Monday, September 26, 2011

Old Style Country

A new computer at my Daddy's house!

By the time I finish typing this, my Dad will be able to go on-line and read some of the things that I have written here since Aug. 21st.  I have a photo of my Daddy along with a photo of my two sisters.  And I have written about his big garden and how generous he is to share the bounties of that wonderful garden.
He gave me some more pears last weekend, so I now have nine bags of frozen pears in my freezer! Thanks, Dad!
One of the things that we both enjoy is country music.   It's nice too because he has a great sound system in his truck and when the singer comes on, it sounds as if you are in a real concert!  My Dad's first job was working at the Army Camp near his home (remember "Band of Brothers" and the army camp in Toccoa? That was the one!)  He was only 14 years old and he bought a radio with his first earnings.  I think he has always loved music.  One of his favorite movies is "Brother, Where Art Thou" and I know one of the reasons is because of the music in it.

Recently, he got me to listen to an artist that has been around for years and the artist's name is Narvel Felts.  I am going to put one of his songs from You-Tube on here.  This is for you, Daddy!
Now Daddy,  just click on the arrow on the photo above and you will be able to hear him sing. Enjoy!


  1. I always enjoy reading about your Dad, the love you have for him truly comes through in your posts and he sounds a wonderful, generous, kind-hearted person. Who knows - he may set up his own blog next!

  2. Dear Librarian,
    Thank you for saying that. As I write, I find it very difficult to convey the love I have for people and places that are special to me. My Dad's own blog? That one made me smile, but who knows? He has always said he can just about understand anything and come to love it...except golf! (Strictly speaking, he was only talking about sports, but I find he is very curious and up to date on anything I can think of.)