Saturday, March 10, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On/Yellow Jasmine

    Everyone knows the story behind the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters, don't they?  They were made by the British government during World War II, but were never used.  Since that image is used on so many things now, you may think it has been around longer, but it was only discovered in the year 2000 by the owner of a bookshop in England called Barter Books and their website is   In the USA, we have bookstores (well, we did, they are closing down everyday) but in the UK, they are called bookshops.
You might like to pay that website a visit.  (I have read that the copyright is expired on this, but since this is an independent bookstore, wouldn't it be nice to support them?)  I love books and bookstores in the USA and bookshops in England!  Now, put a bookshop  in a beautifully built railway station from the 1800's and I am in heaven!  The story behind the poster is in the Youtube video I have posted here.  This very interesting video not only shows fascinating wartime footage but also  the bookshop itself, complete with miniature trains running overhead, which is fitting, wouldn't you say? ( PLEASE, you MUST go and look at the website. Don't miss the Writer's Mural and make sure you read about the  Station Buffet not to find out what food is being served, but to discover that it was a HIDDEN  room! )  I even love the music chosen for this and the beautiful way that it is filmed and edited.  Oh dear, can you tell that my son is a film major in college and has had an influence on me?  But hey, it is YOUR gain, dear reader.
Hope you find this video as special as I did.
Can't leave you without an image of Arabia Mountain!  We walked there Thursday night and tonight and this photo was taken on Thursday and it is the yellow jasmine. The fragrance!  It is too wonderful for words.

"Flowers are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul"


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    1. Dear Kay,
      Thank you! My husband probably took this one, since it is so good! This was taken on Arabia Mountain and if you put that into my new search engine at the top, you will see how much I have written about it!
      I have looked at photos on the internet of Arabia Mountain, and Richard's photos compare to them and oftentimes are even better.!

  2. Hello Kay:
    How very intriguing all of this is. We had no idea whatsoever, until now, of the origin of the poster. And we have much enjoyed looking at the footage of wartime Britain.

    As for independent bookshops we certainly all need to do everything possible to keep them alive.

    1. Dear Jane & Lance,
      Oh, I am glad that you enjoyed this too. I meant to say more about the video so I have now edited this!

      Yay for independent bookstores (or bookshops,as they are called there)! So many have closed down in the USA. Very sad.

  3. What a brilliant little film Kay! And that bookshop looks simply wonderful - I'm going to visit it now.

    1. Dear Sulky Kitten,
      So happy that you enjoyed it too!
      Imagine just finding that poster in a box...

  4. What a wonderful film, Kay! And what a charming bookshop Barter Books is. I could lose myself in that place for hours. It looks so inviting and cozy!

  5. Dear Martha,
    Me and you both! That beautiful building with all those books, what a treasure.

  6. It's a beautiful message actually, too bad it was first envisioned as a means of propaganda. I adore that bookshop - we have one in the city (not nearly as wonderful as this one though) that's so cosy, you just want to pull a blanket up over yourself and take a nap while there! I sure hope the 'bookshop' never goes completely out of fashion - what we need is more of them. "You've Got Mail" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, is one of my favourite movies. How I'd love to have a whiff of that jasmine... :)

  7. "To inspire during difficult times", is what the narrator said that these words do even today. Some of the wartime posters were not as gently worded as this one from England. Books about World War II are a big fascination for me since I spoke to so many veterans from that war, both from the USA and from England.
    Dear Jane, why don't you have your own bookstore? Do you say bookstore or bookshop in Canada? :-)

  8. On a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow a woman turned up with some of the original posters. Previously it was believed there was only the one left. They were valued at £1000 a poster, and she had 18!

  9. Dear Tracey,
    I love Antiques Roadshow...we have copied it from England and we have it here too!
    Wow, imagine just having posters like that, worth that much money. I hope it was someone who needed the money and not someone very wealthy already, don't you?