Saturday, November 5, 2011

Arabia Sunset/Moonlight

Our time will change this weekend.  No more late afternoon walks up Arabia Mountain after work, not for a while anyway.  So yesterday, even though my husband got off late from work (after a meeting at his job where there was a discussion about a Peak Experience!, this was in response to a co-worker reading a book)  we decided to go to Arabia even though we had just enough time to get there, go up the mountain and come back down before dark... Luckily, we made it!

We had a heavy rain the night before.  The vernal pools were at the highest level we have seen them.  The water was crystal clear and the wind was rippling the surface.  It was quiet and peaceful, serene and lovely.  Would you like to see?  Come, let's hurry before the sun goes down!

That's me in the pink jacket in the first photo and that is my husband in the last one and I almost caught all of his reflection in the water just behind him.  It wasn't quite as dark as it looks, the fading pink light was quite beautiful.  And the moonlight in the pines reminds me of an old sweet song...


  1. Oh Kay, these are breathtakingly beautiful! I hope you're alright.

  2. Dear Librarian,
    Thank you! I even took some of these photos!
    And yes, everything is fine! :-)
    Thanks so much!

  3. I've just lost my comment some how - it's disappeared into cybersapce! All it said was how lovely your sunset pictures were. Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Thank you, Scriptor Senex!
    I wish the very same to you!

  5. When I saw the first picture (the one top) it made me want to roll down the rocky-looking surface.

  6. Denise,
    Oh my goodness, we have many nice grassy hills you may roll down to your heart's content, but you would injure yourself if you rolled down this rocky slope! :-)

  7. Hi Kay,
    I am so thank ful to you for mentioning our SIBOL WORK.
    You will be very happy to know that I have announced Snowman Challenge Part 2 just for you! Yes for you to take part in. Now all I need is your 6" Square please as soon as possible 'no pressure!' :)!
    Your photography on your web site is superb it is so nice to be able to pop over to the other side of the world and see what's going on. The scenery is stunning.
    I have been catching up with your posts, (not much time as you can imagine) and I see that you made a diaper cake. I am longing to make one of these for someones baby! I saw them on the net a while back. You make a good job of everything, one talented lady.
    So. please get your hook out and send me a Snowman I will be so pleased to receive one!
    Have a good week, love Suex

  8. Dear Sue,
    "One Talented lady" what beautiful words from you!
    YAY! Another snowman blanket! I saw you mentioned "Kay" on your blog, but I didn't know you meant me!!!
    Tell me if I am wrong, but it looks as if you are trying to deliver both snowmen blankets before Christmas. I know a snowman is always associated with Christmas, but really it should be associated with WINTER. Couldn't the second one be delivered in January or February?
    I wouldn't have suggested it if I thought it was going to make you work so hard just before the holidays, dear Sue! Of course, there are so many sending you squares, and it is just Nov. 7th, so hopefully, it won't put pressure on YOU!
    So glad you liked my diaper cake! I have made some others too and they were so much fun!
    I started working on my snowman last night, and at first he looked a bit like a ghost, but if I just keep working at him.....

  9. Thanks Kay.
    I am at present working on piles of grannies. Glynis a daughter of a mother at one of the homes has sent me enough for three whole blankets and more to. I am on my third now. I have had these grannies wAiting some months and I wanted to use this time to catch up with them that's why I was having a break from challenges. But I do hate to disappoint anyone and always try my best to make everyone happy so just for you I'm going to try and fit it in. But you are right it could be delivered after Christmas if I'm pushed for time. I have my daughter at home this week but plan to play Santa next week hopefully have to fit things in with family. There are over 40 blankets piled up in boxes int bedroom all sorted with gift cards. What did Colin do? Knocked the whole lot over! As if I hadn't got enough work! So spent the evening sorting them out again ! :(! You have to laugh!
    Kay don't worry it will be fine no problem! I ll look forward to your little man! Or lady ;)!
    Thank you! Sue

  10. Dear Sue,
    Oh, I am so glad that you agree not to put too much on yourself to finish your second snowman blanket! Oh, and I had to laugh when Colin knocked over all 40 blankets. Sounds like what happens in my house! Now, off to work on my little man!

  11. Dear Kay,

    Those are such beautiful pictures - you are making me want to visit yet another part of Georgia!!

    I hope you are doing well!!

    Hugs, Silke

  12. Dear Silke,
    Well come on then, what you waiting for? :-)
    Oh yes, thank you so much, doing very well. All the better for my wonderful walks up this mountain, good for the the body AND the soul!
    Thank you so much for your comment! Hope YOU are well, over that cold, yet?

  13. Gosh I made it there and back just before darkness fell. Thanks.

  14. Hey Barbara,
    Oh yes, I knew you could! :-)
    Hey, we both have the same birdy background!!