Monday, April 25, 2016

Pawpaw at Stone Mountain/Chestnut Oak Too!

Richard and I saw this pawpaw tree on a nature walk at Stone Mountain. The flower was very unique as it was completely upside down.  The photo that I have here for you was taken with me looking straight up at the tree! 

zebra swallowtail...image from wikipedia
The zebra swallowtail is a butterfly that I have seen at Stone Mountain and I know now that the host plant is the pawpaw. 

It amuses me that in my very last post, I told you that my Dad is called "Papa" by his grandchildren but it is pronounced "Paw paw" and it is pronounced just like this fruit tree!  As a kid, we used to sing a song, do you know it?

Where oh where is dear little Nellie?
Where oh where is dear little Nellie?
Where oh where is dear little Nellie?
Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch.

Picking up pawpaws, put em in your pocket.
Picking up pawpaws, put em in your pocket.
Picking up pawpaws, put em in your pocket.
Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch.

"Way down yonder", I have read that this makes sense as the tree grows in rich bottom land rather than a higher, drier area.
(I love the word "yonder".  I try to use it as often as I can.... it irritates all the snooty people!)

I remember seeing the pawpaw fruit on a walk at Panola Mountain, so there must be zebra swallowtail butterflies there also! I will have to look out for them!

If you want to know more about the pawpaw, there is a very well writen article that I found and you may read it just here!

Interesting to me, George Washington liked the taste of the pawpaw fruit.  If it was good enough for the first president, the father of our country, it is good enough for me! I will have to let you know in a future post if I am able to get a photo of the fruit on this same tree! 
AND if I am able to eat the fruit and what it tastes like. Stay tuned!  

Hey! They replaced the water wheel at the Grist Mill at Stone Mountain!  I am grateful that this is being well cared for.
We love this spot.

The chestnut oak tree is one that we appreciate at Stone Mountain, Arabia Mountain and Panola Mountain...the tree with the green leaves (the one that is just in front of the roof of the Grist Mill above, that is the chestnut provides wonderful shade.)

When we went on this walk, Richard was able to see wild azalea, pink lady slipper, and mountain laurel...all the flowers that I saw on my birthday walk that he didn't get to see with me! There, you know that made me happy! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Birthday To Dad/Papa!

Time to feed the cows at my Dad's! When the calves are small, the cows edge them out of the food so my Dad has a ...I guess it is called a "calf-feeder". (I am a farmer's daughter, NOT a farmer myself!)
Look at the photo below of the calves you notice anything about it?  The calves have gotten just a bit too big to go into it, so my Dad has taken a concrete block and a stone and put them under the front legs of it so the calves are able to eat! (He did have TWO concrete blocks but ding dang if he could find the other one, so he had to MAKE DO with the rock! By the way, that is my Dad's way...he very often can't find what he is looking for and just WINGS it!)

The same man who cares for these cows is also gifted with the knowledge of plants.  He had the most gorgeous Camellia bush beside his house and he thought it had died after a very cold spell last year, but he didn't replace it...just in case...and sure enough, it came back and he was rewarded with the most beautiful white blossoms!

Happy to say that Daddy now enjoys feeding the birds on his deck and I hope I influenced him in that regard! Recently, he had a flock of goldfinches on his deck, right outside his window! What joy!
Male American Goldfinch in Lodi CA.JPG
image from Wikipedia...ding, dang if I can find my photo of one!

There is quite a bit of "front porch sitting" at my Dad's house and sometimes, we enjoy it even when it is raining!
Today is my Dad's birthday! He is 89 years old and he is not just MY Dad, he is Daddy to my brothers and sisters and he is PAPA (pronounced PAW-PAW) to his grandchildren! 
Happy Birthday, Daddy/PAPA!  You are well known to those who follow this blog!  Here is photo of him in his overalls and scruffy baseball cap, but you saw him in my last post all spruced up!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nice Day For A White Wedding/In The Mood

You ask yourself, "What will get Kay out on a dance floor?"  Admit it, you KNOW you have wondered that in your heart!  "In The Mood" by Glenn Miller, that will do it for me!  It is from my Dad's generation but I truly love that song and when I was at my niece's wedding on Saturday and the band began to play this song, I was instantly on my feet enjoying the music.  My sister danced with our Dad and together, they were really "cutting a rug"! (I took the photo below and I am very pleased with it since they were really moving!  Look at my Dad's face, you can just see how JOYFUL this was for him!)  By the way, our Dad will celebrate his birthday this weekend, he will be 89 years old!

Does anyone else remember that they used this same song in the remake of "The Parent Trap", the one what was made with Lindsay Lohan? And please tell me that you have seen "The Glenn Miller Story" with Jimmy Stewart!  If you haven't, then do so...immediately!  You will thank me. 

                  The brass section of this band was very good!

As the wedding ceremony was to beside a lake, there was a concern about rain and the recent cool weather we have had.  Luckily, the weather cleared that morning and the rest of the day was gorgeous!  (If you look closely at the photo above, you can see a tall heater just beside one of the white columns...they were not needed, it was very warm, just right for an outdoor wedding.)

Richard snapped this photo from a good distance away, just as the wedding photographer took a photo of the lovely bride with her grandfather.  (It was a beautiful dress!)

Homemade jellies made by our Dad (Plum And Blackberry) were the wedding favors.  And even though it was not a typical wedding tradition, Katy and Steve had a birthday cake for Daddy and the band played "Happy Birthday to You" and we all sang to him!  I loved that she thought of this for her grandfather, it was just right.

Best wishes to Katy and Steve, the lovely wedding couple!  

