Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stone Mountain Autumn


Now there comes a time when one really needs to spend time doing housework. So much to do and the longer one puts it off, the more work there is to be done...but the leaves are still so beautiful just now, the autumn is slipping by quickly... couldn' t some of that work be put off until later? Wouldn't it be a good idea to visit Stone Mountain, enjoy the walk- up trail and then the trail around the base of the mountain under all the trees? Sounds good? Yes, forget that housework, let's go outside in the fresh autumnal air!

Can you spot me holding my pink jacket in one of the photos?  There is a photo of  my dear husband waiting for me at one of our favorite picnic tables which is near the Grist Mill at the lake.  We think we walked about ten miles the past two days, surely that is better than housework.  Hope you enjoyed seeing Stone Mountain in the autumn as much as you did in the spring!  Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead and as much beauty as I saw this weekend.


  1. A beautiuful walk, Kay. I was going to pick out a couplke as especially beautiful but then decided ghere were too many - congrats to both of you for taking them.

    I'm surprised you ever get any housework done - although the stone looks as though it would be pretty slippy in the rain so perhaps that's the time to do it.

  2. Kay, these are so beautiful! Like Scriptor, I am unable to say which ones I like best, because they are all fantastic.
    And I agree with you on the housework - that can be done anytime, it will still be there waiting for you, when you can not go for long walks anymore because of early darkness and weather conditions.

  3. Dear Kay, I think the decision to walk up Stone Mountain was the perfect one!How beautiful it all is, and how lovely to see the Autumn where YOU are. Thanks so much for sharing and have a great week x Rachel

  4. Scriptor,
    Did you notice the Yellow Daisy sign? I took that for you! The scientific name is just as you said! (You may need to click on the photo to see the name properly). Looks like I WILL be sending that letter to Arabia Mountain about their sign!
    Oh yes, the rock at Stone Mountain is very slippery, especially when it is wet!
    Did you notice the photo that I took of the very tall trees as I was looking up? If you look at the left of photo, you will see yellow leaves falling down. That tree on the left is just beside the path, and every time I pass it, I always place my hand on the bark and say how much I love it. I know, I know...I have been called a tree-hugger, as if that is a bad thing!

  5. Librarian,
    Richard was off for the whole weekend for the first time since his illness in late August, so we decided to make the most of it! We also climbed Arabia on Sunday and went to a concert at the Monastery in the afternoon. Busy but fun!!
    We took over about 180 photos at Stone Mountain, so it was hard to choose which ones to share! It was so beautiful that at one point on the trail, there was a bank of photographers set up with their tripods almost blocking the path. It looked as if they were waiting for movie stars to come out of the bushes!

  6. Mozart's Girl,
    Thank you for your comment! I enjoy your walks with your little dog so much too!
    If anyone comes to my home, I will just show them my blog and say, "This is why my house is a mess!". Surely, not a single person would blame me!

  7. Hello Kay

    We don't have autumn here in our country and it sucks :(
    I really want to experiencing walking below some maple trees while the wind is gently blowing (just like in the movies)

  8. Hello Denise,
    Thank you for your comment! Now, you must enjoy whatever nature has for you wherever you are! Even in the south part of Georgia, there isn't a great leaf change like in North Georgia. I lived in South Georgia as a teenager, and I really missed the colors of autumn...

  9. Cool post. And what a fabulous looking place, I would never do housework if I had somewhere like that to walk! Is the mountain made of limestone? And is that an old streetcar in the last picture?

  10. Rebecca,
    Thanks for you comment. I just visited your blog and it is lovely. :-)

  11. Hey Jenny Woolf!
    Stone Mountain is usually thought of as being made of granite but is really quartz monzonite.
    The last photo is of a red caboose!(Don't think it is used now, but it is the last car on a train.) There is a railroad track which runs around a small track at the base of the mountain. Do you see the people standing there waiting for the train? The trail that we were on crosses over the railroad track and I thought it would be fitting to put this photo at the end, since the red caboose is always at the end of a train! You see, my meaning was lost on anyone not from America! I really should explain myself more. :-)