Friday, January 20, 2012

AWARE And Arabia Mountain

 Just at the beginning of the trail for Arabia Mountain is the location of AWARE (Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort).  It is a non-profit organization that works to preserve wildlife through education and wildlife rehabilitation.   AWARE accepts injured or orphaned wildlife every day of the year.   Since AWARE is the only wildlife center that does this in Georgia, they take care of  thousands of injured animals every year.  You may read about the center here:    Often after our walk back down the mountain, we will turn to the AWARE wildlife center and hope that one of the cages will be housing the owl named "Einstein" that we like to see.  Sometimes, we are rewarded by the sight of this magical creature... Will we get to see him today?  You'll have to wait and see!

 We have had some rain and the water cascading down the rock made such a beautiful picture.  At places, it became a waterfall and the sound of  splashing water was a sweet sound indeed...
 Moss may not grow on a rolling stone, but it sure grows on a cool, wet one! This moss was the most beautiful, velvety green.
 Oh, and look this is the lake which is just beside Arabia Mountain...Just there, at the front of the photo, is that.. could it the Loch Ness Monster?  Is it the Arabia Lake Monster? Hey, I may have made a wonderful discovery! (Please note: Arabia Lake is actually across Klondike Road and is nearer the Nature Center...that lake has a lovely stream that meanders back to the paved trail...don't miss it!)
 Now, we are back down the mountain and here is the AWARE Wildlife Center. (I didn't notice the hands holding up the bird until Richard was taking the photo!)  Will we get to see Einstein?

YES!  They use this owl for educational purposes and he isn't always here but we were able to see him on this day.  Isn't he a beauty?  He is a barred owl (Strix varia) and we love to stand there and look into his dark eyes.  The barred owl makes several different kinds of noises...sometimes it sounds like this..."WHO COOKS WHO COOKS WHO COOKS FOR YOUUUUU".   Sometimes it sounds like a monkey, so much so that it has been used for monkey sounds in jungle movies!

I hope that you will like this video that I found on Youtube about the barred owl and also if you will let me know if you were able to read about AWARE.  I love that this wildlife center uses the acronym "AWARE"  since we all should be aware of the wildlife around us everyday.


  1. Good morning Kay, how lovely to have my morning coffee accompanied by more beautiful pictures from Arabia Mountain, a place which, thanks to you, looks now so familiar to me it almost feels as if I have been there myself!
    The AWARE link leads to an organization called Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment, not to the one you meant.
    Einstein looks on that picture as if he is about to wink at you, as in "Thanks for coming here and telling the world about me in your blog!" :-)

  2. Oh, and your new header picture is breathaking!!

  3. I think owls are really fascinating creatures (and I specially love to see them fly actually, so silent). The sound of running water always gives me a kick, I don't actually know why but it does! You're lucky to have Arabia mountain so close to you.

    1. Dear Jenny,
      I love all of nature but the feathered creatures hold a special place in my heart. We have lots of trees near us, so we hear owls more than see them but we often see hawks and they are just as majestic. Could running water make us joyful because there is something genetic about it... does the sound of it mean to our brains that we will have water to drink, so necessary to life?
      We ARE lucky to have it near! :-)

  4. Dear Librarian,
    Thanks! Richard told me that I had the wrong link so I have now fixed it!
    Oh, I am so happy that you like to go on our walks with us. Can you tell in the photo how clear the water is in the pools? Can you see how few people are there? It's wonderful! And Einstein does look as if he is about to wink at us! ;-)
    And that header photo? That is actually the view from our driveway or from C's bedroom window, it is the sunrise on Jan.16th...I called Richard as soon as I got to work and said, "Quick, you must go outside, the sunrise is amazing!" (Yes, we really do things like that!)

  5. The owls are wonderful. Those calls are very interesting and don't really sound like "hooting".

    1. Dear Kay,
      I am so glad your owl was able to fly away. Do you have a place like AWARE that you could call if you have injured wildlife?
      And no, who ARE these people who describe the sounds of wildlife, not ones who have listened carefully!

  6. I love the way your blog posts take me to such beautiful sunny places. On the A369 to Portishead there used to be a road-sign with a picture of a flying owl on it - to indicate low-flying owls - because they were causing accidents when drivers drove into them swooping from the trees on one side of the road to the fields on the other. The sign was so cute, rare, it kept getting stolen. It's now no longer replaced...

    1. Wendy,
      It isn't sunny today! We are under a flash flood AND a tornado watch. "Seems like it's raining all OVER this man's world"...
      Love owls! Owls and hawks fly very low...have you ever been to a raptor show? The birds will swoop over you and come very, very close if you are in their direct flight path (and yes, I was lucky enough for this to happen to me!)

  7. Hi Kay, This was a fascinating and educational post. I followed the link to AWARE and right after I'm done this comment, I'm headed outside to see if I can befriend the urban coyote :) Owls are amazing creatures, I've been telling everyone they are my new cat (I used to have an almost obsessive love of all things cat)!!
    Einstein is gorgeous and magestic - what a perfect name for an owl. Loved your pics and you as our tour guide.

    1. Jane,
      I want you to know that I have not been able to leave comments on some blogs and I am afraid that yours is one of them! (Someone told me they were unable to leave comments here too, hopefully will be worked out soon.)
      Do you have coyotes? Have you ever seen one?
      They told us at AWARE that the owl's name is Einstein, I would assume they call him that because he is so smart!

    2. Hi Kay, I've heard from one other blogger that they couldn't leave comments, but that was last week and I've since changed my comments format. Not sure if it's helping or not. Annoying to say the least. First Blogger rolls out this great new feature whereby you can reply to individual posts (a fabulous and much-needed feature) but it came with a pricetag it seems - now some of us don't have any comments to reply to...!!! I'm sure it'll all get straightened out in time :) To answer your question, yes we have coyotes and we see them quite often. When we lived on an acreage we'd hear them howling/yipping every night, in the fall months especially.

  8. Hello Kay:
    As you say, the acronym AWARE seems absolutely perfect for the work being undertaken and to raise awareness amongst the public. Mother Nature is so endlessly beautiful and precious, but also so fragile and vulnerable. We must all part a part in being mindful of the flora and fauna which are under threat.

    Einstein is a majestic bird. Those dark pools of eyes really seem to be looking deep into one's soul.....the all knowing!!

    1. Dear Jane and Lance,
      Oh thank you so much for your commment! I knew you would be good stewards of the Earth and its creatures!

      It is wonderful to be able to see such a magnificent bird. I told Richard that his photo of this owl is one of the best that I could find on the internet!

  9. Lovely post! We really are stewards of this fragile lovely earth!


    1. Elizabeth,
      Thank you!
      "This fragile Earth, our island home" is from the Book of Common Prayer, and anytime this was spoken at church, my son would turn to me and whisper, "I love that!" Me too!

  10. OK, now I see your Barred Owl!! I don't know how I missed it, but he is pretty! I liked listening to his voice!
    Thanks, Dorothy and Wilma

  11. Hey Dorothy!
    Glad you were able to find this! The Barred Owl is a beautiful bird.
    Pat Wilma for me!