wow, I love this post. I've seen Stone Mountain from a distance, but I did not know it could be climbed! I love that you found Santa and the Mrs. up there. Maybe he was scouting out his Christmas Eve route.

    I'm so glad you visited and introduced yourself on my blog. I can tell I will enjoy stopping here often.


  8. Sara, Thank you for visiting! I will visit your blog for more hearts and inspiration!
    Please stop by again! (Would make a heart sign here if I could!)

    Another perfect comment from you! Oh dear, do you really think so? These aren't even the best ones. On my computer, I can't see the little photos to transfer onto my blog, so I have to use a MAGNIFYING GLASS to figure out what to transfer. Honestly, I can't spend too much time on what I am writing, since I spend so much time trying to see the photos!