Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chris De Burgh/Footsteps 2

Did anyone listen to the song by Chris De Burgh that I had on my post about my apple pie served under the moonlight? Chris De Burgh is a fascinating artist and musician, you might know his biggest hit,  "Lady In Red".  I first learned of him from the song "A Spaceman Came Traveling".  He has always been a big favorite in our household.  Richard saw him in the very early days of his career when he opened for Supertramp in 1974. You may read more about him here. He is a wonderful artist but until my post when I was looking for that song, I didn't know that he has had a new CD out since October of 2011!  Four are his own songs, all the others are songs that are "real favorites" of his.  Now, he didn't call me up and ask me which songs I would like for him to have on this CD, but he might as well have done since all these songs are so familiar and dear to me...

 His new CD is called Footsteps 2 and his website is here   Oh, Happy Days!  I was able to find this video for you, it is over 6 minutes long, but it is so good!  It was filmed in Cologne, Germany and shows the Cathedral and the bridge with all the lovelocks upon it with a special gift to Chris De Burgh from his fans.  Let me know if you find this as interesting and wonderful as I do.

  1. While You See A Chance
  2. Let It Be
  3. The Living Years
  4. Blue Bayou
  5. SOS
  6. Seven Bridges
  7. Lady Madonna
  1. Time In A Bottle
  2. Already There
  3. In The Ghetto
  4. Long Train Running
  5. On A Christmas Night
  6. Every Step Of The Way
  7. Footsteps 2 Theme

Here is the track listing for this album.  And I must tell you, that song that is "Long Train Running", it is more well known by just a few words rather than the title which reminds me of this story.  In high school, our principal scolded students for kissing in the hallway, and the next morning someone had posted a huge sign on the roof over the principal's office with these words...
 "Without Love, Where Would You Be Now."                


  1. I did have a listen, and enjoyed it. I haven't listened to Chris de Burgh for a very long time, but since wandering around the graveyard last week I have had 'In a Country Churchyard' going around in my head!

    1. Dear Tracey,
      He still is in good voice! Glad you liked it too!

  2. Ol' Bessy cooperated and played this, and i'm glad she did. Thank you.

    1. Dear Mimi,
      I'm glad that you liked this too. I just looked this up and he did not release this in the USA, but you can get it on Amazon, and you know I will!

  3. What a coincidence. I have just been trying to write a song, the first line goes: 'there's one train running'.
    Oh dear! Sorry to have bored you with this very uninteresting snippet of information. :-)

    1. Hey John!
      Honestly, I find that snippit of information quite interesting...don't know what that says about me! Look forward to hearing your song with that beginning line!

  4. Oh - I Love that stone heart :) Those lovelocks on the bridge are amazing! It's lovely to see that Chris appreciates his fans so much.

    1. Dear Jane,
      Guess what? That is the heart that I made for Richard on Arabia Mountain for Valentine's Day, and it is still there! (You may look back in February to see if it looks any different!) I am surprised that no one has touched it, but it is a bit low so perhaps is hard to see. (I was always good at hiding things!)
      Glad you liked the video too!

  5. I love that story ~ I remember people constantly getting in trouble for kissing, etc in the hallways when I was in high school. I think it's pretty cool that someone left your principal a message like that. So funny! Very sweet that you made that heart for Richard. I'll look for it when I check out Arabia ~ ha! I'm jealous that Richard saw Supertramp!!!

    1. Dear Audrey,
      Thanks! Oh, and that heart has been there since Valentine's Day! Hey, guess what? I saw Supertramp too! I might have to do a post about it!

  6. Nice video! Thank you for sharing it with us. I've always been a fan of Chris de Burgh's music. He has an amazing voice, and many of his songs are so unique - like 'Spanish Train!'. And beautiful like 'Lonely Sky'.

  7. Dear Martha,
    Glad you liked the video!
    He is very good but he can be naughty you know Patricia the Stripper? :-)
    And I think his voice still sounds very good!.
    You know what I am asking for my birthday!

  8. Actually, I never was into his music - just not quite my style, but he was (and still is) hugely popular in Germany.
    In 2010, when one of my aunts turned 70 and we travelled to the Provence (South France) to celebrate with her, she treated us to an afternoon aboard a river cruise ship, starting and ending in Avignon. Most people aboard were my aunt's age, and they all preferred to stay inside the climatised dining room for the whole trip, but my sister and I wanted sun and fresh air, so we sat upstairs on the upper deck and enjoyed the view.
    After a little while, a family that had been sitting at the table next to ours during dinner came up, too, and they turned out to be Chris de Burgh, his wife, his very beautiful daughter and two young lads (his sons?).
    The young ones were reading and playing with their mobile phones, but Chris de Burgh and his wife sat with us (after politely having asked if they could), and we spent a most pleasant couple of hours talking about anything and everything.
    They were both very nice, and of course I never told him that my musical taste was not quite met by his work :-)

  9. MEIKE!!!!
    Oh my goodness!
    How lucky can you be! Richard, who is a HUGE fan and is also a HUGE fan of river cruises, would just have LOVED to have been in your shoes! Did you watch the video? This CD is mostly songs of other artist's that are favorites of his, he has a really good singing voice. You are as casual as SP meeting Paul McCartney at a train station, I would have been thrilled! No, more than thrilled, I love songwriters, I would never stop speaking of it!