Saturday, January 5, 2013


Help! I am not able to get photos on my posts and I don't know the reason.  There is still plenty of space left on it. (I asked my son to check and see if I was correct.)  When I click on the IMAGES button, the button that usually pops up is not there...has anyone else had this problem?

This is very frustrating to me!  Help me, I am on pins and needles waiting for your answer.  I can get to Youtube, so here is "Needles And Pins", if you get the connection! 


  1. Kay- I see some other blogs having the same problem. Troutbirder, for one. There is something wrong with Blogger I guess. One lady said Blogger was aware, and looking into it. I will see if I can upload something-

  2. Kay- I was just able to upload a picture of a pie. Do you have Chrome? I do.

  3. Kay, About a month ago, my blog was popping up and saying I had no space left for photo and that I would have to buy some ....well I just waited it out and it went away. But I have been reading where others are having the same problem. It's one of those darn blogger/google pains. Hope it works out for you, I'd help you if I could...but I an a computer dummy. xoxo,Susie

  4. Blogger is a law unto itself at times, Kay! Hope you can get back to normal soon.

  5. Same problem here, Kay. Then I tried to delete some pictures from my Picasso and accidently deleted a whole album (940) pictures! I even lost my header picture. And I'm paying google every month for extra storage. I lost all the photos on my old blog posts. It's a nightmare alright. I changed computers twice, finally on my laptop I was able to download some new pics from things I was bidding on on eBay and post them. I don't even know what made the difference. I'm thinking about changing to typepad, I just don't like change.
    I hope your problem gets fixed.

  6. how much collective weight would be lifted off our collective heads if only blogger would get its act together and behave more often than not.

    i say wait a bit: it will likely fix itself


  7. I went through something similar recently.
    My pictures wouldn't load, and I got a message saying I had to buy some space.
    But then I couldn't figure out how to buy it.
    Then I got busy with Christmas, came back a few days later, and have had no problem since
    (and I never bought any space!).
    Maybe a little time will help.
    Probably you tried shutting down everything, checking all your computer connections, and rebooting your computer - right? Sometimes that helps me when I get into snafus with my computer.

    Good luck, Kay! I'm curious to hear what happens.
    A little Labradoodle and her dads have helped me a lot. Maybe they will post some good suggestions.

  8. I had the same problem yesterday. Internet Explorer would not display the browse from you computer button. I switched browsers to Firefox, and there it was, just like normal.

  9. Kay- I think it is a blogger issue. I have read at least a dozen blogs where they were not able to post pictures. How aggravating. I don't even like the new blogger format-I liked the old one much better. xo Diana

  10. Hi Kay, Got a Minute or Two mentioned the same problem. I haven't tried to blog or post any pics myself. Hope it gets fixed.

  11. I wouldn't worry about it Kay, I expect it's one of Blogger's famous glitches that'll right itself by tomorrow. I've had the weirdest things happen on my blog over the years, but then they magically disappear or fix themselves, usually overnight, lol!

  12. Oh no... This is awful. I haven't had that problem, but I did have a posting problem before. I hope this gets corrected for you soon. Have you tried going on the blogger forum?

  13. You are not the first to have the problem recently Kay. I've had it on occasion but it has always remedied itself after a few days. If you do not reduce the size of your pictures then they may count against your allocation on Picasa. I have thousands of pictures but am using a minuscule amount of my allocation because few pictures are more than 100kb (I use standard pixel size of 800 on the longest side which fills the width of the blog).

    I think that Google has different policies for different countries but a friend in Barbados has told me that her Picasa allowance is 1Gb but that her understanding is that if the photo size is below 800kb they are not calculated towards the 1Gig allowed.

    I hope this helps.

  14. Blogger is notorious for having multiple glitches. For about seven months, I was not able to manage the blogs I was following. The Blogger "help" pages are not very reassuring, as everyone seems to be having some type of "glitch," and some posts get responses, while many others do not.

    In any event, I hope that the problem will "correct itself" for you in the future. I still have to deal with various Blogger glitches from time to time. I just do the best I can with it, but of course, that doesn't end the frustration.

  15. No idea why this happens. Search the blog 'help.' Try another browser maybe? Clear 'cache' etc. I hope something works for you.

  16. O dear, Blogger and its little "quirks". Sometimes it sorts itself out in time... I'm sorry, I'm not very tech-savvy lol. But a blessed, peaceful new year to you Kay, hugs :)

  17. I've had that problem before, Kay, and it's usually a blogger glitch and will be remedied the next day. I would just wait and see for a bit... Happy Sunday! Hugs, Silke

    I really appreciate your help. I felt that it must have been something that I had done, but it looks like I am not the only one with this problem.
    I hope it will work out, Richard's photos are waiting for you to enjoy!!