Tuesday, December 9, 2014

UNBROKEN Movie- Louis Zamperini

I felt like I had lost a friend when  Louie Zamperini died, although we had never met.  We exchanged a few notes and letters over the years, beginning in 2004, when I wrote a letter to the publisher after I had read the book, "Devil At My Heels" which was forwarded to Louie.  (Any of my regular followers will know this, but I state this for those who do not know my great admiration for Louis Zamperini!)     I wish I could have met him in person.  However, I do know the sound of his voice, from videos that I have watched on YouTube.

Before the movie, "Unbroken" comes out on Christmas day, I urge you to watch this video.  I predict that the "Unbroken" movie will be very popular.  Angelina Jolie is giving interviews promoting the film just now and it seems to me that she has given his story the proper respect that it deserves. 

If you don't have time to watch this video now, then just remember to come back to it when you get the chance.   Okay?  And if you are going through any tough times just now, remember the advice that Louis Zamperini wrote to me... "Be hardy"!   

hardy -   robust, capable of enduring difficult circumstances.

Thank you, Louis Zamperini!  I can't wait until the whole world knows about you and your remarkable life through the new film! 

And I have a link to an interview from the daughter of Louis Zamperini, you may read it just here.
I was pleased to see this since I had never seen or heard anything from her before. 

Cover of Unbroken in England...I had to buy this in England, you know I did!


  1. I have been waiting for this movie to be released at last. It is a powerful story about a man in extraordinary circumstances and how he endured.

  2. People like Louis and Corrie ten Boom inspire me to be hardy and know that God will bring me through whatever happens.

  3. We need more heroes like Mr. Zamperini!

  4. The movie is getting a lot of coverage down way, of course, because most of it was filmed here...not very far from where I live. I hope the movie does well at the box office...and I hope Angelina is nominated for an award or two for it. In honour of Mr. Zamperini...and of her dedication to the good causes.

  5. Kay that is one movie I am truly looking forward to seeing. Hope all is well at your house . xoxo,Susie

  6. What an incredible human being! I watched this video with Art and we were both glued. How amazing to know Zamperini was right here in Kahuku. I imagine Watanabe could not face him because he was weak and felt too guilty to face up to what he had done. I thought it was commendable that he did not say he followed orders. He did the evil on his own and he admits it. It's too bad he did not meet Zamperini and apologize and truly taken responsibility. Louis Zamperini led and incredible life. I'm glad Jolie created the movie.

  7. There was an advert for it on TV here tonight and it is in cinemas over Christmas. The UK trailer looks really good. I've just watched " Noah" and not sure what to make of it yet. It's certainly intense and fairly dark in places. As I bought it I,ll watch it again as there is a lot in it and it's quite strange, as you would expect from Aronofsky. I,m curious to know what you made of it yourself if you've seen it?