Thursday, November 17, 2011

England At Her Best!

Hey, Georgia Girl, why do you have an English heart?   Maybe you will see why if you look at these photos.  This first one is one of my favorite memories.  That is me with my mother-in-law, Joan and it is so windy that the wind was about to blow her down! So, I linked my arm into hers and am helping her up that hill.  I look behind me and there is my sweet son just sprinting up to us, so HE can be the one to help his grandmother! I am so glad that my husband captured that moment.

  My husband misses beautiful potatoes like these.  Sainsbury's must think we are nuts, taking photos of potatoes!  But just look at them, they taste as good as they look.

 This is my elegant mother-in-law with orange poppies and wait for it...snow in summer!  Aren't they beautiful together!  That means you too, Joan!
 Along the seafront in Eastbourne.
 Does this make anyone else think of Mary Poppins? "Step in time"!
 The lighthouse at Beachy Head.  We can walk there from the seafront from Eastbourne.  It is a beautiful walk and one that you will never forget.  Maybe I will see you there one day!

 Our son took this photo of the two of us on our last day in England.  Look at that view and the buttercups under our feet.  Beautiful!

Every time we visit England, a dear family friend always has the American flag draped over the doorway along with the English flag. (And some Union Jacks are sitting in a milk bottle just out of view.)  What a welcome sight after a long flight!
Forget-me-nots under an apple tree... I took so many photos of flowers in England! Can you see the bee loaded down with yellow pollen? This bee looks very different from the bees in Georgia!  I had never seen pollen like that before! And that apple blossom!

A field of rape that will take your breath away even from a great distance ... the yellow is so intense. This is made into rapeseed oil and since it is grown in Canada also, this is called Canola oil in America.  Why can't we grow this in the USA?  Americans, wouldn't you love to see this growing?

Can anyone spot the partridge   PHEASANT! in amongst the bluebells?  This was very exciting for me... I had never seen one before.  The bluebells were "at their best" according to the sign.  This bluebell walk was breathtakingly beautiful and one that I will never forget.

These are just a few of the photos that we took when we were last in England... these were taken in May of 2010.  I don't even have any photos of any of the smiling faces that greet us when we arrive there.  Take my word for it, they are even more beautiful than any of these photos.


  1. These are great pictures, Kay, thank you for sharing them! My mother-in-law in Yorkshire has forgetmenots in her front garden, and the garden gate and one of her wooden flower benches are painted in the same shade of blue.
    I have never seen so many bluebells in one place! Next year, I'll try once again to go to England in the spring.

  2. Librarian,
    This bluebell walk is almost always over by the time we arrive, we were lucky that they were late blooming that year! We took so many photos on that walk!
    Forget-me-nots, snow-in-summer, poppies, calla lillies, the blue cynanthus, columbines, and others that I can't remember the names of right now...all these flowers were unknown to me but now are very familar, even if I can't remember the names! (I did recognize most of them from Beatrix Potter's drawings, shows how much I studied her books.) much I love that tiny flower, and the impact that it leaves upon the viewer! A garden gate painted in forget-me-not blue, please take a photo of that for me! :-)

  3. Ah Kay, you really are an English girl at heart, so many lovely pictures. It is so hard to be removed from family and friends, I know only too well (My faraways live in Australia.) and this time of year is all the more poignant. You have made me long to see the apple blossom in the will be a long wait I think!
    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sarah x

  4. Beautiful. And you've done something I've never done - visited Beachy Head. I must admit Bluebell woods are one of the best sights that England (and Wales) can offer. I'm glad you saw them at their best.

  5. Scriptor,
    Thank you! Hope you are feeling better!
    That bluebell walk, I was so grateful to finally see it!
    Beachy Head, how we love it! The downs there are protected and that is such a concept from someone like me from America! Hope you will see it one day. Let's time it right and I will buy you a coffee and your lovely partner-who-likes-tea, tea!

  6. Wow, those photos of England also remind me of Germany. But I do love England. I remember spending two summers in Bournemouth learning English and I do remember the incredible flowers, especially the hydrangeas! Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos of your lovely family!!! Hugs, Silke

  7. Silke,
    So happy that you love England too and remember the flowers. Hope you are well and happy and being creative!
    Hugs to YOU!

  8. You have captured some of the diversity beautifully. The Rapeseed is a beautiful sight but a nightmare for hay fever sufferers.

    Enjoyed seeing Bounemouth as it is years since we were there.


    here's the link for blanket info
    enjoy x

  10. Thanks for visiting Linderhof -- love the pictures of England on your blog!

  11. Sarah Jane,
    Thank you for your comment! True blue American that I am, I still dearly love England too! It IS difficult when loved ones live far away.
    That apple blossom was so lovely, those colors! I wish I could paint them!!

  12. Barbara,
    Spring in England really doesn't bother my allergies, but the chemicals in this country in perfumes and cleaning products, that is another story!
    These photos were taken in Eastbourne, and the bluebell walk was just a short distance from it. Richard has a cousin who lives near Bournemouth, but we haven't been there...yet!

  13. MeMe Rose,
    Oh, thank you so much for the link to the blanket. Do you know when you showed it on your post at the very end, I actually had a little sharp intake of breath at the sight of it, it is just that lovely!

  14. Martha,
    Thank you for your comment! You have such a beautiful blog and it looks as though you spent the whole of the Spring in England, lucky you!

  15. Oh how I loved following you along on this wonderful trip! The flowers took my breath away! So beautiful.

  16. Looks like you visited at a great time to catch so many things in bloom. I never knew there were so many varieties of potatoes until I moved here. As my hubby is English, it's not a meal without potatoes!

  17. Cheryl,
    It was hard to choose which photos to put on this post...even I was able to take good photos, easy when there is so much beauty!

  18. Midwest to Midlands,
    My English hubby loves his potatoes too! He is thinner than I am and can eat more of them, doggone it! ;-)
    Love your blog! Great photos that YOU have!

  19. It's so interesting to see your memories and thoughts about my country. May is a lovely month to visit. Did you notice the distinctive scent of the bluebells? It's not a sweet scent, but it's used in some toiletries here because it brings to mind the wonderful sight of carpets of bluebells. The downland by the sea, ah, wonderful. You know I wrote a biography of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, and he stayed often at Eastbourne. He loved to walk across the downs, when he was in his fifties he would walk over 20 miles and time himself too. Or he would walk up in the evening, and sometimes it was so beautiful it made him weep .

  20. Jenny Woolf,
    Those bluebells! I have a photo of myself with my head buried in the flowers but I couldn't smell a fragrance at all, but the color of them!
    I cannot thank you enough for giving me that detail about Lewis Carroll in Eastbourne. Now, I will think of him every time that I walk up to Beachy Head. "Sometimes is was so beautiful it made him weep". Thank you a million times for telling me that.