Friday, December 2, 2011

Doris Day and Dog in Sunbeam

 Doris Day released a new album a couple of months ago in the UK.  Incredibly, it debuted at number nine on the Bilboard charts.  She is now 87 years old and  made history by being the oldest artist ever to enter the U.K. top ten with new material.  (Vera Lynn released an album a few years ago at the age of 92, but her album was of previously recorded songs.  And please understand, this is just to set the record straight, I have great admiration for both of these women.)  The new album is called "My Heart" and should be released in the US very soon.   This song that I found on Youtube is more well known as the song from the TV show "Coupling", but I love to hear Doris Day sing it! (This is not on her new album, but I like it, so that's why it is here.)

Just by looking at Doris Day, you might think that she has had a sunny, happy life with no heartaches. That simply isn't true. She has been married four times and one of her husbands, Marty Melcher, squandered away much of her earnings, which forced her into doing a TV show in the 70's. Her only child, Terry Melcher, died in 2004 of skin cancer.  She has worked tirelessly for many years trying to help stray animals in America and the proceeds from the album will go to her Doris Day Animal Foundation.

Tonight, on the news there was a moving report on ABC news about a young American soldier who had been photographed with puppies the night before he had been killed.  The family worked hard to get one of the puppies so as to remember their son.  As the ABC news reporter was interviewing the family, the dog walked out into the backyard and suddenly, a sunbeam shone straight down onto the dog. What a beautiful thing to capture!

Is the world too cynical for Doris Day and a dog that can bring comfort to a grieving family?  Happily, not yet!


  1. Any artist who deserves that name has my respect, and any artist who uses their celebrity status (and much of their money) to further a good cause doubly so - both of which is true for Doris von Kappelhoff (which is her real name, as you undoubtedly know; she is of German descent).

  2. Librarian,
    Oh, yes, I was hoping you would look her up and see her real name! Of course, I read her autobiography years ago: "Doris Day, Her Own Story". What a gal!
    Hey, you know another famous actress who has a German background? She's smart and pretty and funny, a lot like me? Sandra Bullock! Well, at least we're both funny!:-)

  3. Doris Day, wow Brings back memories of when I was at home. Loved her movies.
    What great music too Kay to listen to while reading your post!
    Thanks for the comment. it was a nice morning yes opening two parcels! I just still to this day can't get over how everyone supports our SIBOL project.

    Thank you for supporting me!
    Love Suex

  4. Sue,
    Yes, didn't you just love watching her movies as a kid, I know I did!
    And SIBOL is wonderful! I thank you so much for starting it and working so hard on it, what a project of beauty you have created.

  5. Hi Kay! Thanks for your lovely comments. I adore Doris day - when the album came out here there was a special Doris Night on the BBC to celebrate...including a showing of an episode of 'the Doris day Show' from the early 70's, guest starring Rock Hudson & Perry Como! Wonderful stuff. She has been through such a lot in her life, but has always retained that air of kind sweetness that endears her to just about everyone. You can't say 'Doris day' to anyone without them smiling! Calamity Jane remains one of my absolute favourite movies ever...also 'Young at Heart', 'On Moonlight Bay' 'Teacher's Pet'...I could go on & on. Touching story about the puppy too. Animals are so badly treated by us, the so called 'Kings of the World'. They give us so much. I feel ashamed to be human at times. I hope the soldier's family took comfort from that sweet thing xo

  6. Mozarts' Girl,
    Thank you for commenting! I LOVE Doris Day! If you look at my post "And I Thank You", the last Youtube clip has Doris Day dancing with Jimmy Cagney at the exact moment where her name is mentioned in the song! Oh, and I LOVED all her movies as a kid, saw every one of them and can sing almost all the songs. She really didn't want to do that TV show, but of course, she was GREAT in it and got a lot of her good friends to co-star with her.
    The story of the dog... the family was being interviewed and the mother kept petting the dog and saying,"Justin, are you in there?". (Justin was her son's name). THAT was when the dog stepped out and that one beam of sunlight broke through the clouds and shone upon him. Now, I don't see how ANYBODY could not be moved by seeing or hearing that story!

  7. Very few show biz and celeb. families have been free of heartache it seems.

  8. Barbara,
    Everyone has problems in life, the trick is how does one handle it? Do you moan and complain or just get on with it the best way possible? Keep Calm and Carry On, it was good advice in World War 2 and it is good advice now.

  9. I believe in miracles - an amazing last picture! But two sad stories there, to make one stop and think.

    Pomona x

  10. Pomona,
    Thank you so much for your comment! Even though both of these stories have sadness in them, there is also joy and hope!

  11. what a lovely feel good post. perfect for the season and perfect for my day.

    doris day was supposed to be perfect. we wanted to believe.....


  12. Hello KJ!
    Thank you so much for your comment! Please visit again!

  13. I had no idea about Doris Day. That's so sad. She has sure had some awful challenges to overcome.

  14. Kay,
    So many times people have so much to overcome in life and we never know it because they are such positive people. Those are the kind of people that I admire and wish to emulate!