Sunday, February 7, 2016

Broncos Win Super Bowl (Music by Brits)

The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl 50 by a score of 24-10. A lot of people might be disappointed because so many like the young quarterback from the Carolina Panthers, but hey, he is young, and I predict that we will see him win the Super Bowl another year in the future!  My sister lives in Colorado, so of course, I had to root for Denver.  (Sorry, Audrey in Charlotte, North Carolina...don't be mad with me! Just think how happy Louise will be in Colorado!)

Now, the thing I would like to mention...I couldn't help but notice that a good bit of the music that I heard during this broadcast was from England!  Yes, I know, I must drive you all crazy telling you these things that come to my attention, but's true!  Coldplay was the headliner during the half time and they were really good.  I made a list of every English artist that I heard.

 Here is my list:

Jeff Lynne's ELO  (When I Was A Boy)  - Remember I mentioned this song? It was in honor of my son for his birthday.  Very pleased to see it used in a commercial!
Rolling Stones
David Bowie
(English Band singing Friends during Marmot for Life?) *see note below!
The Shadows  "Apache"  (Richard said an Englishman wrote it, but the Shadows had a big hit with it.
Queen (again)
Queen (and again, but this time with David Bowie)  "Under Pressure"

Okay, Richard didn't really want to watch this game with me.  (Oh, I know, what can he be thinking? It was a very good game!!)  Anyway, I asked him to try to find the singer or band that sang the song "Friends"...they sounded very English at times, but sometimes, not quite...I don't know how to explain it.  So...after MUCH searching, (thanks Richard) we found it!
 *That song is not English but it is from "The Flight of the Conchords", and they are from New Zealand.  

This is the video of the TV ad but if you type in "Flight of the Conchords and friends" into a search engine, you can see them singing the entire song on YouTube and it is funny!


Also, the ad using "Somebody To Love" by sounds like Queen on the truck, but the sheep sound like an American trying to sound British, but hey, that is just me noticing these things again! (I am not making fun of Americans trying to sound British, I know whereof I speak!)
I made Richard some brownies this morning and I put them on an English plate!  AND my Daddy called me during the Super Bowl and he is doing much better.  Super Day!


  1. The last part of this post is the best, Kay - your Dad doing much better! Three cheers!!!
    The brownies look delicious, are there any left? ;-)

  2. That's good news about your Dad, Kay...I'm glad he's on the mend. That's wonderful. Tell him to keep up the good work! :)

    I watched the whole lead-up to the game; the story behind Peyton Manning and The Colts, etc., which was an interesting exposé; and, of course, I watched the game...from go to whoa. I always do. Half my day was put aside for the game and all that went with it. My ex and I always used to watch the Super Bowl...he still does, too. He lived in New York for nigh on a decade and has always been a fan of American football. We chatted briefly, via phone, just after Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem. I thought she was great. And I enjoyed the half time entertainment, too. Oh...I enjoyed the game, too.

    Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers made a few blunders...he's young...he's got a lot to learn still. And his day will come. I'm glad Peyton Manning had another moment in the sun.

  3. I loved the sheep commercial. And I agree, Cam is young and just wasn't on his game last night. I was pulling for the Panthers, but I really like Peyton.

    1. Oh sorry, I also meant to say that I am glad to hear your dad is feeling better.

  4. Congrats to the team that did the best sportsballing. My understanding is that watching the game is a legal requirement in America. If you don't do it then the police turn up with a plate of wings and watch it with you. That's a lot of English in a very American tradition. i understand the Bowie though.

  5. So glad your team won and that your Dad is doing better!

  6. I only saw a couple of the commercials. May I just say that the 'puppy-monkey-baby' one was way creepy. Ick.

    Glad your Dad is feeling better. Have a good week, Kay!

  7. Hubby rooted for Denver, and I rooted for Carolina. He was ecstatic, I was not. Lol.

  8. Glad your Dad is doing better. I'm not a Denver fan, but I am a Peyton Manning fan, so I'm glad he won his 2nd Super Bowl, now he's even with his brother.

  9. Glad to hear that your Dad is doing better! xx

  10. Oh Kay, I guess I'll have to forgive you! Thank you for watching the school video though! I'm just very happy your Dad is doing better ~ that is WORLDS better than anything having to do with the Super Bowl!

  11. This was one of the first times that I actually watched a Super Bowl game as neighbors invited us over. And, I did see all the commercials most of which were not particularly interesting,msome were downright creepy. Glad to read your dad is doing better.

  12. I mostly slept in front of the super bowl. :)

  13. I was watching something else and missed the Super Bowl. I have seen several of the commercials. The one with the sheep singing a Queen song was good.

  14. Just popped over from Lynn's blog. Whenever I'm in the states I'm always amazed at how much British music I hear on the radio. Singers like Sam Smith, Adele and Jessie J get loads of airplay!

    I've never watched the Superbowl, but then I am a Brit!

  15. They have some good commercials.

  16. They have some good commercials.

  17. I have to admit that I watched the Super Bowl just for the commercials. Art really enjoyed the game though.