Monday, February 6, 2012

Arabia Mountain/Super Weather!

 SUPER WEATHER! Rain was forecast for the Atlanta area for this weekend. That was not a surprise. What was the surprise was this: they got it wrong. It was BEAUTIFUL and I do mean beautiful! I had to buy some new walking shoes but when we came out of the shop and saw the sky, we knew we had to go and climb a mountain. Arabia Mountain it is...let's go!

 I asked Richard to take a photo of these clouds, just in case they were gone by the time we got to the mountain.  This is what the sky looked like from the parking lot of the shopping center. "Look at that sky!"  Poor Richard, I must have said that a dozen times...don't you feel sorry for him?  But look at it!

 This plant is Diamorpha Smallii and it is as bright red as you can imagine. (People ask "What is the red stuff?)  I wanted to wait and show you these red photos on Valentine's Day as they remind me of bright red hearts, but I just couldn't wait to post them.  Consider this an early present, and it won't make you gain weight!
 That's Richard's shadow in his nice hat that makes people think that he is from Australia!
 We sat on one of the rock ledges and had our coffee.  This was our view to the right  and the sun was warm on our faces.  So much so, we had to move over a bit and get into some shade, in February!
                                   And this was our view right in front of us.  By this time, the clouds were moving
                                    by very quickly indeed.
 Now can you see why I had to buy some new walking shoes?  Richard caught me treading carefully!
 I wish I could post the videos that Richard has taken of these waterfalls. Sometimes, after we have gone after a heavy rain, they have been quite full...other times, just a gentle splashing, but at all times, a very lovely sight and sound.
 I was very excited to spot the moon after we came down the other side of the mountain.  The sun is going down now and we are just getting the last slanting rays of the sun.  It's still warm and the air is lovely with the smell of pine...
 We decided to walk back up the trail to the mountain, just a bit, we wanted to be in the sun as long as possible.  This photo above?  That area with the pebbly rock was underwater for one of our visits, but just the once, and we wondered what made it do that?  We have had heavier rain since, but the water has not pooled up is a mystery.
 Now, the sun is going down and can you see my ghostly self looking up? What is up there?
Moonlight through the pines again!  What is this, Georgia or something? Yes, and it must be near Atlanta too, do you see the airplane?


  1. You are SO LUCKY ~ Charlotte was yucky, grey, cold and rainy. We stayed in almost all weekend, most of the time in our jammies. That sky and those clouds are GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Hey Audrey,
    You're not kidding! It was especially welcome since the weatherman said that we would get rainy weather too!
    Pleased that you liked the clouds too.
    Poor you, rain AND the horrible Madonna halftime show! :-)

  3. What a gorgeous time you must have had. I just love that pic (#8) with the moon in it. I am so missing my walks this time of year, but it's too icy in spots and I refuse to take a chance. Come on spring!

  4. Yay! Oh, I am happy you liked that photo with the moon, I took that one! (Richard is the better photographer!)

  5. How lovely to go for another walk up Arabia Mountain with you while having my morning coffee and Pukky on my lap!
    And how I envy you for a day warm enough you seek the shadow - we are only in our second or third week of the VERY cold spell, and I'm afraid it will last for several more weeks.
    When I looked at the moon picture before clicking on it for a better view, I thought there was a bird in the sky. And indeed a bird it is, but of the huge, metal variety.

    1. Dear Librarian,
      So happy you enjoyed ANOTHER walk with us! I read recently of a famous preacher who in Victorian times was criticized for using too much humor in his sermons. His reply was "You would not say that if only you knew how much I have held back." That made me think of myself talking of Stone Mountain and Arabia Mountain!
      Typical Georgia, after that unexpected GIFT of a weekend, the weather on Monday dropped by 20 degrees and all day was very overcast. But, at the end of the day, the sun came out and Richard and I went on a walk together!
      We see a LOT of planes going over when we are on Arabia, as it is in the direct path to the Atlanta airport. Oh, and Meike, there is a new website for Arabia I meant to put that in this post, but I daresay that will give me another reason to do a post about our beloved ARABIA!

  6. That blue sky was a tonic.

    Grey, snow filled sky here and bitterly cold.


    1. Dear SP,
      BLUE SKY TONIC...oh my dear, where were you when I was thinking of a name for my blog?

      I love snow but the bitterly cold part is where I draw the line!

      Never mind, spring will come again!

  7. Beautiful! You must have had a wonderful time. You are so fortunate to have the weather you do. This post reminded me that I need to get a new pair of walking shoes!

    My hubby and I love to go walking. We haven't been doing much of that while winter is here, but come spring, we'll get right back to it.

    1. Dear Martha,
      New Balance 490 Walking Shoes- the best ever! (No longer available!) I have walked on these shoes as if I am on a cloud!!
      New Balance 494 Walking Shoes- the ones I bought on Sunday, wish me luck!
      If you walk a lot, the kind that are labeled "walking shoes" really are better, since there is more room for your toes in the front of the shoe. This is really a big difference when you are on a sharp incline for any length of time (like Arabia Mountain or Stone Mountain). I would like to make WALKING as popular as RUNNING. Walking is better for your health, I believe.
      Happy Trails to you and your husband! Spring will be here soon!

  8. What a wonderful place to walk, and such lovely weather too. Gorgeous pictures, I really enjoyed looking through them. Were your new walking shoes comfortable?

    1. Tracey,
      Oh, it is a beautiful spot and we truly enjoyed it.
      Ha, guess what, I didn't want to get my new shoes muddy so I wore my old worn out ones. Am I a funny one or what?! :-)

  9. Hi Kay,
    I love the place where you went hiking! Gorgeous! And yes, that is a Roy Rogers lunchbox in my pics, when I win the lottery I'm going to buy it!! Love that you named your brother Roger Dale, cool. :-) Have a good week.
    Dorothy and Wilma~~

    1. Hey Dorothy!
      Our brother better be glad, we loved Annie Oakley too!
      My sister and I had matching Annie Oakley bedspreads on our beds, wish I still mine.

  10. Hi Kay! Loved this post... that beautiful mountain and all the colours and the moon too...glorious. So happy that you had the gift of an unexpectedly warm makes all the difference! We are so cold here - snowed on Saturday and although it's almost all gone, we had -11c last night and the earth is like iron. I'm flying off to the summer heat of Australia tonight, leaving Paul & Alice here so it's bittersweet. Right now I can't believe that I'm going to be warm soon! Sending much love xx Rachel

  11. Dear Rachel,
    Oh, how wonderful to visit Australia. I think it is your sister that lives sister lived there for a few years and her photos of the beaches in Australia are beautiful!
    The warmth of the Australian summer will be amazing after the cold that you have had in England. ENJOY!

  12. I wondered if it was some sort of Algae to begin with. Thanks for enlightening me.