Oh! And where are the photos of ME dancing? You won't see any of those, I have paid off all the blackmailers! HA!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Arabia Mountain Nature Walk (My Birthday Present To Myself)

This past Friday was my birthday.  I decided to take the day off from work! I am glad that I did...they do a guided hike every Friday at 8AM at Arabia Mountain.   Very much hoping that Ranger Robby would be the guide, I arrived at the Nature Center with hope in my heart. YES!  There was a smiling Ranger Robby! When I told him that it was my birthday, he told me that he had something special to show me on the hike, for my birthday! 
 Ready?  Lace up those boots and let's go!
 The above photo was taken at about halfway through the hike. We walked down this trail and then, turned back around. We walked for just over 2 hours!  Can you see that the tree over the trail has somehow been blown over but it continued to live and the branches are growing up?  They named the trail just beside this tree "Boomerang Trail" since the tree looks very much like a boomerang, of course!  (Do kids even know what those are anymore?)

 Very early in our walk, Robby stopped and said "Happy Birthday".
I looked all around, I looked up at the beautiful trees and wondered what it was!!   He said, "look down".  And there on the forest floor, were these exquisite little beauties...they are Pink Lady Slippers!
My photo is not very good, I am sorry, they were beautiful, trust me!   (I have read that this flower is unusual in reminds me of myself! The UNUSUAL part anyway! HA!)

Look at this pink flower beside the lake!  It is a native azalea, and there were several of these bushes blooming there.  (Robby posed beside this one for me!)  

This gorgeous stream is just beside the trail!  And just beside it and just coming into bloom...

Mountain Laurel!  If you live in the Atlanta area, you might know this from the North Georgia mountains, but I promise you that this was blooming at Arabia Mountain! (It also blooms at Stone Mountain, someone will have to tell me if they have seen it at Panola Mountain, I bet it is there too!)
In the photo above, that is what the mountain laurel looks like when it is in tight buds but when it blooms, it is a very pale pink, almost white...and the flower petals look like delicate parasols.  Just lovely.

Again, when we were beside this stream, Robby said, "Happy Birthday".  And once again, it took a while for me to see the blooms!  Thank you, Robby!  I am most certainly "in the pink" after this wonderful hike!

Look! We are on our way back to the Nature Center now and Ranger Robby is walking beside the red diamorpha which has tiny white flowers on the very top-the red and white combined makes it look pinkish, doesn't it?  It's gorgeous, I love it.

Hope you enjoyed this hike with me! (Richard didn't go, he was doing necessary errands but by doing so, it allowed me to go on this hike! Thanks to my sweet husband for this treat!)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Who Was Born On Your Birthday? (Sorry If DaVinci Wasn't Born on YOURS!)

If you were born on April 15th, you share a birthday with...wait for it...Leonardo da Vinci!  Now, I am sure that there are many who have this day as their date of birth also but they are not as gifted as the great da Vinci.   Still, it is nice to know if today is your birthday. 
So, who shares your birthday?  Tell me, I want to know!

Astonishing Drawings & Paintings By Leonardo da Vinci - 15

By the way, my birthday is today and it is a lovely time of year in Georgia. (My sister lives in Colorado and she just got two feet of snow!)

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Baseball Season!  The Atlanta Braves have played nine games now...and have lost every single one! We really should remember that we had many years that we enjoyed watching them win.  I hope you enjoyed it, because they are losing now! Here is something that would be funny...the players should put on long, blonde wigs, wear dresses and sing this song...

That would be amusing, don't you think?  It is a bit sad, the commentators are having to do a bit of stretch in trying to find anything positive to say.  My Dad, who absolutely loves baseball AND the Braves is very disappointed.  On the opening day, I called him...he had a bowl of collard greens to eat and a baseball game about to start.  "It don't get any better than this", is what he said to me!  Shame on you, Braves!  GET with it and PLAY Ball!  That is an order!   Sorry, my friends, if there is a small chance that any of the players could read this post, then I couldn't resist typing that for them!

Here is a photo of Christopher posing with a photo of two GREATS, Hank Aaron and Chipper Jones.  Perhaps this will somehow inspire the Atlanta Braves and maybe they will win a game. After all, they can't lose them all...or CAN they?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Jungle Book

Batemans 002.jpg  Bateman's (image from Wikipedia)

"The Jungle Book" movie will be released this Friday, April 15th.   So, Rudyard Kipling, born in India to British parents wrote these stories based in India...but he wrote them in America!  Say what?  Yes, it's true.  Rudyard Kipling married an American, you see, and he was living in Vermont at the time.  Sad to say, he had a falling out with his brother-in-law so the Kiplings returned to England.   He lived in Sussex along the coast but this proved to be difficult for him as his popularity increased so did the crowds who clamored to meet him.  Happily, he found a house further inland, in the Sussex countryside- Bateman's in Burwash and lived there for the rest of his life.

Bateman's is well worth a visit, as is the village of Burwash.  The views of the Downs are lovely and the food at The Bear Inn is very good also!

(Not suggesting that they eat cats in Burwash...this cat plopped himself in front of us as Richard was taking this photo!)

I hope that the new film will be good, the trailer looks very promising.  I can't help but think of the Disney version though, I always did like that know the one..."I wanna be like you-who...I wanna walk like you, talk like you..."  you know, the one!
Hey, in case you don't know it,  I have it here for you!
Songwriters! You know how much I admire them! This song was written by the Sherman brothers, Robert and Richard.  I was pleased to see Richard Sherman in the audience this week on the TV show, "Dancing With The Stars".   (They were dancing to his song from Mary Poppins, "Just A Spoon Full of Sugar".) Hats off to all the songwriters who have brought such joy to my life!