Monday, November 23, 2015

"When I Was A Boy" for My Boy, Christopher


Our son will be celebrating a birthday this week.  It is always close to Thanksgiving day, so I will be happy to send your best wishes to him!  He has always loved music. We were thrilled to see him in a band a few years ago, playing guitar and singing songs that he had written himself!  When I heard this song by Jeff Lynne, "When I Was A Boy", I knew I had to share it with you and have it in honor of our son.  

(Note: New album "Alone In The Universe" from Jeff Lynne's ELO.)

That's C. in the middle, front and center...lead singer and spokesman!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Darth Vader In A Revolving Door



Hello, my friends! Once again, I have to tell you that I have had very little time for the internet lately and have not been able to read your blogs! Does life get that way for you too? Like you are in a revolving door or something?  So busy it has been crazy!

Yes, that is yours truly in a revolving door at the Hydro Hotel in Eastbourne.  It is a bit sad to be excited about going through a revolving door and you ask your husband to take a photo.  I don't get out much.
Now, go back up and look at that first photo...that is also me in the balcony with the sun going down in the background.  This was in Bexhill.   When I showed this photo to our son, he laughed and said that I looked like Darth Vader.  Say WHAT! What woman wants to look like that?  (HA, of course, I had to laugh and say, "You are my SON!")  Well, it could be least he didn't compare me to Jabba the Hutt!  Sorry guys, I hope you all remember your STAR WARS characters!

In the news from my Dad, Sunshine just had a calf yesterday!  Cows carry their young for nine months, just like humans. Interesting that, isn't it?
Sunshine with her calf in December from last year.

How about a little ELO?  Yes, that sounds just right.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Talking With My Dad

Daddy's winter garden of cabbages, lettuces, broccoli, and cauliflower!

As I was speaking with my Dad on the phone, I told him that I had spoken today with a co worker that he had met before, he had seen him perform at his church in a band, he had been the drummer.
Of course, that brought back memories for my Dad.  Listen, you should hear what he has to say....

"Our school was the Big A School in Eastanollee (which is in Stephens County, near Toccoa) and it had three rooms and a stage.  On the stage, we could do plays and play music. I played the drums.  Big A School had no electricity, no running water, and no bathrooms. We had two outhouses, one for boys and for girls. And as a boy you were not allowed nowhere NEAR the one for the girls! 
Daddy, did you have a place to play?
 "We had one spot, a basketball goal and it was just over dirt, not paved.
What did you eat for lunch?
We had cathead biscuits with a piece of ham, or any piece of meat that you might 've killed.
(Note: Cat head biscuits...biscuits in the South are a light, soft bread, and if you say cat head, it means that it is big, like a cat going under a fence where the head of the cat flattens out? Cat head biscuit!)

Do you remember your teacher?
Our teacher was Roy Lee Sayers, and he would take the boys down to the woods and we would smoke cigarettes.  I remember smoking with Bert Certain and L.T.
WHAT! He would smoke cigarettes with children? How old were you?
Oh yes, we were about 9 or 10 years old. We rolled our own cigarettes. Smoking tobacco  was 5 cents a pack and we would take brown paper bags and cut them into pieces for cigarette papers. You could use newspaper but newspaper STUNK!

And I know that you walked to school.
Yes, we walked about 3 , it might have been closer to 3 1/2 miles to school, in all weathers.

And I know that in the winter, it was your job to build the fire in the fireplace when you got to school!
Hee, hee, yes, not everybody could do it, but I could, so it became my job.

I just had this conversation tonight with my Dad, and I thought I would share his memories with you. My Dad was born in April of 1927, so these school memories are from the 1930's when the country was in a deep Depression. I think it made those who lived through those times very tough and strong. Louis Zamperini, who is from the same generation called it "hardy" and if you look it up, that is exactly correct.   I think we should all strive to be hardy.

"Hardy | Definition of hardy by Merriam-Webster to live through difficult conditions (such as a cold winter or a drought). : strong and able to accept difficult or unpleasant conditions.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Peace Path/La Mer

Beachy Head Peace Path, Eastbourne



You may read the story behind the Peace Path at Beachy Head just here.

