Thursday, September 15, 2011

Work of My Hands...and Other Hands Around the World!

My colorful granny square that I crocheted has been made into a blanket for the elderly!  A dear woman named Sue in England wanted to make some blankets to take to nursing homes in honor of her grandmother.  She asks for squares to be sent to her and she then crochets them together and makes a lovely border around each one.  Sue also takes the blankets into her garden and photographs them beautifully.  Today marks the day that the 90th blanket was made!  I am very happy to say that if you go to Sue's blog...  for today, Sept. 15th,
you will see the tropical blanket (which still must be named) and the 4th square down in the middle with the butterfly perched upon it...was made by me!  It is incredible how happy this makes me.  It just amazes me that these squares come from so many different people from all around the world...they truly are international blankets of love that seem to generate the love and goodwill of all those involved in the creation.

In honor of this special day, I would like to post a pattern for a butterfly, especially since Sue likes to use them so very much.  I don't know where this came from, if anyone knows let me know and I will try to give them credit!

Butterfly:     ch 4, sl st in 1st ch to form ring.
                  *ch 4, 3 tr into ring, ch 3, sl st into ring*  Repeat once.
                  *ch 3, 3 dc into ring, ch 3, st st into ring.* Repeat once.
                    Fasten off.  Create abdomen and antennae by making a loop
                                       around the middle and then tie off.

 Sometime I use a smaller size hook when I do the bottom part of the wings (in other words, the part that has the 3 dc into the ring.)  These are American terms... can any one tell me why the American and British have to be different? Anyway, hope this makes for some nice butterflies...

The photo at the top of this post shows the crocheted butterflies (and one flower!) that I made which I propped up next to my birthday card and anniversary card. Both cards are from England and are from my favorite in-laws! 
Just because I love this song so much (sung by this sweet Hawaiian man that I hope everyone is familar with) I have included it here. This is in keeping with all the love generated by the making of these blankets!     A  L  O  H  A  !  !  !


  1. Good idea to combine the making of something useful with making people be part of an international project - NOT involving huge amounts of money or a monstrously large administration behind it!

  2. Oh yes, Librarian, isn't it a wonderful idea? If you read about Sue, you will find that she expected she would make just a FEW blankets... she is now making her postman a very busy man!
    I am surprised that a huge company hasn't approached her trying to find a way for them to make money off the project...maybe they have tried!