Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kyle Maynard

Since I wrote my last post about Kyle Maynard and his climb up Stone Mountain, I have been in touch with his business manager and best friend, Joey Leonardo.   That name makes me smile, because you see, in my small town Georgia upbringing,  the name "Joey" always sounded like "Joy" to me.  How appropriate since I began my post about the song which really means having JOY in your life! Also, he gave me another link and I am so grateful that he did and I would like to share it here, it is www.missionkilimanjaro.com

MISSION: For Kyle Maynard and the entire Mission Kilimanjaro Team to summit the highest
                      peak in Africa together.

PURPOSE:  To send a message to our heroes in the Veteran community and to young people
                      with disabilities around the world that no obstacle is too great to be conquered
                       with an active, no-barriers lifestyle and mindset.

I mentioned in my last post that he works with and is an inspiration to disabled children but also,
if you go to the  link above, you will read how Kyle met a couple of veterans at the Atlanta airport and that they made him realize what a powerful influence he could have with veterans who have lost limbs in the war.   From what I have read about Kyle, he has been working with veterans ever since.

Now, neither of these young men know me at all.  I am just someone who likes inspiring true stories about REAL people.  I, for one, will do everything I can to tell anyone who will listen that this is something to talk about, something to support...dare I say to even cheer about? Why not?  We hear about heroes all the time, but honestly, how many true heroes do we hear about on the news?  Everyone should know about this upcoming mountain climb to the highest peak in Africa.  
      This is good news.  Let's spread the word!

NOTE:  After I posted this I thought of a very good book.  It is  "Reach for the Sky" by Paul Brickhill.  It is the story of Douglas Bader who lost both legs in a plane crash in 1931 and even though he was dismissed by the Royal Air Force, he talked his way back into the Force and became a famous hero in the Battle of Britain.   I highly recommend this book to you!


  1. Kyle and the people around him certainly deserve our respect and our admiration - much, much more than the countless "celebrities" whose faces (and a lot more of their bodies than what you ever want to see) are spread across the tabloid press and on TV every day.

  2. Librarian,
    Oh boy, you are SO right on that. We know everything about "celebrities" even if we don't care to know!

  3. Greetings From Southern California

    I think we all like true stories about real people. I know I do. Thanks for the book recommendation.

    Thanks for your recent visit to My Blog

    Take care Kay and have a nice day :-)

  4. Ron,
    I love true stories. Real life is more interesting to me than fiction. Thanks for visiting me and I wish YOU a nice day!
    "Life's too short to read fiction!" That is what a friend told me recently when I recommended a book!

  5. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, what an inspirational man. I shall follow the journey!

  6. Cheryl,
    Thanks for your comment!
    I am glad that you think so too. If you hear anything about him on the news, let me know! :-)