Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Princess Bride

Recently, I left a comment on a blog to the effect that although I love to read and would love to recommend books to people, about the only thing I can think to say is this: this is a good book, read it!
On the same principle, I would like to say: this is a good movie, watch it!  The Princess Bride was released in 1987 and although it wasn't very popular at the time, it has since become a cult classic. Why is that?  It is based on a novel by William Goldman, who also wrote the screenplay.  In 2006, his screenplay was selected by the Writer's Guild of America as the 84th best screenplay of ALL TIME!  And no wonder, it is such a cleverly written story.  Directed by Rob Reiner, it is not only funny but also quite beautiful since it was filmed in England and Ireland.  The casting is brilliant and the most wonderful thing about it is that it is for girls AND boys of all ages! 

Our son, we are not sure why, was absolutely fascinated by swordfighting.  He loved the movie with Kevin Coster playing Robin Hood (yes, his accent WAS American, I  know, but c'mon, he is KEVIN COSTNER, after all, you gotta love him!) and also the movie, Jumanji.    The swordfighting in The Princess Bride was really outstanding and it wasn't until later that I learned that the actors actually did their own swordfighting.   I hope you will enjoy the video that I found above from Youtube and that you will find Christopher Guest to be as funny as I think he is.  Also, I love the back story that the wonderful Mandy Patinkin gives us here, I find this to be quite moving...

There are a lot of bad movies out there.  This isn't one of them.  This is one that will make you feel better about life, about people, about the whole world!  And to quote from the movie, I will leave you with this:                     " A S   Y O U   W I S H "

You'll have to watch the movie now, so you'll know what that means!


  1. While I've never watched the movie, I absolutely LOVED the book when I read it in my late teens in the 1980s while studying at Librarian School. My best friend and I both read it, and it became an endless source for our in-jokes and wordgames. I think I want to read it again at some stage. And now, after your recommendation, I'll try and catch the movie, too.

  2. Much to my son's horror I only watch about one movie every two or three years but I'll book the Princess Bride for my Christmas Eve movie this year (he's bound to have it). One reason I don't watch them is so many leave you depressed about human nature, even with their happy endings. To know of one "that will make you feel better about life, about people, about the whole world!" is very refreshing. Thank you, Kay.

  3. Dear Librarian,
    I knew you would love all the wordplay! Hope you like the movie version of it too!

  4. Scriptor,
    I knew you don't watch movies so I am thrilled that you will try to watch this one! Many times I don't like the movies that the critics like, but ones that gently give a positive point of view in a very understated kind of way. This is why this movie wasn't popular at first, I believe, there was nothing flashy about it, nothing "over the top", no super-hero to promote and market. A movie that is good for everyone becomes a marketing nightmare, I suppose.

  5. I love this movie - I used to watch it every time I got sick as a kid.

    I will have to read the book - hope it is as clever as the movie.

    hope your week is going well.


  6. Elizabeth,
    We seem to like the same things, you must have good taste. :-)
    You saying you watched this when you were sick, reminds me that when our son was very little he would always watch "Roger Rabbit" when I colored my hair! (He would ask for it EVERY TIME!) There is a line from that movie that I love, "Could you have moved your hand at any time?" Roger's answer is "No, only when it was funny!".
    Oh dear, showing my silliness here, but I do love my comedies!

  7. I've seen this move a few times and always enjoyed it! It is so well done!! And recently, I just rewatched Chocolat another movie I have seen multiple times... I hope you are doing well, Kay! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday! Hugs, Silke

  8. Silke,
    Oh yes, I have seen Chocolat also and quite enjoyed it! I don't like a lot of movies that the critics like but I liked that one!
    Hope to get to climb a mountain this weekend, I will wave in your direction to the East in Savannah. Walk on the beach for me, will you?
    Hugs to YOU!