Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wildflowers Star The Ground-It Must Lead To A Happy Land

It winds along the face of a cliff
This path which I long to explore,
And over it dashes a waterfall,
And the air is full of the roar
And the thunderous voice of waters which sweep
In a silver torrent over some steep.
It clears the path with a mighty bound

And tumbles below and away,
And the trees and the bushes which grow in the rocks
Are wet with its jewelled spray;
The air is misty and heavy with sound,
And small, wet wildflowers star the ground.
Oh! The dampness is very good to smell,
And the path is soft to tread,
And beyond the fall it winds up and on,
While little streamlets thread
Their own meandering way down the hill
Each singing its own little song, until
I forget that 't is only a pictured path,
And I hear the water and wind,
And look through the mist, and strain my eyes
To see what there is behind;
For it must lead to a happy land,
This little path by a waterfall spanned.        
Amy Lowell


  1. Now that is an inspirational poem for a weekend of hiking and outdoors stuff that we are planning here. Great stuff Kay--thanks for sharing Amy's verse.

  2. Waterfalls are delightful. We are blessed with a few nearby to enjoy. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  3. I love all waterfalls, big or small. They are magickal!

  4. Love the photography!

  5. I wish I could be by a waterfall at this very moment.
    ~John M

  6. So beautiful! Love waterfalls and I love the dear tiny "Quaker Ladies" as we call them...So sorry you seem to be getting this spam. Lines from Linderhof is getting it too....

  7. Sorry, not lines from linderhof but A Haven for Vee where I saw it.

  8. What gorgeous photos! I love waterfalls and the sound if a waterfall thrills me. I am always reminded of Revelation 1:15 (NIV) His voice was like the sound of rushing waters.

  9. What a lovely post, Kay. I love waterfalls. Being near them and listening to the power of the water as it comes down is something that I truly enjoy.