Friday, January 17, 2014

Lizzie Borden

"Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks,
When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one".

This is supposedly the skipping rope rhyme that children said after a particularly gruesome murder trail in Fall River, Massachusetts in the year 1892.  (Can I just say that I hope children really did not say this, perhaps it was something that a newspaper wag wrote and put it in the mouths of children? Let's hope so anyway.)  Lizzie Borden was charged with the murders of her father and step-mother who were found dead in their own home after they had been brutally attacked with a hatchet.  Lizzie was put on trail but was found not guilty.  No one else was ever charged and Lizzie Borden lived the rest of her life in Fall River, Massachusetts.  If you ever visit there, the home itself has been turned into a Bed and Breakfast.  I am not kidding.

I have read three books about this case.  One book described Lizzie Borden committing the murders.  Another book implicated the Irish maid and the third book had Lizzie's sister, Emma as the guilty culprit!  There was an excellent TV movie in 1975, "The Legend of Lizzie Borden" with Elizabeth Montgomery (remember pretty Samantha from "Bewitched"?) playing the role of Lizzie Borden.  Oddly enough, Elizabeth Montgomery was distantly related to Lizzie Borden.  (She did not know this at the time of the filming. I wonder what she would have thought of this had she known?)
Now, there will be a new movie with Christina Ricci playing the role of Lizzie Borden which will be shown on Lifetime network here in the USA, on Saturday, Jan.25th at 8PM.  The movie will be entitled "Lizzie Borden Took An Axe".  (I have seen it spelled "axe" and "ax"...Richard says that axe is the British spelling but he thinks that ax is the American spelling.  I must admit, I don't write that word very often!)  Of course, I will be sure to watch the new movie next Saturday and I hope they stay close to the facts of the case.  Do I think she was guilty? I really don't know.  I am thinking that it is possible that she was innocent but then again, I just don't know, I still am not sure whether Lizzie Borden was guilty or not...

On a lighter note, I am thinking now, that a football (and for anyone else reading this from another country, I mean an AMERICAN football!) will look good on the front of the vest that I have crocheted!  So..I am off to TRY and crochet a football.  Wish me luck!

I crocheted something which was supposed to cover a coffee mug....but it was too big.  However, it was perfect for this candle holder and then, I did this little red flower and tied it around this gray crocheted piece.  It makes me happy when things work out that way!  (The white candle behind it, is from the Monastery!)  Hope you all have a good weekend. Richard told me he heard on the news that this weekend in Georgia is predicted to be the first completely DRY weekend we have had since November. YAY!)


  1. I read a book once that speculated Lizzie was a lesbian and having an affair with the maid. When her parents found out and were going to ruin her life, she killed them. Maybe it was one of the books you listed? Can't remember -- it's been awhile since I read it. I'd like to see that movie though. I like Christina Ricci. She'd make an appropriately enigmatic Lizzie.

  2. Cute candle cozy, Kay! Good luck with your football. I, of course, will be watching the games on Sunday! Go Peyton Manning! Go Broncos! I've really made an effort to understand more about the game this year, and it's quite fascinating. I've been ranking all the quarterbacks by how pretty their eyes are. Drives my husband crazy! Manning is the best ever ~ but Joe Flacco has the best eyes! As for Lizzy Borden, I don't know if she was guilty or not. But as a third grade teacher who has spent a lot of time on the playground, kiddos are more than capable of skipping rope to that rhyme and worse! Have a good one!

  3. Kids can be very cruel - sometimes without knowing, sometimes in full consciousness -, and so I would not be surprised if the skipping rhyme had actually been used by children.
    In a crime mystery book I read about 20 years ago, the Lizzie Borden case was fleetingly mentioned, and I have never forgotten the name, but only through your post I have now read the wikipedia article and know more.
    What a deeply unhappy family the Bordens must have been! Imagine that kind of family life, it would make anyone go mad, but of course that does not give anyone license for murder.
    Whether she was guilty or not - and her keeping on living in the same town for the rest of her life rather points to her being not guilty - we will never find out. In the meantime, her case continues to be the object of books and films, and blog posts.

  4. You crochet so beautifully! You can do an American football, i know it.

    No matter who committed that crime, the whole story makes me very sad, always has.

  5. Don't you just love a good mystery? I don't know if she was guilty or not..I'm leaning toward guilty though. It's usually someone that the victim knows who does the dirty deeds! I also have seen the paranormal dudes from different shows who have investigated the Borden home...seems to be haunted...wouldn't you want to stay there and have a lovely breakfast if you survive the night? I wonder what the specialty of the house is?! I'll have to catch the new movie!

  6. There really are some inappropriate old nursery rhymes and stories that were allowed way back when, so this wouldn't surprise me at all as a jump-rope rhyme. My dark side finds these stories intriguing.

  7. This case has always fascinated me. I'm not sure how I feel about it; I haven't quite decided whether I think she was guilty or not. It's possible either way. I had heard about that movie with Christina Ricci, but forgotten about it, so I'm glad you mentioned it here. I'd really like to watch it!

  8. I think I saw the Elizabeth Montgomery version of the Lizzie Borden story. It's really a mystery what really happened. I wonder.

  9. It's funny how so many rhymes have sinister or dark meanings. Love your crochet - so pretty. x

  10. Ok, I NEED to check this out. I really don't know much at all about Lizzie Borden. Hope you've been enjoying your dry weekend, Kay!

  11. The author probably had an unpleasant experience with her father and the step- mother.... Geez, I also hope children today won't do such a thing.

    By the way, your crocheted candle holder certainly is an artwork! It is very lovely. Enjoy the week :)

  12. It is great when a project takes an unexpected turn and pans out for the best. I hope you do get some dry weather--snow for us in the forecast.

  13. I'd forgotten about the case though not, of course, the name. The truth is that we will never know but whilst people can speculate then they will speculate. C'est la vie.

  14. Thanks for all your comments.
    It's not that I don't kids can't be cruel. (I wrote a schoolbus as kid, for Pete's sake!) It's just that I wonder if a newspaper reporter didn't make up that rhyme to sell newspapers.
    I just saw that this movie would be shown and wanted to tell you about it. I find true stories about real people the most interesting. You might have figured that out by now!

    I wonder why in the world I showed y'all my crochet candle cover, it is so simple...anyone who crochets, might wonder too!
    We did have a nice weekend. Monday in Atlanta, the high was 60 degrees...tomorrow morning (Wednesday) it will be about 20 degrees! Take care everyone! I am better but now, Richard is sick! AHHHH!!!