Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shirley Temple

"Where have you gone, Shirley Temple, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you"....

This is a paraphrase of a Paul Simon lyric, but I think it fits....

Shirley a child, I really enjoyed watching her in her movies.  I think that I know them all by heart.  There will be a show on PBS about her this week and I wanted to tell everyone in the USA to look at their local listings, and try to watch it.  (This might have been on earlier this year, she died in February, so I might have missed it then.) You might think of her as just a pretty child star but there is a real sense of intelligence behind that goodness that I think that everyone should admire, not just kids...

If you are from another country, then you can most likely see her movies or else clips of them on YouTube.  She reminds me of many of the women that I have known in my life...just because they have great beauty and talent, their high intelligence is very often overlooked.

It is Shirley Temple's sweet nature that comes through for me.  To be honest with you, that is really all I care about can have the highest IQ of anyone and be a super model, maybe you are both, that's okay but I really only care about how nice you are.  That's it.

Let me know if you see this TV show on PBS about Shirley Temple.  I will let you know if they did a good job on it.  Gee Whiz, you think they would call me up and consult with me the best way to present this, wouldn't you?

Leaving you with the video of Shirley Temple singing, "Oh My Goodness" and it is the one where her dolls come to life and she sings to them in all the accents of their countries.  It might not be politically correct but I think you can sense the sincere respect that comes from this extraordinary young actress/singer/dancer.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Arabia Mountain- I Cannot Hold Thee Close Enough!

At Arabia Mountain - the color of the rock in the sun, the clear water in the pools, the bright and beautiful sky above, the beginning of the Autumn foliage and the last of the wildflowers, all combine to create such incredible beauty...all in one place and close to me.   I am grateful.


I am also most grateful for all who left such sweet comments on my last post wishing my dear father-in-law a happy birthday.   The quote from my post title is from a poem by Edna St. Vincent Milay, and it is really "World, I cannot hold thee close enough".  And so I say, that is true too, I am saying this to all of you from all parts of this world.   I am thankful.
O world, I cannot hold thee close enough!
   Thy winds, thy wide grey skies!
   Thy mists, that roll and rise!
Thy woods, this autumn day, that ache and sag
And all but cry with colour!   That gaunt crag
To crush!   To lift the lean of that black bluff!
World, World, I cannot get thee close enough!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Birthday To The REAL Lord of the Manor!

Another Birthday?

It's evil, malicious...
it's heartless and vicious...
a birthday's a dastardly foe...
your age keeps increasing!

And someday it might even show! 

(I totally stole this from a birthday card that was from the collection of cards from my mother-in-law's 80TH birthday.  Yes, I do copy out good rhymes from cards, doesn't everyone?  HA!)

Happy Birthday to Peter, my dear father-in-law in England!  So wonderful to see you last month, I hope you have recovered from some of my cooking!  Loved making those fruit salads for you, those grapes from Spain and the apples from Italy were wonderful, but there is just nothing like those English strawberries!   Of course, I wrote about being grateful for gluten free restaurants but the very BEST cooking was at your home.  My very favorite meal is a Chicken Roast Dinner with your roast potatoes, they are my favorite.  And your selection of wine to accompany the meal is excellent!   :-)

Forget Downton Abbey, a Englishman's home is his castle and this is what a REAL Lord of the Manor looks like, along with his Lady and the REAL boss of the house, the DOG!  (My in-inlaws are so nice, they won't mind me showing you in their gorgeous dressing gowns, will they?...Uh, okay, there Joan, Peter?....Here's hoping they won't mind!)  Love you both!  You HAVE to be the best sports in the world to have ME as a daughter in law!!

Please, my friends, leave best wishes for a happy birthday for Peter, or as I and all my American friends would say, "Pee-DER"!  Sorry, that is just the way we say it!  Anybody else having a birthday in October, you must all be the best, if you are born in the same month as this guy! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Civil War Graves-A Childhood Memory

A question for you:  Do you have a memory from your childhood, something that you saw or experienced and wondered about at the time but didn't really understand?  Just recently, a childhood memory came to me and I typed these words into a search engine: "Civil War Graves in Forsyth, GA"...

