Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SIBOL Sunshine International Blankets of Love

Today marks the day that SIBOL reached the magical number of 120 blankets made!  That means a grand total of 3000 squares that women from all over the world have either crocheted or knitted and mailed to Sue McGorie who lives in England.  Sue carefully records each square received and then emails each and every person who sends her a square.  She and some of her "Sibolettes" crochet the squares  together and then puts a lovely border around each one.  They are displayed on her website and then each one is named.  Then, they are lovingly tied up with a beautiful ribbon and then taken to elderly care homes in England!  Just recently, someone contacted Sue and informed her that many elderly people were suffering in their own homes due to lack of finances that they too could use some of the blankets.  What do you think our Sue said?  Of course, she said that she would be more than happy to share the blankets with them and so she did!  Here is the website www.sunshineinternationalblanketsoflove.blogspot.com  Please go and look at the blankets.  They are beautiful!

I have written about SIBOL before when I mentioned in one of my posts that I like to make things and that I have sent a few squares to Sue.  She truly treats each square that she receives with such respect!
And she appreciates everything that she is given.  Just listen to her own words...

"Please don't ever feel your crocheting is not good enough.  The other thing is - I worry about the cost
of postage to you all.  The last thing I want is for anyone to be out of pocket.   I would be grateful for one square honestly!  I know postage is so expensive!"

There, doesn't that make you want to send her a whole boxful of squares?  She just began this on Feb. 28, 2010 and it was in honor of her grandmother who lived until the age of 103.  These blankets are truly works of art.  I read on one of the crocheting websites that the crocheters and knitters should really call themselves fibre artists and I agree.    I am thankful that she accepts my squares and actually uses them in the blankets.  I can't wait to see my little plain Georgia snowman square in the next snowman blanket!


  1. The snowman is so sweet, and I hope whoever will be eventually using the blanket that has it incorporated makes sure to look at each and every single square, and the snowman will make them smile.

  2. Oh Kay that is so lovely thank you so much for writing a special post about our project. I really mean those words too! I would never have thought that the project would have grown as it has done and to be featured in magazines too, is just simply lovely because I want everyone to be recognised.
    There are some features coming up in magazines but I don't know when. I will let you know. As for your question the other day I had an idea to make half a dozen Blankets. I would never have imagined that I would have had all these squares come in!
    A lovely post and I am 'most' grateful to you for spending the time putting this togeher, thank you!
    Love Suex x

  3. Librarian,
    You must look at Sue's website and look at the first Snowman blanket! Those snowman squares are just amazing! Mine is very plain but he will be so happy to be with his better made brothers!
    Also, make sure to see one of the recent ones, I think it was the Cathedral blanket, some of the squares are meant to be the color of stone, some like stained glass...it is a work of art! (All of them are really!)

  4. Dear Sue,
    Amazing! Your idea was just to make half a dozen blankets or so! Oh, and I corrected the number of blankets made, I was thinking that it won't be long until you reach 200 at this rate, and then that is what I typed in! :-)
    Sue, I wish I could have written about your wonderful project that you started in a much more descriptive way, but there you are, I feel as if I write like a newspaper reporter. I am more myself in my comments!
    Yes, please let know when the magazine articles come out in England!
    Hopefully, your busy postman paid you another visit today!

  5. What a good way to use up those scraps of yarn that are too small for a project. I will have to make better use of my TV time. Thanks for the link.

  6. ArtyMarti,
    Just think of those little scraps of yarn being made into a labor of love!. Wonderful!
    I will look for Sue to mention your name when you send her your crocheted squares and it will make me so happy! :-)