Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two Good Movies!

Snapdragons at the base of Stone Mountain 11/27/11.

                                        Kay's Happy Jalapeno Corn Casserole 11/24/11.

Movies!  I love them!  Many times I disagree with the choice of the movie critics.  About Schmit is one example, the critics loved that movie.  My husband and I use that movie to judge the bad movies we see. "Was that as bad as About Schmidt?"   "No, only about half as bad".  Now,those two movies above? I have no idea what the critics have said about them but I just saw them both and enjoyed them very much.

On  Thanksgiving Day, after enjoying a nice time at my Dad's, my husband and I came home and watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  This came out last year and was on TV.  It is a wonderful movie!  Beautifully filmed and staying fairly close to the book with only a few exceptions, it was such a nice ending to a wonderful day.  After the film was over and we were reading the credits, remarking on how much we loved it, we see the  British director's name... Michael Apted.
Ah, I said there you have it... he is one of my favorites!!   This is the list of movies that he has directed that I have seen and love: Coalminer's Daughter, Gorillas In The Mist , Thunderheart, Amazing Grace, and now... this one I just saw on Thanksgiving!  He also did some fascinating documentaries on children that he first filmed when they were seven years old.   Have you ever seen them? 7up/ 7plus seven/21 up/28 up/35up/42up...he filmed them every seven years.   I love everything that he has ever done!

The second movie that we saw was in celebration of our son's birthday.  All three of us went to see the new Muppet Movie and it was such a joyous movie and we enjoyed it very much indeed. ( I just noticed that the Muppet Movie will be out in theaters in Britain, I think in February, gives you something to look forward to, right?) It is also directed by a British director named James Bobin.  (Kay, do they have to be British for you?  Well, I can't help it, they just are!)  The story is so cleverly written, the music is good and of course, there are muppets!  This movie works both for children AND adults.    Even though Jim Henson is no longer with us, I thought it was a very nice touch to have a poster of him above the theater at the end of the movie, it was as if he was giving this movie his blessing.

Jim Henson's Rowlf was on the Jimmy Dean Show in the early 60's.  I remember staying up to watch that show just so I could see Rowlf!   Kermit was also Jim's voice. In the Muppet Movie from 1979 these muppets sang a song together. (Both voices are by Jim Henson, he just recorded them separately and the voices were blended together later.)   I found this song on Youtube.  If you listen to it, you might just sing it all day too!  Would love it if I caused someone to sing!   Please let me know if you have seen either of these movies and if you haven't, then I urge you to do so!


  1. Hello Kay, I have all three of the Narnia Chronicles movies; I bought "Dawn Treader" when I was in England just before Easter this year to visit the family before I'd start my new job, and I agree with you, it is a good movie, well made, quite close to the book, and with enough humour in it to counteract the sometimes scary bits.
    As for the muppets one - I have not seen that one yet, didn't even know there was a movie, but I loved watching The Muppets Show on TV when I was a kid and into my teenage years, that was family entertainment that we all looked forward to and watched together.

  2. Librarian,
    I hardly EVER go to the movies. Whenever I do go, I hate that I have spent money for something that feels like a punishment to sit through it. (There Will Be Blood is one example.)
    The Muppet movie just opened here on Thanksgiving day, and should be in Europe in the next few months. You may take a child with you to see it, but you don't have to!
    I am a big Muppets fan and I think that Jim Henson was a genius. I hate that he died so young but I am glad that we have all those characters from his wonderful imagination.
    At the end of the Muppet Movie, the little girl in front of us applauded and she was the only child there! (In other words, it was geniune!)
    When she did that, it reminded me of staying up to see Rowlf in the early 60's, and watching the Muppets with my sister in the 70's. Imagine being able to give joy to generations!

  3. The Muppet Movie is soooo good. Are you going to see the new one? I have mixed feelings about it, but will probably watch anyway. Love those snapdragons.

  4. Mia,
    I loved the Muppet movie from 1979. And I also loved the new one! It has many stars in it, and Emily Blunt is one of them! You know SHE wouldn't be in anything bad!
    I'm not a good photographer but those colors of the snapdragons...they were lovely.
    Thanks for your comment!