Saturday, September 21, 2019

London Pubs and Breweries

Top 20 Places to Drink Beer in London!

Would you like to read about the top 20 places to drink beer in London?  Sure you do!  Just click on that link that I gave you above and you should be able to read most of the article that our son wrote for the Beer Connoisseur Magazine!  (You might have to subscribe to the magazine to read the entire article.)

Christopher visited London this summer and I am happy to tell you that he inherited his father's talent at photography.  (Poor lad, he only inherited my seasonal allergies.) The photos that he took are outstanding!

One of the pubs that he mentioned is the Anchor Bankside on the South Bank.  Richard took a photo the last time we were there. If you look at the second window, you will see an American gawking  looking up at the pub- that would be ME!   

(Gee whiz, I am good at my words..."gawk" means to stare openly and stupidly.  I really should not have crossed that word out!)

Please let me know if you are able to read our son's article!
He is SUCH a great writer, truly he is! Of course, I am a bit biased in that regard but I am not the only one who thinks this about him.
Hope you are all doing well these days.  In Georgia we are ready for summer to be OVER. I got into my car this week and it said 108 degrees for the outside temp...that would have been correct on that hot Georgia asphalt parking lot. This week, it has been promised that there will be record breaking high temperatures, in the 90's.
Take care and stay cool!

Our hummingbirds will be leaving soon, usually the first week of October. How much I love them! Look at this photo, see those little feet? This tiny bird will fly NONSTOP across the Gulf of Mexico, a distance of 500 miles.  Wow.

What song will I share here?  You know the one!


  1. I like English pubs, having had dinner in one back in 1969. Great photo of you in that pub.

  2. Dear Kay, I am sure your son has inherited much more from you, for instance a great singing voice and a wide open mind, interested in so many things and able to transmit the most fascinating information to readers - you on your blog, he in his articles.
    Here, we're in for a rather drastic weather change next week: After the most wonderful late summer weather, it is forecast to be rainy (much needed) and chilly then. That's alright for me, as I'll be back to work on Monday after two weeks off.

  3. I was able to read the part that wasn't behind the paywall. Very entertaining and yes, what marvelous photos too! Now THAT must have been an exciting assignment for him!

  4. Yay for your son!!! We have had hot weather here--very unusual for us and also the wettest summer in this area's history. It has been a crazy season. xo Diana

  5. Dear Kay, your interests as reflected in your blog range far and wee. thanks for the link! Peace.

  6. Pubs and hummingbirds and walking... oh my. Your posts are so interesting.

  7. Your son is an amazing young man, but you already knew that. If i ever get back to London, i want this article with me.

  8. Christopher is very talented and I am sure he inherited a lot of that from you as well as his father.
    People with curiosity and an interest in many things will never be bored!

  9. I still enjoy that song. I was living at the northern beaches of Yorkeys Knob (Tropical North Queensland) when it hit the charts. A fun, happy song - reminder of a fun, happy time. :)

  10. I'm hardly a "beer connoisseur " but I do enjoy craft brews and try to sample local varieties whenever I travel. Reading your son's article makes me want to visit London now.

  11. He must be rich to afford London prices!!!!

  12. Great shots!
    Love both the red shutters on the pub and the red in the hummingbird photograph :)

    All the best Jan

  13. I soooo hope to visit England/London one day! Maybe when hubby retires!!!! So many things we want to do!



  14. Hello. I have been reading your blog and I wanted you to know I linked your post up about the Dear Paul, Dear Stephanie book. It's a pleasure looking at your photos and reading your blog.


    Here's the link, I gave you the deserved credit of course!

  15. How cool is that: Chris's article! I read what I was able to without a subscription. It's not easy to have an article published in a good magazine. Congrats to Chris! I just returned from a week in Las Vegas where I watched my favorite Fremont Street band, Rock Steady Las Vegas, sing several nights. Every night they sang a rousing rendition of the song in the video you chose. Now I know the Proclaimers did it. Thanks!