Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quiet Confidence

This is a quote that I was thinking of earlier today but couldn't remember it, so I looked it up.
It is by Admiral Jervis, who was one of the British Naval officers during the Napoleonic Wars.  In a letter to the House of Lords, he wrote these words:

I do not say, my Lords, that the French will not come.  I say only they will not come by sea.

There is something in those quiet, confident words that I find quite remarkable. 


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    1. Pastor Dennis,
      I am glad you like it. Also, glad that you liked the poem that I left as a comment to you.

  2. Hi Kay, I like that term, quiet confidence. I take it admiral jervis meant no way would an enemy prevail on his sea!

    Ps How about my bird book from Sharon? Oohlala


    1. Hey kj,
      I wish I could say that I made that up, but I did not, my husband has said it for years, and it is very English, since it is straight from the Book of Common Prayer, which, by the way, next to the Bible, is my favorite book.
      And yes, Winston Churchill said almost the same thing in a much more stirring way during World War II.
      And am I happy that I recognized your name as one of the winners? You better believe it! :-)

  3. That's a nice quote. I guess he was at peace with his thoughts. That's a lovely picture, Kay!

  4. Dear Martha,
    Thanks. I hope you will be able to post some watery photos soon!

  5. An amazing statement, and a beautiful picture to go with it.

  6. Hi Kay, the photo with the lighthouse looking so small against the cliff was so lovely to see. Did you also take this one? If so, where was it taken at? I enjoyed seeing photos from your visit to Stone Mountain. We were there several years ago when we visited my cousin who lives in Norcross (near you?). It was crowded when we visited over a holiday weekend, but still some spectacular views from the top.

  7. Hello!
    Norcross isn't too far away. I'm glad you liked the photos of Stone Mountain! It gets very crowded on the weekends! The photo on this post was taken at Beachy Head in Eastbourne, England. It is a gorgeous spot.
    Thank you for your comment! I think that is a photo of a Boyd bear, if I am not mistaken.