Claude Debussy began writing this while in Paris but completed "La Mer" at The Grand Hotel In Eastbourne.

Looking Out Over the English Channel, towards France.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mexican Sunflower

Mexican sunflower!  Isn't it beautiful? At a festival at the Monastery a couple of years ago, a local nursery owner was selling flowers and plants. AS USUAL, I didn't have any money but that does not stop me looking! She had a bowl on her display table that said, "FREE SEEDS".  I didn't want to take any, after all I felt those should be for those who had bought something from her but sweet lady that she was (and is, I am sure!)  I walked away with the seeds!  The nursery is Pixie's Gardens in Conyers, Ga. but since my computer is slow today, I am unable to link to it!
I planted my seeds in May into a small container and it grew very well. Richard transplanted them into another pot and they grew more. He transplanted them into ANOTHER pot and they grew even taller! (I was thinking I would hear, "Fee Fi Fo Fum" any minute!)  AND when the plant bloomed, it was a fairly small bud for such a huge plant! HOWEVER, the deep orange of this flower is really pretty and the butterflies love it!  Interesting thing, the orange part is really the bracts, much like the red on a poinsettia...the flowers, just like the poinsettia, are the middle yellow part.  Can you see in the photo below where the orange has fallen away and you are left with the flowers? Those will be become the seeds for future plants!
Now, here's the thing...I was amazed to see the Mexican sunflower while we were in England!  Yes, it is was in a beautiful garden area at Lewes Castle.  Kay, I am sure you are thinking, you visited a castle and didn't tell us?  I know! I still have so much to tell you!


There! See the Mexican sunflower above? That is at Lewes Castle!

Thanks everyone for all your comments on my last post for our dear friend, Henry! I appreciate you all!  You would not believe how busy I have been lately, but it means that I have not had much time on the computer! 
 Today is November 11th and it is Veteran's Day...I am remembering Louis Zamperini, W. S. Connor and Col. Ben Purcell today and all other veterans.  Much respect and honor to them all. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Happy 60th Birthday to Henry In England!

Hello my friends!  By the time most of you read this, it will be Sunday, November 8th, but will you please wish a happy 60th birthday to Henry? (His birthday is today 11-7, but you know, they put it as 7-11 in England, they always have the day first and the month second!)  Richard and Henry have been friends since they were at John Ruskin Grammar School together! And he has been my friend too since I met him in the 1980's!  

In October, we were able to spend a great day in Bexhill with Henry.  We walked along the seafront and had a cup of tea at the Sovereign Light Cafe!  Does that sound familiar?  Keane wrote a song about it and they also recorded a video which I LOVE! I can recognize everything in the background! Remember my post about the lighthouse at Beachy Head? The Sovereign Light Tower is what is used as a lighthouse now. It is about 8 miles from shore and  is fully automated to keep the ships safe along the coastline, As you sit at the Sovereign Light Cafe, you can look straight out to sea...and there is the Sovereign Light!

Look at Richard smile!  He is happy that Henry has turned 60 just like him! HA!  Richard saw on his Facebook page that Henry celebrated his birthday at the Old Polegate Station Restaurant.  We were with you in spirit, Henry!  
We also were able to visit with Henry's parents, Joy and Henry and I will tell you about that in another post, but for now...wish Henry a happy birthday, will you? We somehow forgot to send him the 60th birthday card that we have for him so I am hoping he will forgive me if he receives birthday wishes from all of you! 
OH!  And you know I have to have the video by Keane for you, The Sovereign Light Cafe!   
  Happy Birthday, Henry!!  Cheers!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

American Woman/Stay Away From Me!

When we visited England recently, I think that there was at least ONE who might not have been thrilled with our visit... look at the photo here, and see what you think.

Get this American woman away from me, PLEASE!

Now. PeTe, you know you are crazy about me!! Ha!
Guess who goes to England and takes a cowboy hat for a dog? Yep, that would be me! 

Stay tuned for more fascinating stories of our trip to England! I know, you can hardly wait!