When I was ten years old, I lived in the small town of Forsyth, Georgia, just outside of Macon.   There was a graveyard right next to the school playground.  The first time that I played there, I remember looking up and the sight of the graves just stopped me in my tracks. I had seen unmarked Civil War graves before but never this many, there were rows upon rows of them.  The words on each one were the same: "Unknown Confederate Soldier".  I didn't know the exact number of graves as a child but I now know that there are 300 buried there.  Someone else from Forsyth wondered about this too...Linda Hallman was a student at Mary Persons High School (the high school was just next to the elementary school) and as a member of the High School band, they would often practice next to the graveyard as the football players would be using the football field for practice.  She did a lot of research and over the years, she has been able to identify two hundred of those buried. There are now new gravestones for them.  You may read more about Linda Hallman and her work just here.
During the Civil War, the wounded were brought to a special hospital camp in Forsyth and 300 soldiers are buried in a Confederate cemetery in the town.   The number of injured soldiers brought to Forsyth is said to have been 20,000. Every available shelter in Forsyth was used: the courthouse, the College, the Hilliard Institute, the Lumpkin Hotel, stores, and even private homes. Eventually, tent hospitals were used to handle all of the injured soldiers: there was simply nowhere else to put them.

Do you have a similar memory from your childhood?  Something that you remember and wondered about at the time but were unable to find out about it because you were just a kid?  Well , guess what...look it up now and let me know what you find.  Do a post about it if you can.
Yellow Daisies, they were also called Confederate Daisies.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Birthday Wishes for Sigourney Weaver

Happy Birthday to Sigourney Weaver!

Signourney Weaver is one of my favorite actresses.  Did you know that her mother was English and her father was American?  I love her in the Alien movies..."Aliens" is one of my favorites.  If you like it too, you might know these quotes: "Did IQ's just drop sharply while I was away?" and "Get away from her, you BITCH!".  If you have never seen "Aliens", please make sure to watch it, it is just a dang good film!
 Today is her, Happy Birthday, Sigourney!  She was given the name Susan Alexandra, but decided as a young teenager to change it to Sigourney.  (Sigourney Howard being a character from the "The Great Gatsby".) 
Hey, I just want to say, if anyone is still with me these days, I think I might have left my brain at the London Gatwick airport....if anyone sees it, please return it to me.  It is most likely Medium Brown (from the years of hair coloring) and probably only about the size of a small orange.  Thank you.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Books About Town...London Town, That Is!

Please look at Paddington Bear's face...he is saying, "GET THIS WOMAN AWAY FROM ME!"
While we were in England, we were able to spend a few days in London.  As we were walking on the South Bank, we just happened upon these benches.  I wish I had known that they were there!  I can see on their website, "Books About Town" that we were very close to other ones, but just didn't know it! They were all in honor of books, designed to look like an open book and they were on display only for a short time.  As of today's date, Oct. 7th, they will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the National Literacy Trust. 
(We saw Paddington Bear, Great Expectations and Shakespeare's London.)
By the way, when you walk a good distance, benches are very welcome to see!  I felt a bit guilty sitting on these, but I got over it!
"All the world 's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts" -  As You Like It (Act II, Scene VII).

Friday, October 3, 2014

Yellow Daisies At Arabia Mountain! I Didn't Miss Them!

The Yellow Daisies are still blooming at Arabia Mountain.  Don't miss them!
These flowers are so incredibly beautiful and they are covering the mountain with gorgeous bright yellow, and when you have the backdrop of the rock against a bright blue sky....well, it is a sight for my sore eyes!  I was so happy that I didn't miss it because I was two weeks out of the country!
Thank you, Yellow Daisies, for still being in bloom for me.  I am grateful.

Hey! I don't know about anyone else, but I am in the mood for the smooth and calming voices of Bill Kenny and Ella Fitzgerald...I have had this video on here before, but it's good, so enjoy it!